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									Drinks for a Healthy Heart

To reduced cholestrerol levels and improve your center health, eat diet plans alone is not enough. You
also need to compensate by drinking healthier drinks that are excellent for the center.

When thirst strikes, bijaklah in choosing drinks, because some drinks are not excellent for your center,
such as carbonated drinks and other energy drinks.

Here are 5 types of drinks are excellent for center health, as reported from onlymyhealth, Monday
(6/18/2012), among others:

A. Water

The best consume to cope with dehydration and no calories is drinking water. Drink 6-8 glasses per day,
or you can add a slice of acid fruit juice if you do not like the taste of drinking water.

You can mix drinking water with syrup, but check the label and make sure the syrup is not made of sugar
or sugar substitutes.

2. Milk

Healthy drinks right to the center is a low-fat use products or soy use products. Milk also can meet your
daily calcium mineral needs. If you select soy use products, select calcium-fortified. Milk products
enriched with plant sterols also excellent to help decrease cholestrerol levels.

3. Fruit juice

Own fruit excellent for the center, so maybe grape fruit juice will also contribute positively to your
center. As with all fruits and veggies, fruit loaded with plenty of nutritious compounds decrease risk of
center problems.

It is still not proven whether grape fruit juice as beneficial as the wine. Eat fruit as a whole will provide
greater advantages than eating the fruit juice.

4. Coffee

Coffee advantages for the center is still a pertentanga. However, moderate consumption of java appears
to show the advantages for the center because it contains anti-oxidants.

5. Tea

Research has shown that natural or black tea may help prevent center problems. Teas is loaded with
powerful anti-oxidants that decrease system cholestrerol levels and hypertension level may even.

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