Greene/Sullivan Transition Team by HC12061821184


									       Benton, Boone, Carroll, Clinton, Fountain, Montgomery, Tippecanoe,
                           Warren and White Counties
                           Cluster D Transition Team

                    Authority of individuals to make agency decisions

               AGENCY/NAME                                AUTHORITY FOR POLICY AND
Logansport Area Joint Special Services                 Donna Fawcett/Tom Adams
Inc. (Carroll), Donna Fawcett, Preschool
Rensselaer Special Services Coop.                      Joyce Butler/Patti Kern
(White, Benton), Joyce Butler, Preschool
Area IV Head Start (Carroll, White,                    Debi Debruyn /Area IV HS Policy
Clinton), Candace Shaffer                              Council
Lisa Kopka, parent/LPCC chair
Head Start CAP of Western Indiana, Inc.                Robin Curry Shumaker/Policy Council
(Benton, Montgomery), Alice Carroll, Child
Development Specialist
Early Head Start, CAP of Western Indiana,              Robin Curry Shumaker/Policy Council
Inc., (Benton, Montgomery), Alice Carroll
Benton County LPCC                                     Jean Glotzbach/Chis Shultz

West Central Indiana Special Services                  Jill Snodgrass/Cheryl Harshman
Coop, (Montgomery), Jill Snodgrass, Pre
School Coordinator
Greater Lafayette Area Special Services,               James Sands, Glass Director/Randy
(Tippecanoe), Nina Pomery, Social Worker               Sly, Preschool Supervisor
Head Start, Tippecanoe, Susan Schlaifer                Susan Schlaifer/ Pam Houlton/Policy
Boone-Clinton-Northwest Hendricks Joint                Mika Adams
Services, Mika Adams, Pre School
Area IV, (Carroll, Clinton and White), Jean            Debi DeBruyn/Policy Council

First Steps                                            Jeff Darling, President Wabash Center
                                                       Jennifer Neher, Gardenia Pena

#3 Authority of individuals to make agency decisions
Cluster D Transition Initiative
Adopted/approved 4/24/06
File in gray binder, Section 4

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