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					Tips for Candid Wedding Photography

Everyone knows that taking great photos at weddings is a fun and enjoyable way to make a living but can
also be somewhat difficult as well. While most everyone involved in the wedding will happily pose for
portraits and certain shots, you also need to be prepared for candid wedding photography as well. The bride
and groom don't want to stop cutting the cake or sharing their first dance just because you can't get the right
shot! They're very busy and distracted during the wedding and the reception and need to pay attention to
their friends and relatives as well as each other. The skill of the photographer is what's going to make those
shots memorable and unique. Sometimes candid wedding photography is like trying to get action shots at a
sporting event, with all the commotion and activity going on at a reception!

Realizing this may give you the first clue as to how to improve your candid wedding photography. Go to a
sporting event, family reunion, or other place where there is activity and practice getting those action shots.
Even spending some time at the pool of your apartment complex or a local public park can mean some great
shots. Think of how quickly you need to get yourself set up when working with different angles and learn
how to really use your camera. Action means that you need to anticipate what other people are going to do
and be ready before the action happens! Sometimes candid wedding photography means thinking ahead and
anticipating in the same way.

Remember too that candid wedding photography isn't always as candid as you may think. You know the
couple are going to cut the cake, are going to share a first dance, are going to run toward the limousine after
the ceremony, and so many other things. Very often candid wedding photography means preparing for each
of these events or "legs" of the journey and making sure that you're prepared. Being in the right place at the
right time isn't always a matter of chance! Think ahead even before the wedding begins and take some time
to scout out the ceremony and reception sites.

You can also ask the bride and groom to pose for some so-called candid wedding photography. They may
be caught running along the beach, sharing a quick kiss, toasting each other at the buffet table, or turning for
a last wave as they head off after the reception. For these shots simply ask them to pause for a moment or
check with them ahead of time to schedule these photos sometime during the festivities.

Other tips for candid wedding photography include being ready with different angles and positions. Try
using a small stepstool to get those overhead shots or position yourself crouched down to photograph the
bride's and groom's entrance. Get creative with these shots and make sure you're skilled with your camera
as well and you'll be sure to produce some amazingly memorable photographs.

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