; Impact of Technology on Human Resource Recruitment _amp; Selection
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Impact of Technology on Human Resource Recruitment _amp; Selection


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									Impact of Technology on
    Human Resource
 Recruitment & Selection
     Recruitment in the Past
Companies would advertise vacant
positions through newspaper, internal
recruitment, or through simple postings in
the main plant.
       Selection in the Past
The most qualified applicants would not be
aware of these job vacancies, therefore
companies often had to fill the positions
with people that were not very qualified or
had limited knowledge due to small
candidate pool.
        Recruitment Today
Given the great advancements of
technology, particularly pertaining to the
Internet, both Companies and Individuals
have greatly benefited from these
       Benefits to Employers
• People from anywhere are able to view job
  openings with various companies.
• Companies can attract more applicants by
  providing the benefits that the company has
  to offer online.
• Lower cost-per-hire
       Benefits to Individuals
• Ability to submit resumes online.
• Ability to view job openings anywhere in
  the world.
• Ability to view different jobs, job
  description, location, and pay on websites
  such as monster.com
           Selection Today
• Companies can identify candidates with
  skills that match open positions faster.
• HR has a larger applicant pool with more
  qualified experienced individuals.
• Leads to increase retention.
  The Future of HR Recruitment
• In the future more companies will design
  web pages to enable individuals to search
  for job vacancies given the great benefits
  that the Internet has to offer.
 Who uses the Internet to search
            for jobs
• Although it is perceived that the majority of
  people who use the Internet to search for
  jobs are college graduates, that is not the
• Individuals with only a high school degree,
  two-year college degrees, or some high
  school are said to be the main online job
        What does this Mean?
• With the increase number of people using
  the Internet, it is only logical for companies
  to post their job openings given that that is
  where individuals are searching for jobs.
• The transaction of Recruitment as well as
  Job Searching is of minimal cost to both
  Employers and potential Employees.

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