Outcome based Learning by jolinmilioncherie


Conceptual Learning
   An example from the             Original text
    University of Maryland              In this example, students examine
                                         illustrations and information relating
    University College                   to the canal system of early America
    [UMUC]                               and answer questions aimed at
                                         assessing its economic and social
   The title of the activity            impact. Though primarily intended
                                         for second-level students, this
    is: The Building of the              example and many others in this
    Chesapeake and Ohio                  resource could be easily adapted to
                                         the needs of undergraduates.
    Canal.                              The exercise on the building of the
                                         Chesapeake and Ohio Canal suggests
   Although this is an                  how teachers might use archival
    online activity, the ideas           sources as a basis for teaching basic
                                         information about the industrial
    can be transformed and               history of America.
    applied to our courses.
Managing Diversity
   One of the suggested topics related to the
    “Managing Diversity” course is:
       “Trace the historical development of the concept of
        equity from Salamanca Statement to NCLB”
       Helps students understand the connection of various
        concepts in these stages
       Students can further understand the need of diverse
   Resources needed
       Relevant documents: Salamanca Statement, Dakar
        Framework of Action, IDEA, and NCLB
       Provided in one of the format: online, softcopy, or
School Guidance and Counselling
   One of the suggested topics related to the
    “School Guidance and Counselling” course is:
     “Impact of resilience approach on the assessment
      of guidance need of school children in Hong Kong
      rapid changing social context”
     According to the course outline, this may be
      related to CILO 1& 2
   Resources needed
       To be determined by the Counselling Team

 There are a number of disciplines in the
  UMUC site
 If resources available, the use of technology to
  help implement OBL can be introduced to our


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