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FIRST car accident injury claim


									Mastermind behind
insurance racket jailed
THE mastermind of a conspiracy to even staged an accident. An acquaint-
claim nearly $96,000 in compensa- ance, Lim Boon Wee, 31, had com-
tion for fake traffic accidents was yes- plained to Phang about a big dent on
terday jailed for two years and three his car that he could not afford to
months on seven charges.                 repair.
   Phang Choon Meng, 38, was also           On Dec 17 that year, Phang
disqualified from driving for three slammed the brakes while driving the
years because he had driven rashly to car. The lorry directly behind was una-
stage an accident.                       ble to stop in time and crashed into
   Six accomplices have been dealt the rear of the vehicle.
with – all of them receiving jail terms     In the accident report, Lim claimed
of between two and six                                  to have been the driver.
months.                                                 Two other accomplices
   A similar case involv-                               were roped in to pretend
ing Ong Ai Peng, 48, the                                to be passengers who
brains behind a second                                  were also injured.
group making fraudulent                                    However, discrepan-
personal accident insur-                                cies in the number of in-
ance claims, will be                                    jured passengers in the
heard next Tuesday.                                     accounts of the drivers
   The court heard that                                 of the other vehicles in-
Phang’s friends at car re-                              volved in the accidents
pair workshops would re-                                emerged – and the fraud
fer accident victims to                                 was discovered.
him for help in filing                                     After Phang was dealt
their insurance claims.                                 with for cheating yester-
   He would do so but Phang was behind a scam           day, he was produced in
would also coach accom- to falsify accident claims.     the Traffic Court and
plices to pretend they                                  fined $28,800 for 48
had been inside the car,                                parking offences commit-
so they could fool doctors and obtain ted since 2006. If unable to pay the
medical certificates for fake injuries.  fine, he will have to serve 96 addition-
   The personal-injury claims support- al days in jail.
ed by the medical certificates were         For attempting to cheat the insur-
then submitted to NTUC Income,
                                         ance firms, he could be jailed for up to
Tokio Marine and AXA insurance agen-
cies through law firms.                  21/2 years and fined for each charge.
   On one occasion in 2008, Phang KHUSHWANT SINGH

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