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					                           CHEMICAL SCREENING METHODOLOGY

                                            Wayne Davis
                               David C. Thoman and Robert R. Lowrie
                                          URS Corporation
                             2131 S. Centennial Avenue, Aiken, SC, 29803
                                           (803) 502-9789

Appendix B of DOE-STD-1189-2008, Integration of Safety into the Design Process, provides regulatory
basis for chemical screening in regards to collocated workers and the public. If a chemical inventory
meets any one of the several exclusion criteria, it may be screened out from further evaluation such that
accident calculations do not have be performed on the chemical. All but one of the exclusion criteria are
also found in the screening criteria of DOE O 151.1C, Comprehensive Emergency Management System,
which DOE-STD-1189 mentions as worthwhile to read and consider. DOE G 151.1 is the Emergency
Management Guide (EMG) for the Order (DOE O 151.1C). Volume 2 of the EMG, Technical Planning
Basis, gives discussion on factors and quantifiable benchmarks to consider in applying the exclusion

The exclusion criteria shared in common between DOE-STD-1189-2008 and DOE O 151.C are
summarized under the following four headings.
    Low toxicity
    Public use
    Lab-scale quantity
    Low dispersibility

The purpose of this paper is to present implementation guidance for consideration regarding chemical
screening — drawing insights from emergency management documentation and also from chemical
industry practices. It is common in DOE facilities for chemicals to be part of radioactive waste streams.
The paper also addresses the implications for applying the exclusion criteria to these chemicals.

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