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									F e b r u a r y 1 4 , 2 0 1 1
                                                                                              n o 1 / 2 0 1 1 : 

           E SA 1 0 T H CONF E R E NCE
                GENEVA 2 0 1 1
                       N          e           w             s        l         e            t          t      e         r
        Scientific provisional             RN/RS confirmed for ESA           Events around the                 General information
        pre-programme and                 10th Conference                  conference / what to do           Registration
        confirmed keynotes                 33 research networks and         in Geneva?                        Contacts
                                          21 research streams!
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 The preparation of the 10th ESA conference is well underway. In this
 second announcement, we will inform you about the abstract
 submission process, the scientific pre-programme, the keynotes and                                              Keydates
                                                                                                                Please note the following
 the events around the conference. You will also find general                                                    keydates - we kindly ask
                                                                                                                you to meet these
 information on the last page of this newsletter.                                                               deadlines.

 This year in September, Geneva will be the European Capital of sociology, thanks to the 11th                  25th of February:
 ESA conference that will take place in the main buildings of the University.                                  deadline for abstract
 The abstract submission is currently open: Not less than 33 Research networks and 21
 research streams have submitted their call for papers and are now open for abstracts! They                     1st of March: Opening of
 are all available on our website under: Please                       Registrations
                                                                  note that some RN/RS will accept              6th of April: Decisions on
                                                                                                                acceptance of abstracts
                                                                  submissions and presentations                 by the coordinators
                                                                  in French. To date, we have                   relayed to paper givers
                                                                                                                20th of April: Pre-
                                                                  received about 700 abstract
                                                                                                                programme of each paper
                                                                  proposals. We’re looking forward to           session has to be sent by
                                                                  receiving more and to welcome you             the coordinators to the
                                                                                                                LOC in Geneva.
                                                                  at Uni-Mail in Geneva. The whole
                                                                                                                3rd of May: Closing of the
                                                                  local organizing committee is                 early-bird registrations
                                                                  enjoying a challenging period of              15th of June: Final date
                                                                  preparation - the process is going            for registration/payment
                                                                                                                by paper givers
                                                                  well, keynotes are almost all found,          30th of June: Final
                                                                  but more than all we hope that these          programme of each
                                                                  four Congress days will be fruitful           session sent by
                                                                                                                coordinators to the LOC
                                                                  and enjoyable for everyone!
!"#$%&'#()*+,*-%"%$./*0#1%'*#"*,&+"(*+,*!"#*2.#3/*45+(+6&.45%7*                                                 in Geneva.
                                                                  Sandro Cattacin & Patricia Naegeli, LOC,

              10th ESA Conference Newsletter • University of Geneva • Department of Sociology •
F e b r u a r y 1 4 , 2 0 1 1
                                                                                   n o 1 / 2 0 1 1 : 

  This programme is of course subject to change, and we have to wait for the pre-programme sent by each RN/RS
  coordinator to know approximately how many sessions we will have. We currently expect to have approximately 70 to 80
  parallel sessions plus around 20 - 25 semi-plenaries and other special sessions! Once more, a real challenge for the LOC in
  Geneva! Please see the overview of the pre-programme.

  Wednesday 7th of September
  Registration opens at 9.00

        9.00 - 12.30              ESA Executive Committee Meeting                 CONFIRMED KEYNOTES
                                                                                  Wolfgang Streeck, Colin Crouch, Frank
       13.00 - 14.30              RN Representatives Meeting                      Dobbin, Jens Beckert, Brian Heaphy, Richard
                                                                                  Münch, Richard Hyman, Julia Evetts, Catherine
       14.30 - 15.30              National Associations meeting                   Delcroix, Roswitha Breckner, Luigi Pellizoni,
                                                                                  Clegg Stewart, Donald MacKenzie, Diane
       16.00 - 18.30              OPENING CEREMONY AND PLENARY: Social            Perrons, Ken Roberts, Carmen Leccardi, Tia
                                  Europe under Pressure (Victoria Hall)           DeNora, Hubert Knoblauch, Klaus Eder, Kate
                                                                                  Nash, Alan Warde, Christian Fuchs and Silvia
       18.30 - 19.30              Welcome Reception / PhD Reception (Victoria     Walby.


  Thursday 8th of September
  Registration opens at 8.00

       9.00 - 10.30              RN/RS Session

      11.00 - 12.30              Semi-plenaries 1.1 - 1.6    Workshop Education

      12.30 - 13.30              Lunch / Meet the author

      13.30 - 15.00              RN/RS Session

      15.30 - 17.00              RN/RS Session

      17.00 - 18.00              RN/RS Business Meeting

      18.30 - 20.30              SPECIAL PLENARY: Life       Regional
                                 Trajectories in Turbulent   Associations:
                                 Times                       Sociology in
                                                             Turbulent Times

              10th ESA Conference Newsletter • University of Geneva • Department of Sociology •
F e b r u a r y 1 4 , 2 0 1 1
                                                                                       n o 1 / 2 0 1 1 : 

  Friday 9th of September
  Registration opens at 8.00

        9.00 - 10.30             RN/RS Session                                   ESA PhD WORKSHOP
                                                                                 will be held at the University of Geneva, Uni-
       11.00 - 12.30             Semi-plenaries 2.1 - 2.6   Workshop Education   Mail, on the 5th and the 6th of September.
                                                                                 More information is available on our website.
       12.30 - 13.30             Lunch / Meet the author
                                 session                                         CONGRESS OF THE SWISS
       13.30 - 15.00             RN/RS Session
                                                                                 ASSOCIATION (SSA):
       15.15 - 17.00             Special Meet the Author
                                                                                 SWITZERLAND IN TURBULENT
                                 Session: Gender meets
                                 Sociology                                       TIMES
                                                                                 will take place at the University of Geneva,
       17.00 - 19.30             ESA General Assembly                            Uni Bastions, 6th of September from 14.00
                                                                                 to 18.00. More information under
       19.30 - 24.00             CONGRESS PARTY                        

  Saturday 10th of September
  Registration opens at 8.00

        9.00 - 10.30             RN/RS Session

       11.00 - 12.30             RN/RS Session              ESA Past President
                                                            (closed meeting)

       12.30 - 13.30             Lunch / Meet the author

       13.30 - 15.00             RN/RS Session

       15.30 - 17.00             RN/RS Session

       17.00 - 19.30             CLOSING PLENARY /
                                 CEREMONY: The Future
                                 of Capitalism


              10th ESA Conference Newsletter • University of Geneva • Department of Sociology •
F e b r u a r y 1 4 , 2 0 1 1
                                                                      n o 1 / 2 0 1 1 : 

 Please have a look on our website to see which RN and RS accept French proposals and presentations

     Ageing in Europe                                 RN32 
   Political Sociology
     Sociology of The Arts                            RN33 
   Women’s and Gender Studies
     Biographical Perspectives on European            RN34 
   Sociology of Religions
          Societies                                        RN35 
   Sociology of Migration
     Sociology of Children and Childhood
     Sociology of Consumption                         RS01 
   Sociology of Disability
     Critical Political Economy                       RS02 
   Dynamics and Complexitiy of Minority
     Sociology of Culture                             
        Statuses in Plural Societies
     Disaster and Social Crisis                       RS03 
   East and West in Europe : Two Decades of
     Economic Sociology                               
     Sociology of Education                           RS06 
   Maritime Sociology
     Sociology of Emotions                            RS07 
   Arts, Culture and Public Memory
     Environment and Society                          RS10 
   Socio-Anthropological Approaches to
     Sociology of Families and Intimate Lives         
        Transnational Migrations
     Gender Relations in the Labour Market and        RS14 
   Regional Conflicts
          the Welfare State                                RS15 
   Rethinking Inheritence of Inequalities
     Sociology of Health and Illness                  RS17 
   Sociology of Celebration
     Industrial Relations, Labour Market              RS18 
   Economic Elites in Turbulent Times
          Institutions and Employment                      RS19 
   The Tacit-Knowing Approach
      Sociology of Communications and                  RS20 
   Culture, Politics and Conflicts
          Media Research                                   RS21 
   RENCORE : Methods for Comparative
     Sociology of Professions                         
        Research on Europe
     Qualitative Methods                              RS22 
   European National and Regional Identities
     Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty                RS23 
   Bringing Lefebvre Sociology Back in Urban
     Science and Technology                           RS24 
   The Sustainable City and the Arts
     Social Movements                                 RS25 
   Evolution an Sociology
            Sociology of Social Policy and Social 
 elfare   RS26 
   Global and Transnational Sociology
     Southern European Societies                      RS27 
   Russian Sociology in Time, Social Space
     Society and Sports                               
        and Transition
     Social Theory                                    RS28 
   The Relevance of Carl Marx’s Theory Today :
     Youth and Generation                             
        Does it exist ?
     Ethnic Relations, Racism, Antisemitism           RS29
    Arts and Cultural Management

              10th ESA Conference Newsletter • University of Geneva • Department of Sociology •
F e b r u a r y 1 4 , 2 0 1 1
                                                                                       n o 1 / 2 0 1 1 : 

 WHAT TO DO IN                                 PLAINPALAIS FLEA                            countries of birth, poured in to establish
                                                                                           Geneve as a beacon of faith and
 GENEVA?                                       Every Wednesday and Saturday,
                                                                                           learning under the auspices of Calvin
                                                                                           and Théodore de Bèze: the Academy,
 Geneva houses over 40 public and              shoppers comb the flea market in             forerunner of the present University,
 private museums, as well as numerous          Geneva's Plainpalais district. Stalls are   was founded in 1559.
 art galleries. The various collections        piled high with bric-a-brac, vintage
 cater for all interests, be it archaeology,   clothes, records, books and occasionally
 ethnography, nature, fine arts, applied        genuine antiques. There are many
 arts, science or technology.                  bargains to be had, and souvenirs too.
 All other events and more about Geneva
 can be found under                        EVENTS AROUND THE
                                               CONFERENCE: TOUR
 FESTIVAL DE LA BÂTIE:                         3 different kind of tours will be
 THEATRE - MUSIC - DANCE                       organized to change your mind. WHEN?
                                               THURSDAY and FRIDAY in the
 - PERFORMANCE                                 afternoon. Exact time has to be             The refugees also helped restore
 During your stay a very famous                scheduled. Please indicate during the       economy, which had been in recession
 international theatre-dance and music         REGISTRATION PROCESS if you want to         ever since the decline of the trade fairs
 festival is taking place. You’ll be able to   participate at one of the TOURS.            at the end of the previous century. This
 find more details about this event on                                                      walking tour will guide you through
 their website:                                                               important places of the reformation.
                                               01 GENEVA INTERNATIONAL

                                                                                           03 URBAN AND
                                                                                           CONTEMPORARY GENEVA

                                               A walking tour within the international
 RESTAURANTS                                   organisation quarter of Geneva.  You
 There is a wide choice of restaurants         will see and hear about several of the
 available in Geneva and great places for      most renowned organisations and have
 eating out to suit all budgets. We will       the opportunity to visit the United
 soon publish a restaurant list on our         Nations Geneva Headquarters building.
 website to facilitate your choice.
 In the meantime you can check                                                             This walking tour will guide you through or                   02 GENEVA AND THE                           Geneva’s artistic and cultural highlights., which are two            REFORMATION                                 On the provisional programme the
 interesting websites about Geneva’s           1535 heralded the triumph of the            «Usine», alternative cultural center, and
 restaurants and more. Please note:            Reformation, and Geneva assumed the         the «MAMCO», which is the most
 restaurants in Geneva must display their      political status of a republic. Calvin      important Museum of contemporary art
 menus outside. Take advantage of this         settled here in 1536; and under his         in Geneva, well known abroad. Opened
 and have a look before entering. VAT          guiding spirit the republic was elevated    in September 1994 in a former factory,
 and tips are included in the prices.          to rank of Mother of the Protestant         Mamco takes into account the spirit of
                                               Church. From 1550 ownard a host of          the building it occupies. The museum
                                               Protestants, mainly French and Italian      exhibits a broad range of works dating
                                               people fleeing persecution in their          from the early 1960s to the present day.

              10th ESA Conference Newsletter • University of Geneva • Department of Sociology •
F e b r u a r y 1 4 , 2 0 1 1
                                                                                   n o 1 / 2 0 1 1 : 

 In a convivial and playful manner           the evening is still in process, you’ll    Logistic Conference Manager
 inspired by Marcel Duchamp, Mamco           know more about in the next newsletter.    MCI Suisse SA, 75, rue de Lyon, P.O. Box
 aims to provoke people to reconsider        Don’t forget to register your              500, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland
 their understanding of the notions of       participation for one of the proposed      Phone: ++41 22 33 99 667
 «contemporary art» and «museum».            TOURS!!!                         
 Three times a year, the Museum
 presents a new stage of its on-going        VISA PURPOSE
 construction with temporary exhibitions     You may request a visa invitation letter
                                                                                        SUPPORTING OF THE
 and new presentations of its collection.    from our Logistic Conference Organizer     CONFERENCE
 More:                          as part of the on-line registration        To date, the Congress is supported by:
                                             system – just click on the box and         The Department of Sociology, the Dean
                                             answer the questions that appear. Visa     of the Faculty of Economic and Social
                                                                                        Sciences and the Rectorat of the
 GENERAL                                     invitation letters cannot be provided
                                             until you have registered for the          University of Geneva, the Swiss
                                                                                        Sociological Association, the City and
 INFORMATION                                 congress.
                                                                                        the Canton of Geneva. If you are
 You can find all newest information on                                                  interested in sponsoring ESA 2011,
 our website:
                                             FUNDING                                    please contact                   Unfortunately, no funding can be 
 Please check regularly to get updated       provided for traveling and hotel
 and see the latest information.             accommodation from the LOC
                                                                                        BECOME AN ESA MEMBER BEFORE
 Be aware that you must collect and wear     Committee. Please enquire with your
                                                                                        YOUR CONGRESS REGISTRATION.
                                             University who may be able to support
 your badge for all Congress                                                            To do that, please subscribe to
 events, also for the Welcome Reception                                        
 at Victoria Hall. You can collect your
 badge in the main hall of Uni-Mail.         ABSTRACT BOOK AND FINAL
                                             There will be an abstract CD, but no
                                             book. Once your abstract has been
 REGISTRATION                                accepted, coordinators will tell you if
 Fees are published on our website.
                                             they need the final papers or not.
 Registration will open 1st of March.
                                             Further guidelines (poster, distributed
 Deadline for early-bird is the 3rd of
                                             papers) will be published in time on our

 Participation in Scientific Sessions
 badge, congress bag, final programme,        CONFERENCE
 abstract CD (in bag), Opening ceremony
 and aperitif and closing ceremony.          VENUE AND
 ACCOMMODATION                               CONTACTS
 During Registration you directly can
 choose to book one of the pre-reserved
 rooms. You also can choose to book a        UNI Mail, Boulevard du Pont d’Arve 40,
 hotel independently using the links and     1205 Geneva, Switzerland.
 the lists provided on our website.

 CONGRESS PARTY                              Local Organization Geneva
 Friday evening, we’re pleased to            Sandro Cattacin: President of LOC, and
 welcome you at our Congress Party at        Patricia Naegeli, University of Geneva,
 Uni-Mail. Please indicate during            Department of Sociology
 registration if you intend to come.         Phone: ++41 22 379 88 55
 Participation will only cost CHF 10.- in
 which a drink is included. Preparation of

              10th ESA Conference Newsletter • University of Geneva • Department of Sociology •

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