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Water droplets shape graphe


									Water droplets shape graphene nanostructures (source: | S...

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Water droplets shape graphene nanostructures (source: | S...

                        Water droplets shape graphene nanostructures                                                         Market Quotes
                                                                                                      Financial –
                        (source:                                                      Term101
                        Written on December 16th, 2009 by Editor                                      The first step in     DJIA       10350.13
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           A team of University of Illinois at Chicago chemists, lead by assistant professor Petr     More >
           Král report the ability to bend and reshape graphene, opening up the possibility of
           forming new and novel devices in the nanoscale. They use an everyday household
                                                                                                      Marketing             S&P 500 1100.28
           ingred… (source: – RSS widgets and RSS feeds on

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Water droplets shape graphene nanostructures (source: | S...

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