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									Welcome to Engr 1202
         Engr 1202 ECE
          “E” Sections
   For students interested in Electrical
    and Computer Engineering
   Not for students interested in
    Mechanical Engineering (M sections)
   Not for students interested in Civil
    Engineering (C sections)
              John Hudak
           Faculty Associate
Electrical and Computer Engineering
             Cameron Hall
               Room 286
                 My background
   Received my BSEE degree in 1973
   I do not have a PhD, please do not call me “Doctor”
   Worked in the semiconductor industry from 1973 to
   Worked on all phases of the fabrication of semiconductor
   Worked on transistors for military radars, radios and
    missiles, cable TV systems, cellular systems, the space
    station, and many other areas
   Joined UNC-Charlotte in 1994 to help establish an
    electrical engineering PhD program in microelectronics
   Created a clean room microelectronics fabrication lab
   Became a faculty member in 1999 to instruct students in
    Engr 1202
            Engineering Students
   Have one of the most demanding BS degree
   Will need to know math, physics, chemistry in
    addition to all the engineering classes
   Will have one of the highest starting salaries of
    any BS degree
   Will have a rewarding, interesting, demanding,
    constantly changing career
   Will be the technology innovators of tomorrow
   Will need to be constantly learning and
    improving your skills
          Industrial Employment
    Top 10 Undergraduate Degrees in Demand
    1. Accounting
    2. Electrical Engineering
    3. Mechanical Engineering
    4. Business Administration
    5. Economics/Finance
    6. Computer Science
    7. Computer Engineering
    8. Marketing
    9. Chemical Engineering
    10. Information Systems and Science
     Top Masters Degrees in Demand
    1. MBA
    2. Electrical Engineering
    3. Mechanical Engineering
    4. Computer Science
    5. Computer Engineering
What you can expect to earn
Engineers Needed in Charlotte
    We live in an ever changing technology world – and the Engineers of
    tomorrow (especially the electrical and computer engineers) will lead
                                  the way
                        Comparison of 1973 to today

1973        (the year I graduated with a BSEE)
    Jet travel -747 Jet
    Skyscrapers
    Long tall bridges
    Modern highways
    Transistor radios
    GM, Ford, and Chrysler dominated the market -very powerful engines but poor quality
    Color TV – 25 inch
    4 TV channels – ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS
    Space travel – first man on the moon in 1969
    CB radios – 14 to 28 channels total
    8-track audio tape players
    Slide rule for scientific calculations
    Typewriter for reports
    One phone company – ATT, the Bell System
    Industrial computers - tape or punch card programming
    Film cameras and expensive developing
    Libraries
    Early satellites
How numerical calculations
   were made in 1973

           A slide rule
How phone calls were made in

       A classic Bell Telephone black rotary
                   home phone
How reports were done in 1973

           A classic typewriter
    We live in an ever changing technology world – and the Engineers of
    tomorrow (especially the electrical and computer engineers) will lead
                                  the way
                        Comparison of 1973 to today

    1973    (the year I graduated with a BSEE)           Today
    Jet travel -747 Jet                                    Digital and satellite TV with 100s of channels
    Skyscrapers                                            Satellite radio
    Suspension bridges                                     Mobile phones – three generations, now with digital
    Modern highways                                         cameras and GPS
    Transistor radios                                      Many phone service providers
    Ford, GM, and Chrysler autos dominated the market      High power personal computers-desktop and laptop
    Color TV – 25 inch                                     CD, MP3, and IPod for music and video
    4 TV channels – ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS                     Hand held scientific calculators
    Space travel – first man on the moon in 1969           Inkjet printers with photo print capability
    CB radios                                              High resolution digital cameras
    8-track audio tape players                             Camcorders – analog, digital, DVD, hard drive
    Slide rule for scientific calculations                 VCR, DVD, and DVR video recorders
    Typewriter for reports                                 GPS (Global positioning system)
    One phone company – ATT, the Bell System               Internet – unlimited information source
    Industrial computers only-tape or punch card           Google, e-bay, MySpace, YouTube, etc.
     programming                                            Space travel via shuttle with orbiting space station
    Film cameras and expensive developing process          High quality autos build with robots
    Libraries                                              Autos with on board computers, ABS, GPS, emission
    Early satellites                                        controls, radial tires, air bags, crash avoidance
                                                             systems, etc.
    Not only is technology ever
 changing but it is getting cheaper
           and cheaper

 On 12/13/95 I purchased for Christmas a
  desktop computer with P-75 processor for
  $1499.99 and a HP660 DeskJet printer for
  $379.00. Total of $1,878
 Today a computer 10x faster with 100x
  more memory and a better printer can be
  purchased for around $300
Some laptop prices - November 2010
More laptop prices – November 2010
        Engr 1201 vs. Engr 1202
 Engr 1202 is specific to electrical and computer engineer
 Engr 1202 will only deal with electrical and computer
  engineering topics
 There is no textbook with Engr 1202 ECE – all necessary
  information will be provided in class – Also available at
  my web site, coefs.uncc.edu/jahudak/
 Engr 1202 still employs the team concept
 Engr 1202 still requires a verbal presentation
 Engr 1202 still requires a written final report
 Engr 1202 E01 also has a Recitation / Problem Session
  one day a week taught by the ECE Department
        My Goals For This Class
 To make this class interesting and fun
 To give you a better understanding of today’s technology
  as it relates to electrical and computer engineering
 To get you excited about engineering, especially
  electrical and computer engineering
 To provide a stimulating and informative learning
 To provide you with an interesting and unique
  experience of working in a “clean room”
 To provide a hands on laboratory experience that relates
  to real world conditions
 For you to finish this class with a strong desire to
  continue in electrical and computer engineering
    Engr 1202 ECE grading – My
 40% - lecture/assignments/tests
   Attendance-taken every class meeting – BE ON TIME –
     Attendance is critical
 20% - Project verbal presentation using PowerPoint
 20% - Project final report using Word
 20% - Final Exam
 You are also required to attend two engineering
  seminars, organizational meetings, job fairs, senior
  presentations, etc.
   Counts for 70% of overall grade
    Recitation / problem session
 Instructor is Dr Ian Ferguson –
  Chairman of the Electrical and Computer
  Engineering Department
 Attendance is critical
 Assignments given are critical
 Counts for 30% of grade
 Session meets Thursday at 6:30 in
  Woodward 106

   There will be a Dilbert comic at the start of each class
   Dilbert is an engineer
   Dilbert makes fun of everyday occurrences in the
    working life of a technology company
   Dilbert is drawn by Scott Adams, a former engineer
   I used to dress like Dilbert when I worked in industry
   I experienced many of the funny episodes in Dilbert
Dilbert Characters     Alice


                     Hair Boss


                  Class Structure
   First several weeks of lectures will prepare class for work
    on the project
   Class will be broken up into teams
   Teams will work on a project in the ECE Microelectronics
    clean room – Cameron Room 201
   Teams will need to find a time to meet in the clean room
    - available meeting times will be provided
   Once work starts in the clean room, we will meet only
    once per week for lectures
   Later in the semester as time permits we will return to
    two lectures a week.
   Recitation / Problem Session will meet each week unless
Assignment – Due before next class
   Go to the Engr 1202 ECE web site,
   Find the Engr 1202 ECE section
   Find the lecture notes and homework sections
   E-mail John at jahudak@uncc.edu with just the
    title of HW #10
   Also tell me in 1-2 paragraphs why you are
    interested in getting a degree in engineering.
   Use only your UNC-Charlotte e-mail account, no
    personal e-mail accounts

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