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									                                    Salt Free Water Conditioners

One of the most popular home water treatment system types are salt free water conditioners.
Although sometimes incorrectly referred to as a “salt free water softener” the Watts ScaleNet and E-
Treat systems help to reduce the effects of water hardness and help prevent scale buildup.

Where in the United States is water scale a prominent issue?

      Water scale really is a larger issue for people and companies that are in the South West and
      Central parts of the country. Mind you there are other small geographic locations where there are
high levels of calcium carbonate such as sections along Florida’s coast line, upstate New York, and
regions of the Mid west around Milwaukee, Chicago, and Indianapolis.

What is Water Scale and Why Is It A Problem?

                                  Scale is the result of water supplies that have high concentration of
                                  calcium ions (Ca2+), magnesium ions (Mg2+), and bicarbonate ions
                                  (HCO3-) that crystalize as off-white solids in pipes, appliances, and
                                  other plumbing surfaces. Not only is this an unpleasant sight to see
                                  around household areas such as faucets, it leads to higher heating
and energy costs and expensive repairs to appliances, such as ice machines, coffee makers, dishwashers
and cooling towers in commercial buildings.

How does a salt free water conditioner work?

The Watts ScaleNet™ system uses a template assisted crystallization, or TAC process which transforms
these dissolved ions into non-charged, neutral chemical bonds of calcium and magnesium crystals.
These microscopic crystals of scale quickly form in treated water and cannot attach to pipes or any
surface, and are rinsed away downstream in a colloidal suspension by the water flow.

    1. The T.A.C Media releases a “template” into the water
    2. The “template” attracts and captures the scale contaminants (Ca, Mg & MCO3) by turning
       them into crystals that stick to the TEMPLATE'S surface.

    3. The TEMPLATE carries the scale harmlessly through the piping

A Salt Free Water Conditioner is not a water softener. It does not remove the hardness minerals from
the water. As a result you may still see some white film build up on glasses, shower doors, etc, however
this should wipe away easily. The ScaleNet TAC salt free media can also have a descaling effect on pipes
and fixtures that already have existing scale buildup. Existing scale can be heavily reduced in as little as
one or two months.

Do you need assistance to determine if a salt free water conditioner is right for your home or business?
Need assistance in sizing the right salt-fee water conditioning system? can
help, simply send us an email or give one of our 8 Certified Water Quality Specialists a call and we can
help you navigate your way to scale free water.          85 Commerce Center Greenville SC 29615 1-877335-3339

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