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									          St. Joseph Parish — Otis
MASS INTENTIONS                                                                 Scriptures for June 17, 2012
Saturday, June 9                                                                      Ezekiel 17:22-24
5:30 pm Kyran Grant                                                              Psalm 92:2-3, 13-14, 15-16
Sunday, June 10
8:00 am †Paul Olsen                                                                 2 Corinthians5:6-10
10:30 am Geri Kwiatkowski                                                              Mark 4:26-34
Tuesday, June 12
8:30 am
Wednesday, June 13
8:30 am NO MASS                                                                      Body and Blood of Christ
Thursday, June 14                                                 Today’s Scripture passages focus on the old and new cove-
8:30 am                                                           nants. In Exodus, Moses and the ancient Israelites seal a
Friday, June 15
8:30 am                                                           covenant with God through the blood of sacrificial animals.
Saturday, June 16                                                 St. Paul contrasts Old Testament sacrifices with the new
5:30 pm †Jim Brewer                                               covenant sealed in the Blood of Christ. In the Gospel, St.
Sunday, June 17
8:00 am †Ed Inge                                                  Mark describes Jesus’ institution of the Eucharist at the Last
10:30 am                                                          Supper, which formed the new covenant with His disciples, a
                                                                  covenant that continues today. As Christian stewards, we
                   Next Sunday in honor of Father’s Day           acknowledge Christ’s true presence in the consecrated
                   the Knights will be having another of          Eucharist. In the regular partaking of this ultimate gift, we
                   their delicious pancake breakfasts.            find strength to live lives that are holy, and out of gratitude,
                   Please plan on joining them sometime           to return our gifts of time, talent, and treasure to God through
                   between 9:00 am and noon.                      our parish communion and those in need.

          ☺ Ministers, Lectors & Altar Servers ☺                      THE WEEK AHEAD June 11th –June 17th
It’s that time again—time for you to give Cindy availability      Monday    Scouts                      7:00pm
for the next two months schedule which is for July & Au-          Tuesday   Quilting                   10:00am
gust. Please let Cindy know days that you are unavailable                   Eucharistic Adoration 12:30-2:30pm
as soon as possible! It takes a lot of time to put the schedule   Wednesday Eucharistic Adoration  6:00-8:00am
together.                                                                   NO MASS
                                                                            Mom’s Group                 9:30am
         Vacation Bible School - Trekking to the Truth!                     Seniors on the Go          12 Noon
           Sign up beginning this weekend, June 9-10th                      Eucharistic Adoration 7:00-10:00pm
           SonRise National Park is the place to be this          Friday   Scripture & Scrapbook        6:00pm
           summer! Your kids will love the high-energy            Sunday    Knights Breakfast           9:00am
games, cool wilderness crafts, and the best VBS music and
skits ever! As your kids explore this awesome wilderness,                    WEEKLY COLLECTION 6/3/2012
this awesome adventure park, they’ll learn to depend on           Envelopes               Plate         TOTAL
                                                                  $ 5,794.00           $ 828.75           $ 6,622.75
Jesus as their all-powerful Guide and Savior.
                                                                  Total for June to date:                 $ 6,622.75
This year our VBS will be July 9th-12th.
                                                                  Needed Monthly                         $ 28,000.00
We had so much fun last year so plan on                           ******************************************
attending this year so you don’t miss out!                        Building Fund June Total                 $ 536.00

                                    LITURGY SCHEDULE FOR June 16th & 17th
   5:30pm B Covert                J Nuxoll, P Puhek, L Sessions  E Fraijo    M Lange
                                                                             E Boik
             GREETER M Delbuono _______________________________________________ _______
   8:00am      T Klutz B Blondeau, J Blondeau, G Carlsen      J Rosa        A Courchaine
                        J Lloyd, J Lloyd                                    M Lunneborg
          GREETER B & M Fautch               _____________________________________ _____
   10:30am M Edwards    M McCauley, C Baird, L Mauro M Barr L Shollenberger J McCauley
                        K Dondero, T Shepard, M Shepard       B Pearson      L McCauley
          GREETER J & R Rich      ____________________________________________________

          THANK YOU to all those who donated and bid                                            Seniors on the Go
          on pies and for all the youth and adults who helped                        Seniors on the Go will meet Wednes-
          the Youth Pie Auction last Sunday. Special thanks                          day, June 13th at 12:00 noon for a
          to our auctioneer, Emanuele Portolese and his as-                          finger food lunch. A scrapbook was
sistant Doug Wanner. With your help $850 was raised to                               started by Katheryn Pritzl that we
send our youth to conferences & camps!                                               would like to update. Please bring any
YOUTH MINISTRY in our parish is                                 pictures or other items regarding Seniors on the Go to this
awesome and only happens because of                             meeting so that we can add them to the
these generous volunteers:                                      book. Also we need someone willing to do
* Sunday Morning Catechesis:                                    this update and keep it up to date with fu-
Chester and Jana Hoberg, Deanna Troxel,                         ture activities. Hope to see you there!
and Jeff and Gina McCauley. 35 + students gathered weekly       Remember, you don’t have to be a “senior”
using the new Youth Catechism (YouCat) for the 10th-12th        to join the fun.
grade class, the new Mass translation, and Catholic resources
specifically for young men and women in the 7th—9th grade
class.                                                                          WELCOME VISITORS!
Youth Nights: Doug Wanner, Mirna Reyes, Gina                    You may have come as a stranger to us, yet you are known
McCauley, Deanna Troxel, Katie Hagmann, and Laura Alva-         to Our Lord, Jesus Christ. In His name we pray you will
rez, planned, prayed, and cooked for 30+ students at these      find peace, hospitality and friendship with us.
monthly events.                                                 Do you bring your cell phone, iPod, or other electronic device
WE ARE SO GRATEFUL FOR THEIR GENEROSITY                         to church? Please go to:
AND SERVICE!! If you would like to volunteer to help            D2_c81Nnsc0
with youth ministry, please contact Teresa in the parish
office.                                                                              Its Graduation Time!
Catholic Youth Social Networking and Websites for               If you have a family member graduating this year
Catholics on the go and in the know !                           and would like their name listed in the bulletin,!/pages/St-Joseph-Youth-               please let the office know before June 11th.
Group/164992203530879                                           Call 926-7133. Thank you.
Check out the St Joseph Youth Group Facebook Page and
                                                                          College Connection for Catholic Youth
Like it for all the latest for events and opportunities!
                                                                Enter high school graduate’s name, address and college se- Bookmark St Joseph’s to be up to        lection & location into the
date on everything at the parish!                               website. Go to “Student Connect” and click on “Request a Catholic Diocese of Spokane        Packet”. You can then print from the website the campus
Bishop Cupich and the Diocese of Spokane are now on Face-       ministry packet. The database will automatically forward
book ! Go to         the information to campus ministers.
-Spokane/116335971744555 and “like” them to follow the          Catholic young people need a “Catholic Connection” in col-
happenings around Diocese.                                      lege. We have a chance to make a difference.

St. Joseph’s Baptism Schedule 2012                              Are you attending Eastern Washington University?
Classes: Sunday June 24 and July 1, 2012                        The Diocese of Spokane has a wonderful place for all EWU
Baptism: Sunday, July 8, 2012                                   students! The Catholic Neman Center (CNC) is a place
                                                                where you are welcome to live out and meet people who
Please call Teresa at the parish office to register or if you
                                                                share your faith in God. We have Mass on Sundays at 7:00
have any questions.
                                                                pm and the week is filled with different activities.
EXPOSITION OF THE EUCHARIST (ADORATION)                         Please visit our site to know more about us
This wonderful devotion is available every week at St Jo-       spokane/newman or call (509) 235-8402.
seph. Drop by Tuesday 12:30 pm-2:30 pm,                         Welcome to the CNC at EWU!
         Wednesday 6am - 8am, and 7pm - 10pm.
                                                                           Going to WSU This Fall?
All are welcome! The Eucharist is displayed on the day
                                                                Catholic Cougs have their own parish on the WSU campus:
chapel altar for all. This time of quiet prayer will help you
                                                                Saint Thomas More Catholic Student Center! Join us
to grow in your faith.
                                                                this fall for Sunday Mass, social activities, young adult
                       Mom’s Group                              group, retreats, faith formation, and much more! If you visit
Moms are meeting again on Wednesdays, from 9:30 to 11:30        Pullman during the summer, take a moment to stop by.
a.m. using the book “The Holy Way, Practices for a Simple       Once you are here for good, make our place YOUR place
Life” by Paula Huston. Please contact Deanna Troxel,            for a college career filled with faith, hope, and Christian or 924-7861, for more information and to      love!
receive weekly e-mail reminders.                                Discover more about us by taking a look at our website:
                                                      , or contact us by email at
Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so    We are located at
much.                           —Oscar Wilde                    820 NE B Street in Pullman.
                                                                                   Spokane Valley Partners
                                                                  Next weekend is the food and clothing collection for SVP
                                                                  There current wish list:
                                                                  Personal Hygiene Items: toilet paper, deodorant, soap, ra-
                                                                  zors & shaving cream, glass baby bottles (4 oz & 8 oz sizes)
A few good Apps for your iPhone:                                  Food: Peanut butter, protein foods, all “kid friendly” foods
Saint of the Day: portable audio inspiration from great
Catholic saints!                      Clothes: Children’s and men’s socks and underwear, winter
American Catholic: news, minute meditations, blog, &              coats for all ages (toddler to adult)
Catholic Q&A.                         School supplies of all kinds and especially backpacks
                                                                  They are also always in need of volunteers & fuel cards.
         Franciscan Media Center in the Holy Land
                                                                  Items (except the volunteer ☺ and fuel cards) can be put in
Franciscan Media Center (FMC), the television and multime-
                                                                  the barrels by the front doors.
dia center of the Custody of the Holy Land, is now online at The site provides historical, cul-
tural, human and spiritual images of the Land of Jesus, in
order to tell—in the midst of a tumultuous daily chronicle
that speaks only of fear, division and conflict—”an altogether
different story”. Through the new Internet site, the FMC will     Since 1912, Catholic Charities, a network of 15 programs
become even closer to the many Christians, and others, who        in the 13 counties of eastern Washington, has provided
wish to know about, follow and stay in touch with the Land        help and created hope for low income and vulnerable peo-
of Jesus. On the website, users will be able to keep              ple regardless of religious, social or economic background.
abreast of what is going on in the Holy Land via news bul-        Each week through the summer will be information about
letins. Many subjects are recounted on videonews—                 one of these programs.
published daily—archeology, news, culture, events, pilgrim-
ages, ecumenism interreligious dialogue, faith… News re-                              St. Margaret’s Shelter
ports, interviews, documentaries and columns on spirituality,     PO Box 2253, Spokane, WA 99210 (509) 624-9788
enhanced by pictures and special contents, are now to be          Provides:
found on the site.                                                 Emergency shelter and transitional housing for up to 18
A linq to this site is available on St. Joseph’s web site for     families at a time
your convenience. Become more aware of this great part of          Case management, counseling, life skills training and
our Catholic faith—check out the site!                            parenting classes.
                                                                   Long-term housing supports for 24 families in the com-
                     A New Way to Pray                            munity
From the British Jesuits...Pray-as-you-go combines music,          Rental assistance for families who are low income and
scripture and some questions for reflection in a new, ten-        homeless
minute prayer session every day. Play it or download it            Job training and vocational services through the Next
from our site with one click, or subscribe to the free podcast.   Step program
Use it at home, in the office, or on the move with your MP3        Free furniture and household items for low-income,
player. Get God on your pod!              homeless people moving into housing through The Spokane
                                                                  Community Warehouse
      The Most Important 3 Minutes of Your Busy Day                The Vinegar Flats Community Farm advocating for and
Thousands of people have discovered that Loyola Press’s           providing local produce for low-income people in the East
3-Minute Retreat is the best part of their entire day—and it’s    and West Central neighborhoods.
conveniently available for daily delivery to your e-mail ad-      In 2011:
dress! Every 24 hours, a new retreat featuring beautiful im-      *50 families lived at the shelter and 80% of those families
ages, soothing music, Scripture verses, and reflective thoughts   moved into stable housing from St Margaret’s
and questions comes your way. Don’t miss this opportunity         *76% (29 out of 38 families) were still in stable housing 6
to rejuvenate your soul by taking a spiritual “time out” from     months after they moved out of St Margaret’s
your hectic schedule.                                             *75% (30 out of 40 families) who were provided rental assis-
To experience the 3-Minute Retreat for yourself and for           tance were still in stable housing at 6 months
more information, visit              *34 people were provided with vocational services and 9
                                                                  obtained employment
  Sister Rose Goes to the Movies!            *423 households had free furniture and household items de-
A new feature for parents, families and educators.                livered to them
When you need help selecting films new and old for your           *Nearly 800 people were provided free clothing, food and
family or students to view, Sister Rose Pacatte has the           diapers
‘reel’ story! This Daughter of St. Paul is well known na-         *Nearly 3,000 lbs. of produce was provided through the
tionally and internationally for her work in media literacy       Vinegar Flats Community Farm.
education for parents and teachers within the context of          *687 volunteers provided 7,832 hours of service to St
culture, education and faith formation.                           Margaret’s
                                        Around the Diocese
            Immaculate Heart Retreat Center                                      Employment Opportunity:
                                                               Parish Office Secretary, Sacred Heart Parish, Othello
Contemplation in Action: A 5-day work retreat for
                                                               Varied hours beginning 18 per week, with the opportunity to
adults 18 and older—individuals and couples welcome.
                                                               gain a full time position. Starting at minimum wage.
June 18-22 (no charge). Join others in joyful work for the
Retreat Center and receive the gift of hospitality—5
                                                               1. Practicing religious person
nights lodging and delicious meals, daily spiritual confer-
                                                               2. Strong organizational and administrative skills; public
ences with Fr. Core, daily Mass and prayer, opportunities           speaking, writing, and other communication skills;
for solitude and all the home-baked cookies you can eat!            ability to work positively and creatively with others.
Please register in advance by calling (509) 448-1224 or        3. Familiarity with printing/publication; computer literacy
online at                                             (word, excel, publisher, outlook)
The Bed & Breakfast at the Monastery of St. Gertrude           4. Absolutely necessary to be bilingual (Spanish-English)
in Cottonwood, Idaho is offering two nights for the price of        in both speaking and writing. Trial period will be ap-
one for couples celebrating their anniversaries in June.            plied for three months
                                                               5. Recommendation letters from past jobs
For more information call 208-451-4321 or visit
                                                               Full job description upon request.
                                                               Application deadline is June 15th, sent to
         Save the Date! Youth Vocation Events                  Sacred Heart Parish, 616 E Juniper, Othello, WA 99344
                                                               Fr. Alejandro Zepeda, Pastor
VOCARE 2012—June 26-28
Young women, ages 13-18. Curious about Religious Life?         Ministry to Youth
Come together with other girls to experience how Sisters of    St. Aloysius Parish in central Spokane has an opening for a
various congregations live, pray and minister in the Spo-      PT youth minister to integrate programs and services for
kane area. Hear them tell their vocational stories. Stay 2     junior high through young adult populations.
nights at Immaculate Heart Retreat Center, from where you      Requirements:
will travel by bus to different ministry sites and convents.   * Active Catholic with experience/training in youth ministry,
Register by June 12 on line at,      volunteer management, religious formation/catechetics.
click on June calendar. Questions? Contact Sr. Mary Jo-        * Knowledge of Spokane community, diocesan Church and
anna, SMMC, (509) 481-8862 or            local resources.
                                                               * Ability to link constructively with other Spokane Jesuit
The Vocation Office is also once again sponsoring the          Institutions.
“Quo Vadis Days” camp for young men ages 13-18. This           To apply send letter of interest/resume to:
year’s camp will feature an exciting new camp site, voca-      Youth Ministry Search, 330 E. Boone Ave.
tion talks from priests and seminarians as well as Mass with   Spokane, WA 99202.
Bishop Cupich. Save the date for July 9th through July         Questions:(509) 313-7006
12th, 2012. For more information please contact seminarian
Kyle Ratuiste at or             Music Director
Father Connall at               The Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes is conducting a
                                                               search for the position of Music Director. A job description
A proverb is a short sentence based on long experience.        is posted on the Cathedral web site:
                         - Miguel de Cervantes
                                                                Resumes can be sent to:
                  Pilgrimage Opportunity                       Search Committee, The Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes
You are welcome to join St Mary Presentation’s 10 day          1115 W. Riverside Ave., Spokane, WA 99201
Centennial Pilgrimage featuring Fatima, El Camino de
Santiago and Lourdes. The pilgrimage dates are October
                                                                    Donate your old car—help those in need
15-24, 2012. The cost of $3,250 includes airfare from
                                                                        Receive a tax deduction of $500+
Spokane, all transportation, hotels, most meals, and en-
                                                               Cars For Help, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, is work-
trance fees. For a brochure email:
                                                               ing to strengthen individual churches and various Catholic, call 509-276-2948 or write to PO         charities through vehicle donations. The process is fast, easy,
Box 749, Deer Park, WA 99006. Join us in this pilgrim-         and requires just a phone call or visit to our website. If you
age to honor the Blessed Mother and to express our grati-      would like to donate a vehicle in any condition, even severely
tude for her blessings. Fr. Al Grasher, Pastor.                broken or crashed, or just have questions, please call us di-
                                                               rectly at (630) 595-9272. You can also donate your vehicle
Ask       and you shall receive;                               at With mention of this bulletin,
Seek      and you shall find,                                  25% of your vehicle donation proceeds will go directly to St.
Knock     and it shall be opened to you.                       Joseph Parish.

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