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									 1) Religion and Human

 2) Religion and Medical Ethics

 3) Religion, Poverty and

3 sections in the exam - LTA
   You must answer TWO questions from
    different sections questions parts a-e.

   You ONLY answer Christianity questions
    (these are questions 2, 8 and 14 in the
    paper) and you only do TWO of the three.

   Make sure you label your questions clearly.
    e.g. Q2 a)
           Q2 b)

The paper
   If it is a 1 mark question spend no more
    than a minute on it.
   If it is a 2 mark question spend no more
    than 2 minutes on it.
   If it is a 3 mark question spend no more
    than 3 minutes on it.
   If it is a 6 mark question spend no more
    than 7 minutes on it.
   For the 12 mark question – we advise you
    spend around 15 minutes.

Timings - LTA
   12 mark and 6 mark questions

This is crucial!!

Exam technique - LTA
     How to answer a 6 mark question
      Key: Green = Key word, Red = refers back to
     the question.
   Step 1: Define the key word in the question. (E.g. Explain the Christian view to
    Abortion – 6 marks)

    Abortion is the termination of the foetus. Christians have different views on
    abortion depending on when they believe life begins.

   Step 2: Include a minimum of 2 - 4 explained points (P-E-E-L) making sure you
    refer back to the question. (E.g. Christians have different attitudes to abortion

    1. Christians have different views to abortion because of their belief about when life
    2. Roman Catholics believe that ‘life begins at conception’ therefore they believe
    that abortion is wrong in all circumstances and goes against the commandment ‘do
    not kill’.
    3. However, Anglican and Methodists share the belief that abortion is a ‘necessary
    evil’. This means that it is not a good action but sometimes in certain situations
    such as rape it may be the best cause of action. This is because they belief that life
    only begins when the foetus has a chance of surviving independently of the mother.
    4. Christians believe only god has the right to end of life because they follow the
    teaching ‘God giveth a life and God taketh life away’. Therefore most Christians
    would argue that abortion should not happen.
Keep back referring
 to the question!
Religion and Human Relationships
   This includes:
    1) The Roles of Men and Women (Traditional
    and Modern)
    2) The marriage ceremony
    3) The Christian beliefs about marriage
    4) Attitudes to divorce and reasons why.
    5) Remarriage after Divorce
    6) Sex and contraception
Introducing the roles of men and women
The Roles of Men and Women
   Traditional view: Men go out to
    ______________ and earn the
    _______________. Women stay at
    _________ and look after both the home and
    the ______________.
   Modern view: Men and __________ are equal
    but have different roles.
   Bible quotes:
    Eve was described as Adam’s “ ________”.
    “Wives __________ to your husbands”.
    “There is neither male, nor ______ for you
    are all one in Christ _______________”.
 Use the work sheet to match up the parts
 of the ceremony and the symbolism.

 In the meantime I will play a wedding
 video from youtube (cheesy):

The Marriage Ceremony
“To love and to ______________”

“Til death do us _____________”

“In _____________ and in health”.

Quotes: Fill in the gaps

   Is a non-religious wedding ceremony that
    can be held at a registry office, hotel etc…
Civil Partnerships
   Gay marriage, or same sex marriage.

Some Christians are against gay marriage
 and they refer to the Bible to say why.
 Some state the Bible says a man should
 leave his parents and join his wife, not

Other say that you should support each
 other and ‘love thy neighbour’.
 Divorce – ending of a marriage
 Annulment – cancellation of a marriage
  e.g. if one of the partners was not of
  sound mind at time of marriage.

Introducing Divorce and
Denomination    Roman Catholic           Church of    Free
                                         England /    Church
Attitude to     Allow/Do not allow       Allow/ Do    Allow / Do
divorce         divorce                  not allow    not allow a
                                         divorce      divorce
Circumstances   Allow an                 __________   When the
for a divorce   _________ which is a     _ and        ______
                _________ of a           __________   dies
                marriage if the couple   _            between
                have not had ____ or                  the couple
                one of them was not of
                sound mind.
Quotes          “til death do us part”   Jesus said to “Love thy
                To remarry would be      look at       _________
Divorce and remarriage after

divorce fill in the table                was wrong.
   Roman Catholic – No remarriage. Would be
    the same as adultery.

   Church Of England – Up to the Priest. Quite
    often will offer a blessing instead of
    remarrying in the Church.

   Free Church – allows remarriage in church
    blessing. This denomination believes its
    better to start your new life/relationship with
    the blessing of the Church.
Introducing ‘Conception’.
Sex and Contraception – Get your planners

Quiz - LTA
   Abortion is…the termination of a
    pregnancy/foetus before birth.

   Euthanasia is a mercy killing. It is ending
    someone’s life who has a terminal illness
    using painless methods.

   Suicide is the taking of one’s own life for
    many different reasons e.g. depression,
    mental illness…

Arguments in favour of abortion

   A woman should have the right to chose what
    happens to her body.

   It is wrong to bring unwanted children into
    the world

   If the woman gets pregnant because she was
    raped she should not have to continue with
    the pregnancy.

   A risk to the life of the mother.
Arguments against abortion
   Unborn child is alive from the
    moment of conception – right to life.

   Could be used as a form of
    contraception if too easy.

   Adoption

   Risks to health and mental health.
Quotes to use:
“do   not to kill”

“made in God’s image”

“Gods plan”

“life begins at conception”

“Hannah had no children because the Lord had
 closed her womb”.

‘Life is a gift’

“God giveth life and God taketh away life”

“love thy neighbour”
    Fertility Treatment
   If a couple can’t have children some Christian’s
    think helping them is the most loving thing to
    do ‘love thy neighbour’.

   Other Christians think that fertility treatment in
    wrong as not all the embryos are used and
    some are destroyed. These are potential lives
    and therefore this is considered murder – goes
    against the commandment ‘do not kill’.

   Others say that surrogacy is wrong as it brings
    a third person into the marriage and therefore is
    adultery which goes against the commandment
    “do not commit adultery”.
 For                        Against
1.     Christians accept    1.   God gave life and
       life come from            only god can take it
       God, but is               away.
       doesn’t state        2.   Interferes with
       that a person             “Gods plan”.
       must be kept         3.   Suffering is a way of
       alive at any cost.        strengthening faith.
2.     Die with dignity     4.   Goes against the
3.     Relatives spared          commandment “do
       watching their            not to kill”
       loved one die a      5.   Helping the sick
       slow and painful          allows for
       death.                    compassion.
4.     Animals are put      6.   Doctors do get it
       to sleep and do           wrong.
       not have to          7.   “God giveth life and
       suffer, why not           God taketh life
       humans?                   away”


   6 suicides in the Bible.
   Considered a sin
   Life belongs to god ‘God giveth life and
    God taketh away life’ – only God decides
    when we die.
   Would suggest talking to the Samaritans
   According to the Bible, suicide is murder;
    it is always wrong.
   Genetic engineering – is changing the
    genetic make up of a species to help
    overcome problems such as food

   Cloning – replicating DNA to produce a
    living thing or being.

Genetic Engineering/Cloning
Christians and genetic
   Concerned
   Interferes with Gods plan and creation
   Scientists seeking to put themselves in the place
    of God, when they do not have Gods wisdom.
   “You may have knowledge but do you have
    wisdom” – just because you can doesn’t mean
    you should.
   Possibility of side-effects for future generations.
   Charities concerned that animals will be viewed
    as machines, that their dignity will be
    compromised for the benefit of humans.
Christians and genetic
   Positives

   Overcome food shortages

   Development of vegetables that are
    naturally resistant to insects and disease
    would mean no need for pesticides which
    are damaging to the environment.
                   Food make you feel

              Hunger means that you have a

          Lack of Energy means that you will be

      Unable to work / Easily ill means that you will

   Grows less food / Earns less money therefore you will

          less food and they cycle begins again.

POVERTY: The Circle of Poverty -
Developing world V’s the
Developed world
 North - developed e.g. UK
 South – developing e.g. India.
Religion, Poverty and Wealth
Charity’s like Christian Aid and CAFOD
 try to help by providing both short
 and long term aid.

Short term Aid – emergency aid e.g.

Long term Aid – seeking to overcome
 poverty so help will no longer be
 needed in the future e.g. improving
 farming methods and medical care.
The Parable of the
Good Samaritan.
Remember to always
say WHY Christian give
to charity
        e.g. follow
Jesus example ‘The
Parable of the Good
Samaritan’ – “Love thy

Tithing (10%) justice
for the human race
         God created
everyone as equals “we
are all one in Christ
Moral and Immoral Occupations

Moral – a good, honest job e.g. a doctor
 who works to help others.

Immoral – a job which goes against the law
 or isn’t seen as an honest job perhaps
 contradicting the Bible e.g. a prostitute.
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