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DR TV Reality Shows


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									                                      WORLD CLASS TALENT AND CREATIVE MEDIA

                                        Reality Television Celebrity

You may know her by just one name... (Omarosa) and one show (The Apprentice), but there is more to
this former beauty queen than meets the eye. At a very young age Omarosa became captivated by
television journalists. She started her broadcast career in high school and continued to hone her
entertainment skills as a member of the districts award winning debate team and as a distinguished
member Youngstown Playhouse acting training program.

Omarosa went on to attend Central State University where she immediately enrolled in the broadcast
journalism program. She was selected during her first semester to host her own morning show (Jazz
Awakening). She also wrote for the campus newspaper and produced programming throughout the
university community. Upon graduation from Central State, Omarosa was selected as a Fellow for "The
Convention Project." As a young journalist in this program, she attended and covered the Olympics, the
Republican and Democratic political conventions, and the inauguration.

Omarosa enrolled in a master's degree program at Howard University to continue her media studies. She
quickly became involved at Howard University television station, WHUT Channel 32 in Washington DC,
where she was selected to serve as host the show Spotlight news magazine.

Upon graduating from Howard University, Omarosa put her broadcast journalism career plans on hold
and accepted several presidential appointments in the Clinton- Gore White House. At the end of her
tenure at the White House, she returned to journalism as a freelancer at CNN, Washington DC bureau.

Omarosa then accepted the position of Director of Education & Research at the National Visionary
Leadership Project. Founded by Dr. Bill and Camille Cosby, NVLP is a production company dedicated to
creating documentaries based on the lives of elders such as Coretta Scott King, Dr. Dorothy Height, and
Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee.

Shortly after her departure from NVLP. Omarosa applied for a new reality show produced by Mark
Burnett, The Apprentice. She was selected out of nearly a quarter of a million applicants as a contestant
vying to head one of Donald Trumps million dollar companies. Omarosa quickly emerged as one of the
breakout characters and was attributed with helping to making it the number one show on NBC. She was
featured on the cover of the TV Guide just four weeks after her début on The Apprentice.

Recently Omarosa has appeared on every major talk show including the Oprah Whinfrey show, The Dr.
Phil Show, The Today Show, the Tonight show, Hard Ball with Chris Mathews, Dateline, and The View.
She made her national acting debut on the NBC soap Passions and UPN’s Girlfriends. She has also
appeared in a national Burger King commercial ad campaign. She has served as a special entertainment
correspondent for The TV guide channel, the Style Network, and Extra. Omarosa has recently joined the
cast of the Surreal Life 5 on Vh1.
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