1–   Update of the Line Share Automation (LiSA)
2–   Trial of the automated migration process
3–   Planned removal of Manual CRF
4–   Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment
5–   Local Loop Unbundling website update

1–  Update of the Line Share Automation (LiSA)

BT has updated the LLU xml for Line Sharing Automation (LiSA). This update from LiSA1 is to allow various LLU migration orders to take place automatically. The updated
xml (LiSA2) and the existing xml (LiSA1) will run in parallel whilst BT tests & proves the robustness of LiSA2. Once this process of thorough testing is complete BT will
formally withdraw the obsolete LiSA1 order gateway.

BT would like to inform LLU Customers that process flow diagrams and response codes for the processes supported by phase 2 will be posted on the telcob2b web site at

 2 – Trial of the automated migration process
 BT began the initial trialling of automated migrations for LLU line products on the 28 of September. One area the trial is looking at is migrations to LLU from other BT
 products. The other area of migration the trial is focusing upon is migration of end users where the Service Provider does not change. The automated migration trial does
 not have a planned end date at this present time.

 BT would like to remind customers that for migrations between Service Providers the Migration Authority Code (MAC) must always be given in order for the order to be
 successfully completed. For the migration of End Users between products where the owning Service Provider does not change the MAC is not required.

 3 – Planned removal of Manual CRF

 As part of BT’s industrialisation of the LLU portfolio BT is committed to ensuring the maximum automation of processes & systems. BT has therefore decided to announce
 that the Manual CRF will be removed from usage by the end of December 2004.

 Further details of the exact date will be communicated nearer the time.

 4 – Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations and Operator’s responsibilities
 As of the 1 of October 2004 BT has updated the LLU Co-mingling product specifications include a statement on Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
 regulations and LLU Operator responsibilities. These documents have been updated and placed on www.btinterconnect.com.

 The proposed EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and complementary proposed EU Directive on the Restriction of the use of Certain
 Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) are designed to:
     Prevent electrical and electronic equipment from becoming waste.
     To increase the level of recycling and recovery of WEEE.
     Limit the environmental impact of electrical and electronic equipment when it reaches the end of its life through the minimisation of the use of hazardous substances.

 The RoHS Regulations introduce the following offences:

 "Contravening or failing to comply with the prohibition on hazardous substances in the RoHS Regulations could result in those held responsible facing a fine not exceeding
 the statutory maximum (currently £5,000) on summary conviction or an unlimited fine on conviction on indictment."

 Operators are reminded that they are responsible for disposing of their own WEEE. BT waste bins are not to be used for disposal of redundant / faulty equipment.
 Operators should ensure that all waste is removed from the BT site and disposed of according to the above guidelines. Removal of waste from site is clearly stated in all
 LLU Product Specification documents under the section “Waste packaging and materials”. Each of these documents are currently being updated to include notification of
 the responsibility for compliance with the WEEE Directives.

 5 – Local Loop Unbundling website update

 The BT LLU website located on www.btinterconnect.com has been updated with the following item:

     The Co-mingling Order Process Manual has been updated and is now at issue 4.3.

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