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									Case 65: Crude Script for Tinsel Town
     • Facts – Empirical Definition
     • Principles
     • Loyalties

                        Humorist Art Buchwald
Humorist Art Buchwald was
embroiled in a legal battle with
Paramount over the rights to a
story that was made into a movie
by Paramount.

• How could Rawls’ “veil of
ignorance” be used in this
situation to ensure that both sides
get treated fairly?
• What are some ways that
Hollywood could better its
accounting practices in order to
benefit all?
     Case 65: Additional links
Less Than Zero: Studio Accounting Practices in
  Hollywood – A look at the accounting practices that
  Hollywood studios use.

Buchwald v. Paramount Pictures – Actual case.

Rule Changes Due for Hollywood Accountants – Uses
  the Buchwald case to argue for changes in
  Hollywood’s accounting practices.

Dumb and Dumber in Hollywood – Article criticizing the
  fights in Hollywood over who first came up with the
  idea for a movie.
Case 66: Virtual Whitewash
 • Facts – Empirical Definition
 • Principles
 • Loyalties

                      NAACP leader, Kweisi
Kweisi Mfume, head of the
NAACP criticised television
networks for not having enough
African-American representation.

• Do television networks have a
moral obligation to reflect
cultural diversity?
• What can networks do to reflect
this cultural diversity?
• Should a networks decisions
about programming be solely
based on profit or should there be
other considerations?
      Case 66: Additional links
US networks accused of racism – Article reporting on
  Mfume’s accusation that television is segregated.

Mfume Charges Tv 'Whitewash' – Article on Mfume’s
  charges aimed at the television industry.

Kweisi Mfume’s Hollywood Shakedown – Article claims that
  Mfume is overstating the problem of blacks in the media.

Anything but Racism – Criticizes the large media outlet’s
  response to accusations of discrimination.
Case 67: Deep Trouble for Harry
  • Facts – Empirical Definition
  • Principles
  • Loyalties
•The pornographic film Deep
Throat made Linda Lovelace a
star, but it also ruined her life.

• How can the exploitation and
abuse of artists such as
Lovelace be avoided?
• What kind of restrictions, if
any, should be put on industries
such as the pornography
       Case 67: Additional links
Linda Lovelace – Article written after the porn stars death
gives details of her troubled life.

Politics and Pornography – A look at some of the reports on
pornography in United States History. A comparison and
look at some of their good points and bad.

The women behind the porn projector – Criticizes the
exploitation of Linda Lovelace and of all the women that are
mistreated by the pornography industry.

The Harm of Porn: Just Another Excuse to Censor – Argues
that the studies about the harm of pornography are just an
excuse to censor material and take away first amendment
    Case 68: Super Strip
• Facts – Empirical Definition
• Principles
• Loyalties
Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster came
up with the idea for Superman but
ended up without the rights and
without and of the money the
comic strip made.

• How could the agape principle be
bettered applied within the
entertainment industry?
• What could the entertainment
industry do in the future in order to
take better care of its artists?
      Case 68: Additional links
The Original Superman – History of the original strip and
  the men who created it, with pictures.

Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster and Superman – History of the
  two creators and their fight with the comic book publisher
  over Superman.

Interview with Siegal and Shuster – A rare interview with
   the creators of Superman.

Superman Galleries – Extensive galleries that include
  artwork, and audio/visual clips.
Case 69: Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye
  • Facts – Empirical Definition
  • Principles
  • Loyalties
Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye is a show
about a deaf woman who works
for the F.B.I. She is played by
Deanne Bray, who is deaf herself.

• How can the entertainment
industry better portray disabled
people as being “normalised”?
• Why are shows like Sue Thomas
so rare and what can be done to
create more like it?
        Case 69: Additional Links
Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye – Homepage for the show on the PAX-
TV website.
Two PAX TV Programs Feature Women with Disabilities –
Another article on the show and another show on PAX-TV
featuring a character with a disability.
Hollywood portrayals of disability improve, but some still miss
mark – Criticism of some Hollywood films that try to portray
disability with non-disabled actors.
Feel good TV – Praise for the show from conservative
columnist Cal Thomas.
Disability and the Media in the United Kingdom – Article on
the relationship between disability and media and how this
relationship can be deepened.

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