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Recommendation of a Strategy - Kingswood Ratepayers Association


									Kingswood Ratepayers Association

        2011 Annual General Meeting
        Parks and Recreation Report

  November 14, 2011

  Paul Slauenwhite
  Richard DeLong

• Maintain/improve our existing parks/recreational
• Create new parks/recreational areas.
• Community beautification.
• Recruit new committee members.
• Promote our parks/recreational areas.

• Completed walking trails:
   – Seth Aaron Drive/Street Georges Boulevard.
   – Blue Mountain Drive/Terradore Lane.
• Evaluated:
   – entrance signs:
       • No repair/replacement required (excellent condition).
   – parks:
       • Cleared fallen trees, improved site-lines, and repaired trail washout.
   – playground equipment:
       • No repair/replacement required (good to excellent condition).
       • Resolved vandalism/graffiti in Kingswood Drive Park #1 (increase visibility and
         resident/RCMP enforcement/warnings).
       • Blue Mountain Park is slated for replacement (HRM).
       • Long Lake Drive Park and back-end parks require (more) equipment.

• Baseball field:
   – Site moved from Kingswood Drive Park #2 to Lakeshore
     Drive Park.
   – Site reviews held with HRM and private contractor.
   – Initial cost estimate of ~$140K - ~$300K for target age group,
     estimated numbers, field size/features, and site.
   – Board committed up to $100K and earmarked $5K for
     immediate site preparation (transport/distribute free fill and
     exploratory excavation).
   – Potential cost-sharing with the Province (1 – 3 years out).
Baseball Field

• Investigated drainage issue in Kingswood Drive
  Park #2:
  – HRM has ear-marked $40K.
  – Proposal: covered drainage from the south corner of
    the field to Kingswood Drive instead of Nousha
    Court (expensive and homeowner uneasy).
  – Test pit confirmed sufficient depth (~13’).
  – Waiting for HRM engineers to confirm elevations
    and complete the designs.

• Minor improvements based on resident
  – Installed (HRM) by-law signs at each end of the Blue
    Mountain Drive/Terradore Lane trail.
  – Moved rocks in Blue Mountain Drive Park parking
  – However, delegated several resident concerns (e.g.
    ATVs/camping/fires in parks and debris in HRM
    drainage systems) to the Tantallon RCMP (244-
    7208)/HRM (490-4000).

• Playground on Kingswood Drive Park #2:
  – Provincial cost-sharing at $10K/~$22K.
  – Entrance/pad are complete.
  – Construction started today!
  – Driveway drainage/culvert fixed soon after
    construction is complete.
New Playground
New Playground
Next steps

• Finish Kingswood Drive Park #2 projects:
  – drainage issue.
  – playground.
  – driveway drainage/culvert.
• Beautify entrances (e.g. flowers/shrubs
  new/replacement signs).
• Acquire Long Lake lands from the Province.
Next steps

• Continue:
  – baseball field:
     • Potential for HRM funding in 2012 budget
  – multi-use facility (e.g. hockey/basketball/tennis):
     • Projected at ~100K (Fox Hollow).
Next steps

• Investigate:
   • installing/maintaining garbage cans/pet waste dispensers in the parks.
   • opening up pathways and shorelines.
   • adding seating/picnic tables/covered picnic shelters.
   • mailbox shelters with lighting.
   • splash pad playground.
   • walking trail connecting Grandview and Lakeshore.
   • walking trail from Kingswood Drive Park #2 to St. Georges Blvd (under the
     power lines).
   • walking trail and picnic area at Lewis Lake Terrace Park.

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