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					                                        Website Traffic 101

 Website traffic as we all know it is crucial for any online enterprise. Regardless of whether that
traffic is new or repeat traffic, whats important is you get website traffic.

You may discover tons of information of how to get website traffic repeatedly online, whether paid
or free. This post will reiterate the guaranteed methods on getting website traffic for free.

A rather idle website tend to be dropped like hot potato by most major search engines, so be sure
to keep your site updated with fresh and valuable content as much as possible. Add it as a to-do
priority task.

Offer an added benefit on your website. You may provide a page to place links for all of your
affiliate products, or link partners, and ask them for a reciprocal link as well. Just be sure that the
website youre linking to is not in direct competition with your own product or service so you can
freely promote it without fear of encroaching on your rights as an online seller.

Set-up a web form on your site and place it on a very conspicuous place so your customers can
opt in to get the latest news, updates, and promos you offer online. If they join your monthly
newsletter, you easily build your list as well as double your online profits in just a short time.

Place a link to your homepage where your visitors can bookmark or add your website to their
favorites or share it across their favorite social networks. A link with words like "Bookmark" or
"Share this" will do.

Aside from the bookmark or share this link, you may also add a link that states tell-a-friend or
email this to a friend. This link will enable your website visitor to send an email to a friend, with a
pre-written subject and content.
Use uniform colors, favicon, logos and slogans in your website so that your website visitors are
fully aware that they are on your website. Do not forget to add a contact us page where you can
be easily reached for any product inquiries, feedback, and suggestions.

Create a privacy policy page and website terms of use as to clearly describe your viewpoint and
principles in dealing with your clientele. This will assure your customers that they are safe when
visiting your website.

Place FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions/Knowledgebase page on your site. This will eliminate
the uncertainties of your customers and wipe out any doubts about your website. FAQs page
should be able to provide detailed clarifications that will mostly be asked about your website and
your online products.

Make sure that your website is certified search-engine friendly. Be sure that all pages in your
website has suitable titles and keywords and are properly optimized. This will help your customers
find their way back to your website in case they forgot to bookmark your website.

Finally, never ever bother a customer with tons of email offers, unsolicited email messages, or
bombard their email inbox with affiliate product offers. When time comes that they have finally
decided to be removed from your future mailings, make sure to honor their request and take them
off your mailing list. You must keep a responsive and active list of subscribers. These are your
tried and tested means of getting website traffic today.

In this traffic manifesto, you will be able to learn the strategy on how you can get website traffic
and easily bring in more website traffic.

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A Constant Stream Of TRAFFIC To Your Website

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