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									           Increase Google Ranking, How To Rank High On Google First Page

 Hello again, I'm George Tiganus and I'm back with a new article, this time about improving your
site's rank with search engines such as Google. Being on the first page of search results for
keywords pertaining to your content will substantially improve your site's chances of being viewed
by the searcher, thus increasing your traffic.

Traffic is profit!

Let me tell you about a thing called SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what you need
to do for your website in order to rank it high on Google. There are many things that influence your
site's rank but I want to show you some basics so you can understand what you can do about it.

If I were asked which is the most important factor to improve your Google Rankings, I would
definitely say BACKLINKING.

But what exactly is backlinking?

Well, let's first think about the search engines like some machines that constantly keep analyzing
data of all the websites that are out there.

This is actually what search engines do. They examine the data on websites, ascertain the
relevance of said data for specific topics, and rank the websites in order of that relevance. But
there is more to your website's relevance than just the data you provide there. There are countless
sites on pretty much every topic you can think of, and a lot of them have content just as valid as
One other sign that a website relevant to the subject it deals with is if it's referenced externally via
links. So if you compare 2 websites that are on same subject, the one that has more outside links
coming to it is the one that is perceived as being more relevant and useful for the people looking
for that particular information.

An incoming link, or an inbound link, or a backlink is a link on some other website that sends
people to your website. In theory, the number of backlinks of your website should be directly
proportional to the quality of its content.

Google perceives outside links as votes of confidence for the websites they are pointing to, which
is why they are so important in determining relevance and ranks.

For example, I'm sure you've found Wikipedia in the top of Google results for a lot of the searches
you've performed. They are ranked so high for a reason! 75,000,000 domain backlinks!!! (I know it
is insane, but it's TRUE!)

So backlinks are THAT important. Then how do I get them?

There are several ways to do that and the most common are:

- reciprocal links - links between two websites to ensure mutual traffic

- forum links - using signature links on forums

- commenting on blogs - go to high ranked blogs and add a link to your comment

- links from article directories, video sharing websites and other content-based websites

Naturally, the more such backlinks your site has,the higher it will be ranked on search engines. But
be careful, don't use automatic backlink generators and think that you've solved this problem!
Search engines are looking for genuine links, so any inflation thereof seems suspicious and might
get you penalized, or worse, banned from Google, and then all your efforts go down the drain.
George Tiganus is an expert author providing valuable information on how to increase Google
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