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San Diego is the ninth largest city in the United States and the second largest in California. With
several tourist attractions, wireless technology manufacturing companies, numerous biotechnology
companies and equal employment opportunity make San Diego an attractive destination to buy
foreclosed homes.

San Diego Foreclosed Homes are available at 30 to 50% discounted price than the normal rates
due to foreclosure process. Additionally there are several benefits of buying foreclosed homes in
San Diego like equal opportunity of employment to all applicants from the city's Personnel
Department, various tourist attractions like Balboa Park, Belmont Amusement Park etc.

Wireless Technology Manufacturing Hub - This city has companies like Qualcomm which is
headquartered and incorporated in San Diego and is pioneer in wireless cellular technology. It is
the largest private sector technology employer in the area.

Port - This city has ship building yards on the West Coast. Famous national defense contractors
like NASSCO and General Atomics have their headquarters in this city.

Biotechnology Hub - Neurocrine Biosciences and Nventa Biopharmaceuticals are the two famous
biotechnology companies headquartered in this city. It has been ranked the top biotech cluster in
the USA. There are more than thousand full time bio technician employed in the area.

Tourist Attraction - City tours in vintage open air Double Decker buses are a major attraction. The
tour includes Zoo, downtown, old town, Balboa Park, SeaWorld, Pacific Beach and La Jolla.

Colleges and Universities - San Diego State University and the famous California University are
the major educational hubs of the city. UCSD School of medicine is one of the medical schools in
the city.

Employment opportunities - The Personnel Department of the city maintains the competitive merit
system to provide equal employment opportunity to all applicants.

How to Find San Diego Foreclosed Homes

Foreclosure homes in this city can be found through some reliable online foreclosure listings. You
may also consult real estate agents in the region. Look at local online or newspaper classifieds. If
you visit the city area you may find some homes with foreclosure for sale notice boards and you
may contact the owner directly during the pre-foreclosure stage to avoid competition once the
property is foreclosed or auctioned.
Thus the huge cost benefit of foreclosures, the several job opportunities and tourist attraction
make San Diego foreclosed Homes an ideal choice for first time home owners or investors and
you may easily find foreclosure homes through some reliable foreclosure listings.

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