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									         John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men
          Envelope Close Reading Activity
Mr. Michael Simental
AP Lang. and 9 Honors
11th and 12th Resource Teacher
Academic Decathlon Assistant Coach
Cesar Chavez High School

Directions: Each student will be given an envelope with one of the following
close reading topics on it.

Throughout his/her reading the student is to copy passages onto index
cards or small slips of paper and put them in the envelope.

Groups will meet and share the contents of their envelopes and discuss
why the passage was selected and the effect of the quoted passage on the
meaning of the work. Envelopes may be used in various activities over
the course of the novel.

Envelope 1. Robert Burns wrote that, “The best laid plans of mice and
men often go awry”. Throughout the novella plans are made that turn out
distinctly different than the planner had hoped. Look for passages that
highlight this theme and how it contributes to the overall meaning of the

Envelope 2: A conflict exists between the weak and the strong in
the novella. Look for passages that represent this conflict, and highlight
how this theme progresses throughout the novella.

Envelope 3: Throughout the novella there are many who struggle for
independence. Look for significant passages that highlight this theme,
and highlight how it contributes to the overall meaning of the work.
Envelope 4: Steinbeck draws heavily from the American Dream in this
work. Look for significant passages in which an individual, or
individuals, seek to live out the American Dream. Address how this
contributes the work as a whole.

Envelope 5: Women play a very important role within the story of Of Mice
and Men. Look for significant passages which deal with women.

Envelope 6: Friendship and loyalty are at the heart of much of Of Mice
and Men. Look for passages that show how Steinbeck highlights this
theme and how it contributes to the development of the novella.

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