A Guide To Medical Alert Systems

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					                    A Guide To Medical Alert Systems
Consider this: your mother who is in her 70′s lives alone and accidentally trips down some
stairs during the night. Laying down in pain because of a fractured ankle or broken bone, she
remains immobile and writhing in serious pain for the next 12 hours (of course without access
to any kind of medical alert systems), until you casually stop by her house, find her, and are
then able to provide her with some much sought-after relief. The situation could easily be
much worse.
On the other hand, if she did have access to some kind of medical
alert systems device, she would have received help in a much more
timely manner, and would not have to go through that extended
period of suffering. So, does investing in a medical alert system make
sense for the elderly? Given the fact that seniors are more prone to
facing medical complications and falls, it makes perfect sense
especially for the peace of mind it brings to them and their families.
How do They Work?
Typical medical alert systems and devices work in pretty much the
same basic manner. The medical alert systems company that you choose to work with will
provide a console that acts as the receiving unit. Also provided is a button that when pressed,
is used to transmit the distress call wirelessly to the main console. Apart from the console, the
panic button could also come in the form of a wristband, a pendant, wall mounted buttons,
Pressing the “panic” button activates the console and this in turn places a call to the medical
alert company’s monitoring center. At the receiving end of that call will be a trained specialist
who will, based on the nature of the problem/emergency, follow a suitable course of action.
Where Does the Call Go?
This actually depends on the medical alert systems company that you choose to hire. For
instance, while good, reputable medical alert providers will have professionally trained
personnel at the helm, some others are known to route their emergency calls to perhaps
untrained, lesser-than-desirable staff in far-flung places like India. This makes it important that
you deal with a medical alert systems company that has its emergency monitoring centers
situated within the US, is UL listed and only hires professionally trained staff.
Different Kinds of Medical Alert Systems and Devices:
Like most products offered today, the market is awash with different kinds of medical
alert systems and devices and the type that you need will depend on individual

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                    A Guide To Medical Alert Systems
requirements and preferences. For example, some medical alerts have a long-life back-up battery in
case of a power outage so that you have continuous protection. Another feature may be two-way
voice communications whereas in an emergency, the console contacts the emergency monitoring
center and the console will work as a speaker phone allowing you and the operator to speak directly
with each other until help arrives.
                                                Special sensors can be added to monitor
                                                activity within your household. In the absence
                                                of activity for a specified period, the console
                                                will automatically alert the emergency
                                                monitoring center. Other emergency situations
                                                may be monitored as well. Optional smoke
                                                detectors may be added to initiate an
                                                automatic fire alarm call and warning tones will
                                                be sounded to alert you, even when you are
What Makes a Good Alternative?
Know that there are a number of medical alert systems and device companies out
there, and this makes it important that you choose one with care. For example, make
sure that they offer 24 hour a day emergency monitoring by a UL listed station and
provide professionally trained staff. In addition, there are some good medical alert
systems companies that are known to offer free equipment and free installation, and
this is something you might want to look into. The bottom line is, given the choice,
most seniors and people with medical conditions or physical challenges would prefer to
live in their own homes and be as independent as possible.
A medical alert system will provide the opportunity and freedom to live at
home and also the peace of mind to concerned families.

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