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									                                                                                                          Fall 2002

Credit Union Week - October 15 thru October 18
                   7 Smart Steps to
               Build Financial Wealth
Your credit union is committed to the philosophy of people helping people.
Some 36,000 credit unions worldwide share this goal in serving more than
108 million members. We work for you. After we’ve paid our bills, we put
the rest into better rates and services for you and your family. Check out these
simple changes that can save you both time and your hard-earned money:

    1. Sign up for direct deposit
    2. Switch to our low interest rate VISA credit card - 8.9%
    3. Get your cash from our ATM - no fees or surcharges
    4. Teach your children financial responsibility - open a
       Monty Moose account
    5. Always check credit union rates before borrowing elsewhere
    6. Sign up for home banking
    7. Send in your family. Your family is entitled to low rates               To Celebrate
       and great services too!                                              Credit Union Week
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••                                    Car Loans...

                                                                                New or used, purchase or
                                     Low VISA Rate                          refinance from another lender

                                                                                    Rates starting at...
                                                       8.9%                            *5.50%
 Extended thru the Holiday season                                               With up to 72 months
  for your shopping convenience                                               repayment terms available

Refinance your high rate credit cards                                       *On approved credit. Refinancing on CU loans
                                                                              is not available. Other rate discounts not

        with an ECFCU Visa                                                         applicable with this promotion.
The Internet and your VISA
Shopping on the internet is so popular now, but can you be sure
that using your credit card for purchases online is really safe? Now
you can.....with VERIFIED BY VISA.

VERIFIED BY VISA is the new service - exclusively for Visa
cardholders - that offers you added safety by helping ensure that
                                                                           Loan Rates
only you can use your Visa card online. You simply create a unique

password to confirm your identity.                                         Rates are effective August 31, 2002 and are
                                                                           subject to change:
                                                                           Share-Secured                                                                                  6.25%
Once you activate VERIFIED BY VISA:                                        Certificate - Secured - Current Rate
   1. Your credit card will be automatically recognized at participating                                                                                              + 3.00%
                                                                           VISA Credit Card                                                                           8.9%*
      online stores and you’ll be asked for your password.                 Home Equity Loans
   2. Your password will be verified.                                            Line of Credit                                                                  Prime2
   3. The transaction will be completed.                                         Home Equity Fixed                                                    Starting at 6.25%
                                                                           Education Loans                                                                        9.00%
It’s that simple. Create your own password right now by going to           Tiered Loan Rates
                                                                           New & Used Autos (2002 - 2001)
www.visa.com/verified.                                                     100% Financing on New Autos
                                                                           New Autos                   Starting at 6.50%
Plus.....everytime you use your VERIFIED BY VISA activated card            Used Autos (’00 and older) Starting at 6.50%1
between October 1st and November 30th, 2002 at participating               Signature                  Starting at 9.99%1
merchants online, you will automatically be entered to win the             Home Improvement                       9.00%1
                                                                           Recreational Vehicle
“Shop Like a Secret Agent” sweepstakes.                                          New/Used                 11.00-12.00%1
You could win a luxury trip for two to three European cities and                 New/Used                 11.00-12.00%1
a $10,000 VISA card. In addition, each week, hundreds of prizes            *Thru February 2003

can be won, including a SONY DVD player.                                   1
                                                                            Tiered loan rate designates the lowest rate on approved credit. 2Prime Rate
                                                                           as of August 31, 2002 is 4.75%. Rate is variable. Maximum APR is 18.00%.
                                                                           Discount offered: All loan rates (excluding HELOC and VISA) qualify for .25%
                                                                           discount for as long as automatic loan transfer from Shares is selected for
No matter how you look at it, you come out a winner. Safety and            repayment.
                                                                           VISA disclosure: Annual Percentage Rate for purchases: 8.9%; grace period
reassurance that your VISA online transactions are protected can’t         for repayment of the balance for purchases: 25 days; method of computing the
                                                                           balance for purchases (including new purchases): average daily balance;
be beat. Don’t wait, activate your password today at                       Annual Fee: none; FEES: Late Payment Fee: $15.00; Over Limit Fee: $15.00,
                                                                           Not-Sufficient-Funds Check Fee: $15.00.
www.visa.com/verified.                                                     Annual Dividend Rates
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••                                                                                         APR3                      APY4
                                                                           Regular Shares,
                                                                           Clubs & IRA Shares
                  Introducing our Staff                                    Declared For 2nd Quarter          1.00%                                                      1.004%
            Who’s who.....what does everyone do???                         Share Certificates & IRA Certificates
                                                                                  ($1,000 minimum)
               Sometimes you just need help!!!                             6-month certificate
        __________________________________________                                (IRA not available) 1.90%                                                               1.92%
                                                                           12-month certificate              2.00%                                                        2.02%
                                                                           18-month certificate              2.25%                                                        2.27%
        Kathy Gleason - Manager
                                                                           24-month certificate              2.25%                                                        2.27%
        Marilyn Conley - Assistant Manager                                 3
                                                                               Annual Percentage Rate
                                                                               Annual Percentage Yield
        Deborah Couture - Member Service Supervisor
                                                                                         Your savings insured to $100,000

        Heather Benson - Member Service Representative                                                                                                  EQUAL HOUSING
                            Loan Processor Interviewer                         National Credit Union Administration, A U.S. Government Agency
                                                                                                                                                 We Do Business In Accordance With the
                                                                                                                                                   Federal Fair Housing Law and the
                                                                                                                                                     Equal Credit Opportunity Act

        Carol Kierstead - Member Service Representative
                           Data Processor
        Cheryl Barile - Teller
                                                                                 xNovember    11, 2002                                          xDecember    31, 2002
        Christine Gonyea - Teller                                                 Veteran’s Day                                                  New Year’s Eve-
                                                                                 xNovember 28, 2002
                                                                                                                                                 Closing at Noon
        Barbara Crouse - Teller                                                   Thanksgiving                                                  xJanuary 1, 2003
        Melanie Brown - Teller                                                   xDecember 24, 2002
                                                                                                                                                 New Year’s Day
                                                                                  To be determined
        Michael Vignone - Teller                                                 xDecember 25, 2002

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