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                                                      The drama                                                                                  had a bounty of “rich material” there.
                                                                                                                                                        “But my question is, what’s going to

                                                                                                                                                 keep viewers coming back week after
                                                                                                                                                 week after week on alex’s journey with
                                                                                                                                                 this one particular family? If the charac-

                                                      goodTV                                                                                     ter’s interesting and compelling, I’d figure
                                                                                                                                                 out a way to move him beyond the fam-
                                                                                                                                                 ily to discover that his thoughts about
                                                                                                                                                 Kong Wah being responsible for killing his
                                                      Castle creator Andrew                                                                      wife may be wrong, and he has to search
                                                      Marlowe clues us in                                                                        elsewhere. So he’s following the clues, but
                                                      May Seah                                                                                   along the way he gets involved in other
                                                      may@mediacorp.com.sg                                                                       things, so it’s not just limited to that family
                                                                                                                                                 and that soap opera.”
                                                      What makes tV dramas like The Ultima-                                                             the Zoe tay vehicle The Ultimatum
                                                      tum and Red Thread watchable? andrew                                                       relies on its execution. “If it’s written well
                                                      Marlowe would be the best person to ask.                                                   and acted well, you could have an audi-
                                                            he has after all written screenplays                                                 ence really enjoy this kind of melodrama,”
                                                      for movies like Air Force One, Hollow Man                                                  said Marlowe. “Desperate Housewives is
                                                      and End Of Days, and he’s also the creator                                                 over the top, but it does very well. there’s
                                                      and executive producer of the television                                                   always an audience for over-the-top mate-
                                                      series Castle, now in its third season.                                                    rial as long as you don’t go too far out
                                                            and Marlowe is enjoying his work on                                                  there. It depends on how it’s handled and
                                                      the new season of the tongue-in-cheek                                                      how it’s crafted.
                                                      detective show that follows the adven-                                                            “With a tV audience, you’re asking
                                                      tures of novelist Richard Castle, played by                                                them to invite these people into your
                                                      Nathan Fillion, and detective Kate Beckett                                                 house, day after day, week after week,” he
                                                      (Stana Katic), as they partner up to solve                                                 continued. “(So the audience has) to like
                                                      murder mystery crimes.                                                                     the characters or be fascinated by them.
                                                            “as our loyal viewers know, Richard                                                  Ultimately, at the end of the day, most
                                                      Castle has published several books that                                                    basic stories have been around for thou-
                                                      are based upon his adventures with De-                                                     sands of years. and you’ve seen versions
                                                      tective Beckett, and one of them is being                                                  of this story a number of times. the thing
                                                      turned into a movie in hollywood,” Mar-                                                    that keeps us really invested is who these
                                                      lowe explained about the third season’s                                                    people really are, and whether we get
                                                      proceedings.                                                                               caught up in their lives.”
                                                            “the actress who’s playing the charac-                                                      a good starting point, explained Mar-
                                                      ter based on Detective Beckett comes to           nathan Fillion plays                     lowe, should be the story.
                                                      New York to shadow her. and so she’s fol-         the titular character                           “Where we start is to try and find a
                                                                                                        richard Castle.
                                                      lowing Beckett around; Castle’s following                                                  compelling story and a compelling crime.
                                                      Beckett around; and the actress starts to                                                       (Castle) works from conjecture. Beck-
                                                      look and act like Beckett. and of course                                                        ett works from the evidence. She’s like,
                                                      Castle starts to fall for her a little bit, and                                                 ‘that’s a great story, but the evidence
                                                      Beckett gets a little creeped out that this                                                    says this’. he’s like, ‘Yeah, but that’s bor-
                                                      woman is kind of taking over her life. So          He SAid                                     ing. here’s a better story’. So they do
                                                      that’s a lot of fun.”                                                                          meet in the middle. We want Beckett
                                                            More than a little of the show’s brand                                                   to be able to solve the things that she’s
                                                      of humour comes from Marlowe himself.                                                          good at solving, and we want Castle to
                                                      “My wife likes to say that it’s hard not to                                                   solve the things that he’s good at solv-
                                                      fall in love with Richard Castle, because
                                                                                                         The thing                                  ing. Because we want the audience to
                                                      it’s my words coming out of Nathan Fil-           that keeps                                  feel that these two people are great
                                                      lion’s mouth. he’s very, very cute,” he said        us really                                 together.”
                                                      with a smile. “Since I’m a writer, and Cas-
                                                      tle’s a writer, I think we have very specific     invested is                                Be the first to catch season three of Castle
                                                      points of view on a lot of things. and it’s       who these                                  as early as 24 hours after the US telecast
                                                      been a lot of fun to give that a voice.”                                  andrew marlowe     on mio TV’s Season Pass. Call 1610 or visit
                                                            the chemistry between the stars is a
                                                                                                           people                                   www.miotv.com.sg for more information.
                                                      big contributor to the show’s popularity,          really are,
                                                      too. “Nathan brings a lot of natural charm,            and
                                                      and he’s the kind of person, like Castle,
                                                      who can say something that’s just a little        whether we
                                                      bit offensive, but get away with it. One of       get caught
                                                      the great things about Stana as an actress
                                                      is you get a sense that there’s a lot of
                                                                                                        up in their
                                                      depth there that she’s not showing. So ...            lives.
                                                      for Castle, (it) is really a process of discov-     Andrew
                                                      ering who this person is.”
                                                            What does it take to make a success-         Marlowe,
                                                      ful show? to answer this, Marlowe refer-           creator of
                                                      enced two Singapore-produced shows.
                                                      Red Thread, for example, which starred               Castle
                                                      adrian Pang as the blind alex Sung who’s
                                                      intent on finding out who killed his wife,

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