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					How can I improve my SEO skills?
SEO is a diverse industry, and one that undergoes many changes on a regular basis. The
nature of the industry is constantly changing and evolving, as are the techniques that are
used to bring SEO success. It can be a tad difficult to keep up with all the changes, and as
the popularity of the industry increases, so does the amount of tips, tricks, and
methodologies that are used.
If you’re new to SEO, it can be difficult to understand or keep track of relevant SEO
techniques, but fortunately there are resources available for this very purpose.

Read SEO blogs
The best place for someone new to SEO to start is by reading some of the popular SEO
blogs that are available. These will become apparent after a few Google searches, as they
tend have a lot of references from other SEO websites and forums. These blogs are
frequently updated and are on top of the latest SEO techniques, which makes them a great
to follow the happenings of the SEO industry. An example of a good blog to read is the
one that is run by Google’s Matt Cutts’.

Blogs are an excellent way to keep up with and develop SEO knowledge, but there are
other ways that can be just as informative when it comes to obtaining SEO knowledge.

Start your own blog or journal
This is an excellent way of keeping track of SEO techniques and tips you learn along the
way, and identifying what works and what doesn’t. This allows you to keep track of your
progress, and helps you on the way to achieving SEO success across all of your sites or

Attending conferences and seminars in your city
The continued popularity of SEO now sees more and more conferences and seminars
starting to take place, and this is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the world of
SEO. You might be new to SEO and there may be some concepts that are beyond your
grasp, but there are SEO conferences that cater to a whole range of knowledge and skill
levels. Whether you’re a beginner or have a complete understanding of running a
successful campaign, there is always room for furthering knowledge.
Network with others already in SEO
Networking is often one of the most beneficial ways to gain SEO knowledge. Whether
this is through a conference you attend or by asking questions of an SEO professional or
company, these are all resources that can be utilised when it comes to expanding your
knowledge of SEO.

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