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Effects of High Cholesterol
Are you concerned about the effects of high cholesterol? Just how dangerous is it, and
where does this danger come from? An alarming, ever growing amount of people all over
the world suffer from elevated cholesterol levels. What exactly happens in the body when
too much cholesterol builds up in the bloodstream?
In this article we aim to shed some light on this subject, so that you can better understand
just why it is so important to make sure that your blood cholesterol stays in a safe range.
The effect of high cholesterol does not become apparent immediately. This is something
that builds up over a number of years, but if left untreated, can have dire consequences for
the health of the affected individual.
The root cause of all trouble associated with high cholesterol levels is a condition
commonly known as atherosclerosis. This is caused by the continuous build-up of LDL
cholesterol (also known as "bad cholesterol") in your arteries. As time goes by, this build-
up, or plaque as it is also called, can lead to the arteries narrowing to the point where they
can become not only partially blocked, but completely clogged up.
This is where most of the risks commonly associated with high cholesterol originate. These
effects of high cholesterol include angina, heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure.
If this plaque ends up blocking the coronary arteries, you become a prime candidate for a
heart attack. Fortunately, there are signs that signal the arteries to the heart being blocked,
like severe chest pain. However, you should address your high cholesterol problem before
these symptoms start to appear.
Since blood vessels all over the body can be narrowed by this build-up of plaque, any
number of other related diseases all over your body becomes a threat as well.
For example, a stroke can occur due to arteries to the brain being blocked. Strokes often
happen without warning, making them dangerous silent killers.
Lowering your LDL levels and increasing your HDL levels is one of the ways in which to
combat plaque build-up in the arteries. HDL can remove LDL from the bloodstream. A
healthy diet and exercise are your first two lines of defence, although supplements can
help produce fast results.
Now that you know the potentially life threatening effects of high cholesterol, make sure
you take the necessary action to lower your bad cholesterol levels and live a good, healthy
Treatments For Depression - Learn About the Various Treatments For Depression
There is more than one way to manage depression disorders. Treatments should be
selected according to the type of depression being treated. Do you know about the
different treatments for depression? Read this article and learn more about managing
depressive states.
Some types of depression have a much more physiological origin. These may include
melancholic depression as well as psychotic melancholia. Physical treatments for
depression may include conventional antidepressant medication, electroconvulsive
therapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Antidepressant Medication
There are many different antidepressants being marketed in different dosages and under
different brand names. However, most of them fall into three common categories. These
categories are Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI), Irreversible Monoamine
Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI) and Tricyclics (TCA).
Electroconvulsive Therapy
This therapy has a controversial past and is not used too often. It may be helpful in treating
patients with severe melancholic and psychotic depression
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
This is a newer kind of therapy that is still being tested and the evidence supporting it is
not yet definitive. More research needs to be done before it can be recommended as an
effective treatment for depression.
Other types of depression may respond better to psychological therapy. Common therapy
treatments for depression may include cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy
and counseling.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
The goal of this therapy is to help people to understand how their way of thinking is may
be causing their depression and to teach them to view the world and themselves in a more
positive light.
Interpersonal Therapy
This type of depression therapy aims to help people understand how social factors such as
personal problems, jobs and relationships may be causing their depressive moods.
Counseling takes a broader approach and focuses on helping an individual to solve
relationship or career problems which may be causing a depressive state.
There are also various alternative therapies which may be found off the beaten track.
Some alternative treatments for depression may include acupuncture, exercise, relaxation
and meditation. Herbs such as St. John's Wort are sometimes used to treat mild
depression. Remember to keep your doctor informed about any alternative depression
therapies you may be considering.
What To Do About Corrupt Registry Files
The Windows registry is a critical part of the operating system. It can basically be
described as a database containing configurations and settings that Windows needs to
access all the time while it is in operation. The registry includes settings like user profile
data, as well as configuration information for hardware devices, drivers and any
applications installed on the computer.
It's no wonder then that corrupt registry files can be a major problem. Unfortunately, it
How do you know if you have corrupt registry files?
There are numerous signs that might tip you off. They include, but are not limited to:
- Slow PC performance
- Strange error messages
- Application or operating system crashes
- Prompts by Windows for files that it needs but cannot find
How does this happen?
Corrupt registry files can have a wide variety of causes. Viruses and spyware, for example,
can really mess it up. However, Windows itself tends to be a major culprit as it tends not to
clean and maintain the registry as well as it should.
Poorly programmed software that doesn't uninstall properly can also leave a lot of
unwanted or corrupted entries in the registry. Other events like power failures can also
cause registry problems.
How to fix corrupt registry files
If your registry is corrupted to the point where you cannot even start up Windows, you'll be
best off taking it to a technician.
If you're just experiencing errors or poor performance, your best bet is to use good registry
cleaning software. Under no circumstances should you try to manually edit the registry
unless you know what you're doing, or you may find yourself in the situation we mentioned
in the previous paragraph.
Good registry cleaning software is safe to use and automatically backs up the registry
before making changes. It's the perfect way to keep your PC running smoothly.
Causes of Joint Pain
Knowing the causes of joint pain can help you prevent it, or at least make it more bearable.
Joint pain can manifest in various different ways. From a subtle stiffness or general
unease, to flat out pain, reduced mobility and inflammation. If you experience these
symptoms on a chronic basis, you may have to face the fact that you could be suffering
from arthritis.
Now, of course, experiencing joint pain doesn't necessarily mean that you are suffering
from a chronic condition. It could be isolated injuries, such as sprains and strains.
However, it is always highly recommended to have any joint pain checked out by a doctor,
as it can progress to more serious conditions if left unattended.
Here are a few specific causes of joint pain:
Rheumatoid Arthritis
This is perhaps the most common condition associated with joint pain. RA is a chronic
disorder that mostly affect the hands and feet. The chronic inflammation caused by RA can
also have more serious consequences than just joint pain. Fever, fatigue and other
conditions can affect the RA sufferer.
Ultimately, rheumatoid arthritis can result in deformity of the joints, unbearable pain as well
as bone erosion. Medication is needed to control it.
While affecting the muscles more than the joints, fibromyalgia can cause joint pain in the
knees and elbows in particular. Mostly though the pain can be experienced all over the
Much more common than rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis affects millions of people. It
can affect all joints, and in particular the knees, hips, hands and neck. Unfortunately, no
cure exists. The only course of action to take is to take medication or supplements that can
both slow the disease down, in addition to improving joint mobility and relieving associated
The disease is caused by the cartilage, which forms a buffer between your bones and
joints, being gradually degraded. Once there is nothing left, your bones will basically be
grinding against each other when you move.
Repetitive Strain Injuries
If you participate in sports like tennis or golf, where constant repetitive motion is required.
Tennis elbow is a good example of a common RSI. However, it is not only sports people
who have trouble. People who have to spend all day typing at a computer or moving a
mouse around have also picked up repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome,
which affects the wrists in particular.
These are just a few of the more common causes of joint pain. You can relieve joint pain
by taking certain medications, such as Ibuprofen. However, you can also use natural
supplements should you experience unwanted side effects with common medications, as
so many people do.
Three Steps To Greener Lawn Grass
You do not have to be a professional gardener to have pleasant and green lawn grass.
Provide lawn grass with three things and you may experience that the grass is greener on
your side of the fence.
These are the three basic things to do:
    1. Water your lawn grass.
    2. Fertilize it.
    3. Do insect, disease and weed control when your lawn grass needs it.
Watering your lawn
Watering should be done thoroughly. A light sprinkling induces shallow grass roots while
thorough soaking promotes deeper grass roots developing where the subsoil moisture lies.
A possible cause of yellow spots on your lawn can be a lack of sufficient moisture. During
hot weather in the summer, grass tends to become parched and brown. How frequently
and by what method you water your lawn grass can then determine whether your lawn will
be green or not. As a consolation, established and well fertilized lawn grass rarely dies
from lack of water.
With reasonable moisture and fertility lawn grass will flourish during the heat of summer. In
the cold weather and short days of winter, your grass lawn will turn dormant. In areas
having a prolonged winter the grass can become an unsightly brown.
Fertilize your lawn
At least three pounds of actual nitrogen per year is recommended for lawn grass. The
urea-form fertilizers are better at heavier rates, but need not be used as frequently.
Fertilize generously, especially at seasons just preceding the greatest grass growth. You
can also use organic slow release fertilizers.
Insects, diseases and weeds
If you notice ants, beetles, cockroaches, snails or worms crawling around your grass lawn,
it is time to act. There are numerous products available on the market for getting rid of
insects occupying your lawn grass.
Here are four important things to consider before buying an insecticide:
    1.   It should eliminate insects in every situation.
    2.   It should have a long lasting action.
    3.   It should not burn your lawn grass or damage your flowers and other plants.
    4.   It should not be hazardous to the health of your children or your pets.
A disease such as leaf spot may strike your grass lawn during wet and cold weather. It can
be treated with antibiotics.
Some types of grass may be susceptible to rust. There is no cure for rust, but it will show
less when heavy fertilization produces new leaf growth.
If weeds become unsightly, you can weed them chemically or by hand. If you are going to
use a chemical product, please follow the directions carefully. Another way of weed control
is to mow your lawn frequently at a high height. This will help keep weeds at bay. The
exact height needed will vary according to the type of grass your lawn consists of.
You can also try to find out what lawn grass species is the best adapted to your local
climate and soil conditions.
So there it is. You need water, fertilizer and pest control for greener lawn grass.
Life Insurance Policy - The What, Why and How Of A Life Insurance Policy
A life insurance policy could help you to provide your family with financial security when you die
and can no longer look after them. In this article I will discuss the what, why, how, when and where
of a life insurance policy. If you are wondering about getting life insurance, then you may want to
read this.
What is a life insurance policy?
A Life insurance policy is a contract between an insurance company and the insured which
promises to pay out a certain amount to your beneficiaries in the event of your death.
It also sets out the provisions of the life insurance coverage. These provisions include premiums,
loan procedures, face amounts, and the designation of beneficiaries, among many other clauses.
Policies may be for term or permanent cash value types of coverage.
Why is a life insurance policy essential?
The benefit from a life insurance policy is not for you. It is to provide for your loved ones, but after
you have gone.
After your death, the life insurance money is paid to those who rely on you to give them a secure
standard of living, which they might lose if you should die. This is money when they need it the
most, with no income tax or publicity.
How does a life insurance policy work?
Term life insurance is only for a certain period of time, and if the policyholder dies during the term
of insurance he/she receives the death benefit. In the case of the insured person dying after the
policy expires, however, no benefit is paid.
At the end of the term period, the policy expires with no accumulated cash value, and no benefits
are payable. Term is the cheapest, but it's unlikely the death benefit will be paid since the life
insurance policy will probably lapse before you actually die.
When a person has family and becomes ill, not only does the sick person need support, but also
the family often requires relief. Short-term income protection is an added coverage to life insurance
and provides extra cash to cover the family’s needs when one spouse is ill.
You will need to decide on the amount of term life insurance before you start to shop around. Most
companies have effective savings rates at $250,000, $500,000 and $1 million.
When can you take out a life insurance policy?
You may be able to get a lower premium for your insurance if you have lowered your cholesterol,
lost weight or quit smoking.
A 35 year old non-smoking male in excellent health can buy a $500,000 term life insurance policy
for about $700 per year.
Keep in mind your age determines the length of time the term policy will have a guaranteed level
premium. You may not be able to get more than a 10 year guarantee if you are over 50 years of
age, so start while you are still young.
Where can you find a life insurance policy?
Finding a life insurance policy is something that you should not rush into.
If you are planning to apply directly for life insurance, then you may find it easier to apply online. All
this information will enable you to make the right decision about the best company to get your most
suitable life insurance policy from.
Getting online term life insurance quotes can be a very effective and convenient way to save you
both time and money when shopping for term life insurance. The quotes are free and you’re never
under any obligation to accept any quote that is offered to you.
Quit Smoking Hypnosis - One Of The Ways To Quit Smoking
Quit smoking hypnosis can help you to stop a potentially dangerous habit. I will now do my
best to enlighten you about this fascinating method and its possible benefits. So, take a
deep breath and read on!
Why is it so difficult to quit smoking even if I want to?
Through conscious and repeated smoking, you have formed a subconscious habit. Now
that you consciously want to quit smoking, you find that your subconscious is still
programmed to repeat the habit when triggered by certain circumstances, thoughts or
emotions. Hypnosis attempts to reprogram your subconscious to reject the smoking habit.
You are also addicted to the stimulant nicotine found in tobacco smoke. When you stop
smoking your body will gradually get rid of the nicotine within a few days.
How does quit smoking hypnosis work?
Hypnosis puts you in a relaxed and focused state of mind where you are less conscious
and your subconscious mind is more open to suggestion. Imagination and your senses
play a big part in the process. If you can imagine it, you can believe it, and then you can
achieve it.
How effective is quit smoking hypnosis?
Thousands of smokers have quit smoking through the power of hypnosis. Hypnosis is
especially effective when dealing with addictive behaviours. Lighting up a cigarette,
holding it in your hand and inhaling and exhaling the smoke can become a relaxing ritual.
Hypnosis relaxes your mind and body while subtly changing your perception of smoking.
Where can I find quit smoking hypnosis help?
You have a number of options available:
1. You can search for hypnotists in your area which might assist you in your quest to quit
smoking for good.
2. Search for recordings of a quit smoking hypnosis program available on cassette or
compact disc.
3. Some internet merchants offer downloadable recordings in MP3 format.
What are the possible benefits of quitting smoking today?
* You can continue smoking while doing a quit smoking hypnosis program. You can quit
when your subconscious attitude towards smoking has changed. That does not mean that
you will experience no withdrawal symptoms. But your desire and willpower to quit
smoking will be much greater.
* You can become healthier. Stop smoking and you can decrease your chances of having
a heart attack, developing emphysema or lung cancer.
* You can save money. Depending on how much you smoke, you can save $400 to $800
per year. You could also be saving money on future medical bills.
* You can feel better, cleaner and more energetic. How much is that worth to you?
In conclusion, there is more than one way to quit smoking now. Quit smoking hypnosis is
one way to achieve it. Remember that old habits, even if they die hard, can be replaced by
new habits. If you wish, you can change your smoking habit and become a non-smoker for
life. Imagine that!
How to Get Ripped Abs Quick - 3 Super Abdominal Exercise Tips
So, you want to get ripped quick. With or without ab exercise equipment. Maybe summer is coming
and you want to look really good in those swimming trunks or bikini.
Bad're not going to get ripped overnight. Good can be done in a realistic time
frame, which will of course depend on your current condition.
Get Ripped Quick - Super Tip 1: Sorting out your diet
First of all you need to sort out your diet. Don't cut down on your calorie intake too severely as this
can lead to muscle loss and also negatively affect your metabolism.
Ideally you want to strike a good balance between your intake of fat, carbohydrates and also
The most important foods that you should cut out are refined sugars and starches. On the flip side
you'd want to make sure you take in plenty of whole, natural, unprocessed foods like vegetables,
organic meat, nuts, fruit and eggs.
Super Tip 2: What are the best type of cardio exercises to do?
Forget about doing endless long cardio in your ab exercise routine. You want to switch to shorter,
more intense workouts. Not only are they more effective at speeding up your metabolism, but
they're also more fun, easier to fit into your busy schedule and easier to stick to. Examples include:
Rope Jumping
Short Sprints
Hill Sprints
Stair Climbing
Interval Training
Waist High Roundhouse Kicks on a Punch Bag
If you don't know, interval training is quite simply where periods of intense exercise are mixed with
periods of less intense exercise, or recovery. A simple example would be doing a 70m hill sprint,
then walking back down before doing another.
Interval training improves the performance of the cardiovascular system and also helps remove the
risk of strain injuries that can occur during repetitive endurance exercises.
Quite simply, you burn more calories during short, high intensity exercises than with long, slow
cardio exercises. If you want to get ripped quick, interval training is the way to go.
Don't over train, however. You will inhibit your body's recovery and get exactly the opposite results
of what you want. An injury caused by over training can also put you out of action for a long time,
and there's no need for me to explain what that means. Exercise about 3, maximum 4 times a
week, and listen to your body.
Super Tip 3: What are the best abdominal exercises to do?
Focus on full body exercises instead of exercises that only isolate the abs. Most of your exercise
time should be spent on these. I'm talking about pushups, pullups, squats, lunges, mountain
climbers, static jumps. These are specifically exercises that don't even require any ab exercise
equipment, gym equipment or weights.
To get ripped quick you need to engage your entire body. Be sure to include some exercises that
specifically target and isolate the abs in your routine, like jack knives, suspended leg lifts and
reverse crunches, but don't do ONLY those. Get your whole body working and you'll burn fat much
more effectively.
How to Start Your Own Internet Business - 6 Tips That Breed Success

The income potential of the internet is attracting more and more people every day. Here are some
quick pointers to help you figure out how to start your own internet business.


Before you start your own internet business it is important to decide what exactly you want to
achieve. Do you just want a small side income, or do you want to build a long term business that
can see you quitting your job and provide you with a full time income.


You have to realize that the Internet is not some get rich quick environment. The people who are
making big money online has done so through hard, often repetitive and boring work. There are no
big secrets and not a whole lot of shortcuts. Don't expect to get rich overnight with little or no effort.
It just doesn't work that way.

Treat your internet business as a game or a sideshow and you won't get very far.


There are many ways to make money with an internet business. You can sell stuff on eBay, you
can become an affiliate and sell other people's products for commission, you can create your own
digital information products to sell, you can sell physical products, you can build content sites or
blogs and monetize them with programs like Google AdSense, which pays you per click.

It's exactly in these myriad of options where most people run into trouble. Which brings us to the
next point.


Decide on a business model and then focus on doing just that. Too many people get caught up in
jumping from one type of income stream to the other, without really committing to any single one.
This is a recipe for failure. Once you start making money and get more adept at what you're doing,
you should by all means expand into other business models to build multiple streams of income.

To begin with though, pick one and run with it. For example, if you're going to build content sites for
AdSense or affiliate income, commit yourself to that completely.


Once you decide what business model you want to focus on, learn how to do it properly. There are
an obscene amount of ebooks and video courses on internet marketing available online, so you
won't have any trouble finding any relating to your specific business model.

The best thing to do is to find a good mentor or at least a community of successful individuals
committed to your success. Naturally you're not going to get this for free, but it is without a doubt
the best investment you can make in an internet business if you're just starting out.


Don't fall into the trap of buying one marketing course after the other or jumping from one
opportunity to the next. Learn, and then put what you learn into action. There are no secrets to
making money online, despite what all the sales pitches you'll run into online will try to tell you.
Action is what will produce results for you.
Chanel – A Short History

The luxury Parisian based fashion house Chanel is one of the most recognized names worldwide
in haute couture.

The fashion powerhouse began in 1909, when the first shop was opened in Paris by Gabrielle
Bonheur Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel. From fairly small beginnings in the ground floor of
the Balsan home, the shop soon moved to the Rue Cambon in Paris.

During the 1913 - 1917 period, Chanel sold a variety of clothing, including women's sportswear,
blazers, skirts and sweaters. Her designs soon became popular for their simplicity.

In the 1920s Chanel really established her reputation as a fashion couturier, while in 1921 she
released the first parfume: it was the now famous Chanel No. 5. As we know today, this fragrance
was a massive success.

In 1924 Chanel further expanded the business to include costume jewelry, the first of which was
pearl earrings.

During World War II there were strong suspicions that Chanel was on a very friendly foot with the
Germans. After the liberation of Paris by the Allies she was actually arrested for aiding Germany,
but an intervention by Winston Churchill ensured her release. She was, however, forced to flee to
Switzerland under threat of reprisals by the French against all women who were suspected of
having collaborated with Nazi Germany.

On her return to Paris in 1953 she discovered that another famous fashion house, that of Christian
Dior, was now the dominant force in the market. Renewing her business relationship with former
Chanel partner Pierre Wertheimer helped to take the Chanel label to the top again.

Coco Chanel died in 1971.

Pierre Wertheimer's son, Alain, took over the company in 1974. He rekindled interest in the fading
Chanel No. 5 fragrance with some smart marketing, and also secured the services of designer Karl

Coco Chanel and her designs made a lasting impression on the fashion industry, and her legacy is
carried on in over 200 Chanel boutiques all over the world, with the headquarters in Paris.
Garmin GPS Navigation Systems

Tired of getting lost? Hate the tedium involved in reading a map to find your way around? Perhaps
it's time for you to switch to Garmin GPS navigation.

If you've ever thought of investing in a global sattelite positioning (GPS) device, the Garmin GPS
navigation range will no doubt have the product you're looking for. This company, which has been
in business since 1989, provides a wide variety of GPS devices.

Garmin GPS receivers feature 12 parallel channel receivers. On average, they are accurate to
within 15 meters. Newer technology, like WAAS, can make these devices even more accurate, to
the tune of 3 meters.

In order to provide a positioning result, the receiver needs to lock on to at least 3 sattelites. This
will enable 2D navigation, while a lock on to 4 or more sattelites will provide 3D navigation.

The moderately priced Garmin Nuvi provides GPS navigation for automobiles. Starting with the
compact and very afforbable Nuvi 1200, this series works right up to models like the Nuvi 5000,
which features an extra wide screen.

For motorcycles there's the Zumo range. If the time has come to see the country on one of these
two wheel beasts, you can easily take Garmin GPS navigation with you on the road.

For truckers there's the Nuvi 456T, specifically designed to work out your route according to the
profile of your truck.

Garmin Portable GPS

Portable offerings from Garmin come in various shapes and sizes, for a variety of situations. The
Nuvifone is perfect for city life. It not only provides full sattelite navigation, but also 3.5G data
connectivity, personal messaging, Internet browsing and more.

If you are more into hiking in the outdoors, your Garmin GPS navigation options include basic
handheld units and mapping units. Models in the Foretrex series can be mounted on your wrist like
a watch. These outdoor models feature a rugged build quality, making them perfectly suited for
harsher conditions.

Garmin GPS FM Transmitter

Some Garmin models feature an FM transmitter. Basically this allows you to tune the built-in MP3
player in some models into a free radio frequency. So, if you're driving and need some of your own
tunes instead of whatever is the latest flavor on the radio, this comes in handy.

Other products

Garmin GPS navigation products extend into other areas as well, including range finders for
golfers, waterproof marine handheld navigators and chartplotters for use on the water.

Any GPS need that can't be fulfilled by a Garmin products probably doesn't exist. They are not
considered industry leaders for nothing, and if you're looking for exceptional quality and unbeatable
range, you can't go wrong with Garmin GPS Navigation.
Sump pump repair and maintenance

A little bit of regular DIY sump pump repair and maintenance can not only help your pump
run smoothly for longer, but can also help you identify potential problems before they turn
into disasters.

Sump pump repair needn't be as complicated as it sounds either. You certainly don't need
to be a master plumber to perform these checks and basic repairs. Let's run through the
checklist quickly.

1. The Float That Won't Float

We will start with the most obvious and common problem: the float. This little device
actually activates the pump. Unfortunately, it has a knack of getting stuck or otherwise
malfunctioning. If the pump hasn't worked in a while, pour water into the basin and make
sure the float works correctly and that the pump activates as it should.

Remove any obstructions that may be blocking or impeding the float.

2. The Unchecked Check Valve

Examining the check valve is an important part of your sump pump repair checklist. A
stuck valve can cause water to run back into your sump pit. Again, check for debris and
remove if necessary. Also, the valve has an arrow on it. This should be pointing away from
the sump pump. If not, remove and reinstall it. If your unit has a weep hole between the
valve and the pump, clean this out as well.

3. The Clogged Impeller

The next step on your sump pump repair list is to see if the impeller is still firmly attached
and running smoothly. If it makes a buzzing noise or jams while the pump is operating,
remove it and clean away any debris that could be blocking it. You should also check the
mesh filter, as the presence of debris around the impeller would indicate either a damaged
or absent filter. If you do not have one, it is highly recommended to install one.

4. The Wiring and Electrics

Finally, if all the sump pump repair steps above still don't solve the problem, you may have
an electrical issue. Depending on your skill, this may require you to get a plumber to look
at the pump. If you feel up to it you can check all the fuses and circuit breakers and look
for broken or problematic wiring.

Remember, sump pump repair involves inspecting the unit while it is running every so
often to identify potential problems. Just doing these simple checks regularly can extend
the life of your pump well beyond the average expectation.
Benefits of Elliptical Machines: 4 Major Reasons to Use an Elliptical Machine

The benefits of elliptical machines are numerous, and these remain one of the best type of home
exercise machines you can buy. Superior to both treadmills and exercise bikes in most aspects,
these should be a staple of any home gym.

Let's take a look at elliptical machines benefits.

1. No Impact Exercise

No matter how old you are, constant impact on your joints will eventually take a toll. With an
elliptical machine, you get a no impact workout that's easy on the joints.

While this is great for everyone, it is especially beneficial for people with existing joint problems, or
suffering from any conditions that prevent them from doing normal walking or jogging, or using
impact based equipment like treadmills.

Unlike other no impact machines, like the Health Walker and its variants, an elliptical machine
actually gives you benefits you can feel and apply in the real world. Even if you could go an hour
on a Health Walker without trouble, just climbing a moderate hill could still wipe you out in no time.

With an elliptical, this is not the case and you actually build real muscle and leg fitness.

2. Upper and Lower Body Exercise

One of the major benefits of ellptical machines is that, unlike treadmills and exercise bikes, you can
get an upper and lower body workout at the same time. This a major benefit, but it also contains
some sub-benefits as well.

First, you save time by exercising your whole body at once. With so many people using lack of time
as an excuse not to exercise (yet somehow we always find a few hours to watch our favorite TV
shows, don't we?), this allows you to have a really good full body workout in as little as 20 minutes.

Secondly, you burn more calories this way. More muscles in operation means a greater use of
energy, and that leads to faster weight loss.

3. Ellipticals Provide a Weight-bearing Exercise

Exercises like cycling and swimming may be great in their own way, but they are not weight-
bearing exercises. Weight-bearing exercise is anything that you do on your feet while fighting
against the resistance of gravity.

The significance of this is that weight-bearing exercise helps you build stronger, more dense
bones. This is essential in particular in preventing osteoporosis. This double-whammy of a no
impact, yet weight-bearing workout is another major benefit of elliptical machines.

4. Reverse Motion

Reversing your stride, which most elliptical machines allow, is a great way to target different
muscles in your legs. This is a very simple, but effective way of varying your workouts.

These are just 4 of the major benefits of elliptical machines. They are a complete workout solution
that not only burns calories very effectively, but also give you a no impact workout that actually
translates to real world, practical fitness.
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