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									                                           Oratorical Contest (Public Speaking)
                                    Topic and Guidelines for Saturday, March 20, 2010

Being a leader means at times, you have to take the road less travelled; however, doing so successfully can be
among the most satisfying feelings ever.

In this spirit, we are providing the guidelines for all students for our 2011 oratorical contest. The purpose of the
oratorical is to provide a means in which students are able to expand, develop, and challenge themselves in
augmenting their public speaking skills. Such an exercise lays the foundation for the future for skill sets related to
interviewing and presentations (i.e. in the classroom, the boardroom, and to the larger community).

The topic for 2011 is as follows:

In light of recent gains in academic performance, the performance levels of most minority groups still lags behind
that of other ethnic groups in the United States. In your presentation, you are asked to address the following

        What are at least two primary factors that can explain the academic achievement gap?
        Based on your experience, do you think minority populations are really concerned with this issue? Or, do
         you think (based on your experience), they can really care less about this issue?
        As a leader, what do you see is your role in helping draw attention to this issue? In addition, as a leader,
         what would you recommend as possible solutions to this issue?

The requirements are as follows:

        Middle school students are expected to prepare a 3-5 minute presentation on this topic.
        High school students are expected to prepare a 5-7 minute presentation on this topic.
        You may create a Power Point presentation to assist you.
        You may create and use handouts, photocopies, and other supplemental resources to assist you.
        You may do a traditional presentation (i.e. strictly an oral presentation without any supplemental

The criteria/rubric for scoring is as follows:
Rubric for Reading Analysis
Indicators                                                                 Not Really   Somewhat      Great Job!
                                                                           (0-6 pts)    (7-8 pts)     (9-10 pts)

Understanding of the question; ability to provide credible supporting
information to support their position.

Student is audible, easy to follow and understand.

Accurate and appropriate spelling, punctuation, grammar, and/or

Argument/position is convincing and easy to follow and understand.

Student is dressed in appropriate attire (i.e. business attire)

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