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Send Free SMS from Gmail


									                           Send Free SMS from Gmail
If you are a fan of SMS services, there is good news. Starting today, you no longer need to spend
money to buy credit before sending an SMS. Because with Gmail, you can send SMS for free.

It's not a brand new service, but it is estimated there are still many people who do not know
about this service. By SMS in Chat, users can send and receive SMS from Gmail account.

Initially, these value-added services can only be used for the numbers the United States (+1)
only. However, Google recently opened in several countries, including Indonesia, Ghana, Israel,
Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Palestine, to Kenya.

In Indonesia, only two carriers that support this free SMS service in Indonesia, namely
Telkomsel and Indosat. Although the quota is limited 50 SMS per day, Google simply helping
customers, especially for those who often send international SMS.

As known, international SMS rates Telkomsel is Rp600, Rp500 per SMS while Indosat, unless
all countries in Europe, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Senegal and the United Arab Emirates Rp1.200
charged per SMS. Compared to SMS in Chat in Gmail, would be felt. Moreover, after 24 hours,
the quota will SMS back to 50.

Installation is a breeze. In Gmail, there is a Google Labs feature.

In it, you activate the feature SMS (text messaging) in Chat and SMS in Chat gadget by clicking
Enable. If so, slide the mouse down and click Save Changes. Installation is complete. To the left
of your Gmail inbox will appear tabulation 'Send SMS'.

To use it too easy. Enter the destination number with country code (eg, +62811890 xx), then
Enter. You will be asked to enter contact details. After contact was registered, there will be a
pop-up window like Gtalk. Completed.

You can send unlimited SMS, up to 50 times a day. Good luck!

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