Proven Tips to be An Outstanding Employee

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					Proven Tips to be an Outstanding Employee
To be able to get noticed by your employer, you need to be outstanding. Yes, you’re right. Today, being
a good employee can no longer get you to higher position. In the world of business today, those who
can go extra mile will be highly valued by their employer.

In my ten years of experience, I have worked with numerous types of people and seen which got
promoted quickly and which didn’t show significant progress. Surprisingly, qualities such as proactive,
dependable, and good team players are among the standard traits that are not enough to get you to the
outstanding level.

So, what makes an outstanding employee? Here are some of the proven tips.

Start when you have to start

When you arrive at work, start right away. Avoid wasting time such as reading your personal emails,
catching up with sport updates, posting new message on social media, or just chat with other workers.
Outstanding employees get started as expected. It’s a simple and very common quality (and usually
forgotten) but not many are able to do so.

Go beyond your job description

There is nothing wrong with following and doing what your job description tells you to do. That’s what
employers want to see from all the employees. However, if you want to win the attention you have to
stand out of the crowd. Outstanding employees know when they have to take more responsibilities,
make priorities, and act quickly when necessary. When they see a problem and it’s urgent to solve, they
don’t need to be told what to do. They’re willing to give extra hands and have the problem solved.

Outstanding employees are able to show proper behavior when it’s needed

Life is not just about work. To be an outstanding employee you need to know when you have to be
serious and when to have a little fun with others. Everyone needs to know that you are capable of what
you are expected to do but can be a friend or someone to talk to when things are tough. All work and no
play doesn’t elevate your status. Instead, you will be considered boring.

Can speak and ask questions when others can’t

No everyone can speak or ask questions regarding the issues in the company. Do you notice that
sometimes certain people don’t ask question or say anything at the meeting even when they want to
know what’s going on? You will also find certain employees that hesitate to talk privately. When you
want to be an outstanding you need to be able to sense and the concerns what others feel. Although it’s
not your job to speak for them but providing help will show your real qualities.

Able to praise others and complain appropriately
As much as you have to be a contributing team member, you also need to recognize and praise the
contribution from other employees or a member of the team. They are able to boost other people’s
motivation through their words or compliment given in front of others. However, they are also able to
talk and express their concern privately.

Have the courage to do the right thing and prove it

Even when a decision seems debatable or unpopular, outstanding employees are willing to give all they
can to prove it is the right decision. They have the burning desire and the critical drive to prove
themselves. They are not quitters. When they start something, they’ll finish it.

Look for new ways or methods to improve the quality of work

Great employees will meet deadlines and follow the process, but outstanding people will keep asking
themselves how they can make it better. They simply feel there’s always room for improvement. They
are willing to do more; to experiment and to revise the workflow. This continuous expectation of better
results will keep them busy to look for new ways and methods of doing their job.

Respect employers for who they are

Your boss isn’t probably the most brilliant person, but he or she is still the boss. You need to be able to
show your respect as this will create a good atmosphere in the office. Other employees will generally
follow as well. Your employers are human too. When they feel respected for who they are, work
becomes more enjoyable and in return your boss will also show their appreciation.

Description: Tips and advice on how to be an outstanding employee in your workplace.