221 Squadron Meeting Minutes 24 February 2010 by h2jzO26


									                                Meeting Minutes
                         Blue Grass Senior Squadron 221
                               February 24, 2010
Attendees: Joe Brickman, Chris McCowan, Robert Brigham, Dave McCowan, Robert
Hiles, John Phillips, Bill Harkins, Phillips Meador, Chris McCowan, Mark Beauchamp,
Gary Watts, Scott Garthee, Bill Harkins, Stephen Click (recruit), Mark Tyler (visitor
from IN 093), Billy Forsythe (arrived at end of meeting)

Given by Lt. Dave McCowan (Squadron MLO)

Phil Meador announced the outcome of the Subordinate Unit Inspection. The squadron
got “As and Bs” in all areas, and was complimented by Col. Tom Schmitt as the best
inspection of the Wing.

John Phillips has been given a duty performance promotion to 2nd Lt. – congratulations to
John for his excellent progress in his first six months with CAP.

John Phillips expressed interest in taking over Ed Murphy’s former responsibilities as
Squadron Finance Officer and was nominated and voted to that position by the members

A discussion of how to handle non-airworthiness “squawks” was held, and the squadron
decided to place a notebook in each aircraft for pilot notes regarding any inconveniences
or observations that might be relevant to other pilots. The notebooks will be placed in the
glove box of the aircraft. Further discussions will be held at future meetings to refine the
content of the pilot notes.

Scott Garthee will follow-up with Chris Nester regarding placarding or locking out
breakers for inop systems.

640CP has a nose tire going flat, and the nose wheel strut needs to be recharged, and
5419E is airworthy, but some question remains about the autopilot and electric trim.
Scott will follow up with Chris Nester on these items.

Safety / Aerospace Ed:
The safety briefing opened with a discussion of the crash at the Springfield/Lebanon

Bill Harkins will begin transitioning into the role as Squadron Safety Officer in the
coming month.
The face-to-face safety / aerospace ed briefing on Lost Communications and Light Gun
Signals was delivered by Phil Meador

John Phillips has completed moving most of the prior and new content he has, and is
ready for additional input for content from the department heads and others for the
squadron web page.

Standards & Evaluation:
There will be a G-1000 Ground School conducted on Saturday, March 6th from 8:00 AM
until approximately 5:00 PM at Wing HQ. This ground training is required for all pilots
who want to become qualified to fly the G-1000 aircraft. It is recommended that pilots
planning to take this course get some preliminary familiarity training to prepare for the
high volume of information to be presented.

Cadet / AFROTC O-rides:
Dave McCowan reported that 3 AFROTC o-rides have been completed to date, and that
there are 15 more to go this semester. Additional o-rides are planned for later this week
if the weather cooperates.

Emergency Services:
Joe Brickman reported that some SQTR information has been temporarily “lost” from e-
Services. All members were reminded and encouraged to retain copies of the signed
documents to help with this and any future “restorations” that may take place. Joe
suggested that member regularly check and print out their qualifications, and keep that
pint out as a record of qualifications.

The squadron meeting was concluded at 9:20 PM

Minutes prepared by Captain Phil Meador, Squadron Commander

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