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									February 2009                                             MISSION VALLEY NEWS & VIEWS                                                                      5

                  How Big Insurance Companies Are Winning The Battle
                              Against Car Accident Victims…
              Leaving Policyholders Disabled, Broke, And In Constant Pain…”
   Don’t Stop Reading Because               Insurance companies have been              in the last 5 years.             Claims And Refuse Paying For
You Haven’t Been In A Car Ac-            playing an “undercover” game of            • Almost ALL Americans will         YOUR Treatment!
cident!...26% Of All Drivers             pay for play for a long time. The             be involved in at least one         The fact of the matter is:
Were Involved In A Car Acci-             big difference is…when contrac-               motor vehicle accident at        Low-impact car accident injuries
dent Over The Last Five Years.           tors in New Jersey are awarded                some time in their life.         are largely misunderstood. Many
When It Happens To YOU…Be                jobs as political favors…it takes          So what do insurance compa-         times injuries and pain are not ap-
Prepared!                                money out of the pocket of some-       nies do with all these accidents and    parent at the time of the accident.
                                         one who really deserves it. When       injuries they don’t want to pay for?    Some injuries are even missed by
By Tien X. Cao, Attorney At Law          insurance companies play this          Besides political lobbying, they        emergency room technicians who
                                         game…lives are ruined. Especially      fund research and fight Every           are wonderful at spotting breaks
   If you haven’t noticed yet,           when it involves car accident          Single Claim.                           and cuts…but don’t understand
money buys policy and makes laws         injuries. Here’s why:                      Here’s what Dr. Arthur Croft,       this type of hidden injury that may
in America. The more money big              • There are approximately 6.4       one of the world’s leading experts      take weeks, months or even years
business throws at politicians, the            million car accidents each       on whiplash and car accident inju-      to show symptoms.
more rules are “bent” in their favor.          year.                            ries says about the situation:             Another BIG Insurance Com-
Take New Jersey for example.                • There are about 3 million             “So it seems quite clear that the   pany Myth Is If You Don’t Have
They actually had a policy called              car-related injuries a year, 2   playing field is not level. It’s the    Damage To Your Car… You
“pay for play.” It is actually ac-             million permanent injuries.      Fortune 500 against the doctors         Can’t Be Injured.
cepted for contractors to be                • Thousands of people die in        and their patients, and the score is       Simply NOT true.
awarded big contracts based on the             car accidents every year         about 3-1…This juggernaut of               The amount of damage to your
size of their political contributions!      • About 26% of drivers have         non-science has inculcated the le-      car doesn’t accurately reflect the
Very Shameful.                                 been involved in a car crash     gal world by spending literally bil-    amount of injury to YOU. Studies
                                                                                lions of dollars fighting even rela-    show that injuries can occur at im-
                                                                                tively insignificant claims. They       pact speeds of less than 5 miles per
                                                                                seem finally to have impressed at-      hour, when there is little or no
                                                                                torneys that it simply is not worth     damage to the car.
                                                                                their effort to pursue such claims.        When modern day race cars
                                                                                The insurance industry has funded       crash, they are specifically de-
                                                                                their own research, hidden beneath      signed to easily break apart, and
                                                                                a veneer of science. They send the      the driver usually walks away
                                                                                principles of this work as expert       alive. This is because as the race
                                                                                witnesses to refute injury in           car breaks apart, the energy is be-
                                                                                low-speed impact cases. The com-        ing absorbed by the flying parts
                                                                                panies carefully forbid the publish-    and not by the driver.
                                                                                ing of any work that fails to serve        Today’s passenger cars and
                                                                                their interest, thus denying any fair   SUV’s are well built to absorb low
                                                                                peer review from within the scien-      speed impacts without significant
                                                                                tific community.”                       damage to the bumper. The prob-
                                                                                    Insurance Companies Use
                                                                                                                                 See "Insurance" Page 12
                                                                                This Information To Deny

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