The Need for Insurance Producer's Continuing Education by wendhrie


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									The Need for Insurance Producer's
Continuing Education
Education is considered the backbone of the insurance and financial industries. Agents, brokers, and producers all
need to be knowledgeable in their products, services, and industry trends. Many times they are solely responsible for
the decisions their clients make. Their clients rely on their information and knowledge to do what's best for
themselves and their families. Continuing education is meant to keep brokers and agents up to date on the latest
industry information, any new laws and regulations, and any new products available to their clients. It is a highly
regulated industry and education is very important to the State Department of Insurance and Financial Regulations.

Every state requires a different amount of continuing education credits. Some ask their agents to complete a certain
amount of credits every year, while others require every two years. Please check with your state or an approved
insurance education provider for more details. An approved provider can let you know when your education is due
and what classes to take. Make sure to complete all of your insurance continuing education courses by your
compliance period to avoid any state fines. Continuing education is required by state law, but it really does benefit the
agent's completing it. They learn a lot in the courses they take which allows them to sell more policies to their clients.
The more they sell the more money they make.

Continuing education can be completed a couple different formats. An agent can choose to do it online or in a
classroom. Online education covers courses such as: ethics, annuities, and long term care. Each state requires an
agent to take specific courses depending on which license they hold. For instance, California requires anyone selling
Long Term Care to take at least eight hours every two years. This is common in most states. Another common
course is ethics. It is very important insurance professionals act ethical to their clients and the companies they work

As you can see it is imperative for states to require insurance professionals to complete continuing education. It
benefits the agent, the insurance company they represent, and the clients they serve. Clients can be assured their
agent is knowledgeable and knows what they are talking about. They know the products being offered are the latest
on the market and most beneficial to their needs. Education provides the knowledge insurance producers need to be
successful and help serve their clients the best way possible.

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