Blessed Are the Pure in Heart Matthew 51-8 by ert554898


									Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
       Matthew 5:1-8
                The Beatitudes
• Part of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount”
• The 6th of 8 sayings called beatitudes
  From the Latin word for blessed, beatis
• Greek word is markarios means happy
• Contain a description & a prescription
  Description of citizens of His kingdom
  Prescription for genuine, lasting happiness
• Each contains a promise
              The Spiritual Heart
•   Not the organ that pumps blood
•   Nor simply one’s feelings or emotions
•   But the center of our moral & spiritual being
•   It is the hidden inner person- I Pet. 3:3-4
•   The real you & the real me
•   Only two types of hearts
•   Those that are pure & those that are impure
       The Need for a Pure Heart
• We live in a morally & spiritually corrupt society
• Not as corrupt as in Noah’s day- Gen. 6:5
• But it seems to be getting worse
• Exposed to unclean words & works daily
•  More corrupt our society becomes,
  the more difficult it is to maintain a pure heart
• We greatly need more who are pure in heart
      Importance of A Pure Heart
• Is the source of our words & actions
  Including those that are evil-Matt. 15:18
• Determines our appetites & outlook- Prov. 4:23
  Reason some seek good & others seek evil
• We must love God with our heart- Matt. 22:37
• Acceptable worship is from the heart- Eph. 5:19
• All our service is to be from our heart- Eph. 6:6
• Required to see God- V8
        What Is A Pure Heart?-1
• Pure heart is clean & undefiled (Greek-katharos)
  In its thoughts, desires & intentions
• It seeks things that are right- II Tim. 2:22
  A heart in which God’s word reigns- Psa. 1:1-2
• It is a good heart
  It recognizes & appreciates good
  Desires good for itself & others
• It is an honest heart
         What Is A Pure Heart?-2
  It is unprejudiced & without deceit
  Jesus’ description of Nathanael- Jn. 1:47
  Will neither flatter nor criticize unjustly
  Will speak the truth & treat others fairly & honestly
• It is a sincere heart
  Without pretense or hypocrisy
  Its motives are like the actions it poduces
  Jesus’ greatest rebuke- Matt. 23:27
                 The Promise
• V8- “They shall see God”
• They see God by faith in this life
  In His creation & His word
• They see His kingdom from the inside
• They will have fellowship with Him- Psa. 24:3-5
• They will see Jesus when He returns- I Jn. 3:1-3
• None with impure heart will enter Heaven-
  Rev. 21:27
      The Heart Must Be Purified
• Because sin corrupts the heart
  And all are guilty of sin- Rom. 3:23
• It is purified by faith in Christ- Acts 15:9
• That faith is an obedient faith
• Which produces repentance- Acts 17:30
• Confession of one’s faith- Rom. 10:10
• And baptism- Heb. 10:22
• Then we can approach God with a pure heart
     The Heart Must Be Kept Pure
• Because christians can & do sin- I Jn. 1:8
• And our heart can be corrupted
  By evil thoughts & desires- Prov. 4:23
• We must choose good friends- I Cor. 15:33
• We must keep the world out of our heart
• And fill it with God’s pure & holy word-Phil 4:8
• What is the condition of your heart right now?

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