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									HE Evaluative Report                                                                              Academic Session: 2005/06
Course Title: FdA Specialist Make-up Design (FdA SMUD)                                            School /College: Foundation Degree & FE Portfolio, London College of Fashion


This was the third graduating cohort of the FdA syllabus; the course has now firmly established its identity and reputation as a Foundation Degree. Work Based Learning initiatives were further
developed this year as the students found a variety of individual and group collaborations with industry partners. The Industry Advisory Panel was again involved in the Industrial Simulation
Unit (shared with the FdA Fashion Styling and Photography Level 1). The year ended with a strong degree show, and an accompanying Year Book/ Directory that was integrated with the FdA
Fashion Styling and Photography final year work. Students graduated with a qualification targeted towards their specialist industry, as well as a credit profile that enabled progression into Level
3 BA (Hons). 19 Fashion Editorial Pathway students and 8 Film & TV Pathway students successfully entered the first year of the recently validated BA (Hon) Fashion: Specialist Make Up Level
3, a new initiative for the progression of FdA students at LCF. The remainder of FdA graduates entered the industry.

Cross-course discourse continued to emerge through joint projects (e.g. Transcending Beauty) and ventures that included a study trip to Paris in November, meetings with the FdA Industrial
Advisory Panel, the External Examiner team, and meetings involving both course teams. The extent of student collaboration was apparent at the degree show and in the accompanying Year

Students form the Fashion/ Editorial Pathway continued to be involved in the London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. Students continued to work in the Graduate Fashion events, and
supported a variety of LCF, and University-wide shows. Students were also involved in a variety of theatrical productions, film productions and retail make-up. Many of the students are working
with cosmetic companies including: Mac, Nars, Bobby Brown. Editorial: Evening Standard/ Sunday Times/ Touch Magazine where they are recruited as a direct result of their specialist skills.

Students from the Film/ TV pathway worked on a variety of independent film and TV productions, for example Casualty (BBC) and Harry Potter productions.

Areas of good practice are identified in very supportive External Examiner reports, and are apparent in other aspects including student achievement, outcomes, awards and progression.
Where there are areas of concern (in the Student Survey), the restructuring of the course into Programme areas presents an appropriate mechanism whereby matters can be reviewed and
rectified for the new cohorts.

   Strengths:                                                                                      Issues:

       External Examiner reports identify a number of ongoing strengths, particularly in             The Student Survey 06 result gives cause for concern in the specific area of
        areas of: course management and procedures; staff commitment; assessment;                      ‘learning resources’. This was also an issue raised at Course Committee, with
        relevance to industry; and fulfilling the FdA ethos. Examiners are pleased to see              regard to learning resources specific to Film/TV students (Course Committee Feb
        that their comments are acted upon, and appear to be giving rise to a year on year             06)
        overall improvement (External Examiner reports)
                                                                                                      The Support for Students questionnaire highlights a number of issues.
       The Student Survey 06 result gave above average results in the following areas:
        teaching; assessment and feedback; academic support; organisation and                         Student issues raised in the structured feedback centred mainly around matters of
        management; personal development (although there is still scope for improvement)               communication and organisation (Focus Group 06)

       The Student Support questionnaire Survey identified strengths in the following                Film/TV recruitment figures show a trend of increasing number of female students
        areas: admissions criteria and process; college teachers; group and individual                 (now at 95%); this has increased beyond the percentage for Fashion / Editorial at
        tutorials; library; cultural diversity. 92% of students ‘enjoyed the college experience’       94% (which is perceived as ‘gendered’), and is now at a ratio level that is notably
                                                                                                       out of line with that of the industry.
       1 Distinction award was achieved at Level 2 this year in Film/ TV. Last year there
        were none in this area, which has now been shown to be an anomaly. (Course                    Retention rate Year 1 for Fashion editorial at lowest level (87%)
                                                                                                      Average age profile consolidating within the 19-20 age range, showing a reduction
       The industrial links and opportunities provided by the course in a number of ways is           of industry experienced applicants (Course Statistics)
        seen as advantageous – fractional staff, AL, guest speakers, industry visits,
        sponsorship, live projects, commissions (Focus Group Course Monitoring meeting)               External Examiners identify the following ‘areas for development/ improvement’: Film/
                                                                                                       TV studies remain very rigid at the expense of a deeper engagement with
       Integrated FdA approach to Industrial Simulation, and its concurrency to the                   ‘metaphorical strategies’; students are ‘less good’ in areas of research engagement
        Business and Professional Practice Unit (Respective Unit Questionnaires) Students              and process and outcome discourse
        also highlighted the subsequent collaboration opportunities that these projects go
        on to initiate (Course Committee Feb 06)

       Graduate show and Year Book

       Shared FdA Industrial Advisory Panel/ External Examiner team for both courses
        (FdA SMUD and FdA FSP)

       Student retention rate 100% F/TV Year 2 (Course Statistics)

       27 students successfully progressed via bridging onto the new BA (Hons) Fashion:
        Specialist Make Up (19 Fashion/ Editorial: 8 Film/ TV). This curriculum
        development provides an additional progression opportunity for appropriate FdA

   Priorities for Action:

        There is some dissatisfaction within the student group regarding a number of key issues as highlighted in the Student Survey and Support for Students Questionnaire. These
         issues are the priorities for action for the Course Team: individual feedback; technical support in open access sessions; use of blackboard; careers guidance; use of handbook;
         course organisation; learning resources; communication

        The Structured Student Feedback Focus Group concerns highlight: communication of cancelled classes, rescheduled deadlines, exhibition work; investment of particular kit
         (airbrushes for Film/TV students that were not used due to Health and Safety regulations)

        External Examiner concerns regarding: students who may have underachieved need greater individual attention;

    The above issues present clear priorities for action based around student satisfaction. The recent restructuring of the course into Programme areas presents an appropriate
    mechanism whereby many of these issues can be rectified with the new cohorts.

HE Development Plan                                                                                      Academic Session: 2005/06
Course Title: FdA Specialist Make-up Design (FdA SMUD)                                                   School /College: Foundation Degree & FE Portfolio, London College of Fashion





Curriculum design, content & organisation
          1. Course organisation    1. The implementation of new course management                       1. Director of   Production of   1.October                                 Student feedback
                                    structure with Programme Leaders for the year groups                 Programmes       unit            2006
                                    should make for a more effective and ‘localised’                     Programme        handbooks
                                    course organisation.                                                 Leaders

                         2.   Communication of    2. Use of blackboard and explore use of SMS Text      2. All staff                                       There were problems
                              cancelled classes   (Telephone Tree), where possible. All staff to inform                                                    with IT classes at the
                                                  the Academic Administrator when classes are needed                                                       start of the summer
                                                  to be cancelled.                                                                                         term. This was due to
                                                                                                                                                           works at the Lime
                                                                                                                                                           Grove site.
Student survey

              Rescheduled deadlines 3. The introduction of the new Unit Handbooks should 3. All staff
                         3.                                                                                                               3. October
                                    ensure that the need to reschedule deadlines is                                                       2006
                                    minimised. Where this does need to occur, due notice
                                    needs to be given (blackboard)
Teaching, learning & assessment
          1. Portfolio Review Unit  1. Review the content of Portfolio Review Unit       Programme                        Identified      Summer term      This may be more fully Student feedback
              Level 2               specifically in regard to Film/ TV students.         Leader F/TV                      agenda item     06/07            reviewed at            (F/TV)
                                                                                                                          for team                         revalidation 07/08

Student progression & achievement
          1. Students who may have                1. Dissemination of good practice from the ‘studio’    Programme        Clarification   06/07 with      Provide an illustration Student Achievement
              underachieved need                  areas into the cultural studies/ contextual areas.     Leaders          offered at      illustration at that demonstrates the
              greater individual                  Continue to promote the use of Study Support and                        Level 1 and 2   mid-term point. implications of an
              attention                           monitor attendance (with letters as necessary).                         Induction                       overall profile where
                                                                                                                                                          cultural studies marks
                                                                                                                                                          may lower an overall
                                                                                                                                                          aggregate, for

Student support & guidance
          1. Individual feedback            1. Tutorial opportunities are available in line with   1.Programme      Production of   October 2006   Facilities at Lime      Student feedback
                                            published tutorial entitlement. Unit Handbooks will    Leaders/         unit                           Grove site for this
                                            help to make these times more explicit.                Tutors           handbooks                      specialist area are
                                                                                                                                                   being looked into.
           2.   Technical support in        2. JPS technical support for F/TV students needs to    2.Programme
                open access sessions        be timetabled in conjunction with an overall college   Leader F/TV
                                            provision where possible.                              Technical

           3.   Careers guidance            3. Careers guidance in the curriculum could be made    3.Tutors and                                    The new Student Hub Extension of careers
                                            more explicit. Careers services are available at       Careers                                         and Learning Zone      service remit.
                                            Davies Street/ FBRS – however these do not always      services                                        offer individual
                                            address the needs of make-up students especially                                                       developmental
                                            F/TV make-up.                                                                                          opportunity.
                                                                                                                                                   Course staff felt that
                                                                                                                                                   they are offering
                                                                                                                                                   careers guidance, but
                                                                                                                                                   perhaps students are
                                                                                                                                                   not recognising it as
                                                                                                                                                   ‘careers guidance’.
Learning resources
          1. Use of blackboard                  1. Monitor the use of blackboard -staff and        1.Director of                    October 2006   1. Students will use   1. Statistics and
                                                student. At the very least, this is an essential   Programmes                                      blackboard if they     evidence of use of
                                                communication facility for all parties.            Programme                                       know that staff are    blackboard
                                                                                                   Leaders                                         maintaining the
                                                                                                                                                   currency of the course
           2.   Use of handbook                 2. The new Unit Handbook will provide more         2. Programme 2.Production of                    site.
                                                detailed information in respect of course work.    Leaders/ Unit unit
                                                The issue of the ‘use’ of the course handbook      Tutors.       handbooks
                                                should be effectively resolved through the
                                                introduction of unit specific handbooks.

           3. Learning resources                3. Students purchased their own airbrush           3. Director of   3. Discussion                  3. Air brushes are
           (Investment of particular kit)       equipment that they were unable to use for H&S     Programmes,      regarding H&S                  being used already at
                                                reasons. This matter is being looked into at our   Programme        at Lime Grove                  Lime Grove
                                                Lime Grove site for future cohorts.                Leader F/TV      site
                                                                                                   ,Lime Grove
                                                                                                   Site staff.

Quality management & enhancement

           1.   Communication            1. Consolidate on all aspects of communication           1. Director of   Production of   October 2006   Course team meetings     1. quality managed
                                         including blackboard and localised ‘programne’ team      Programmes       unit                           do take place, however   and enhanced through
                                         meetings, and dissemination of information to AL staff   Programnme       handbooks                      our AL staff are not     effective
                                         members. Introduction of Unit Handbooks.                 Leaders                                         always able to be        communication
                                                                                                                                                  present which
                                                                                                                                                  compounds the issue
                                                                                                                                                  of communication.

Responses to External Examiners                                                                      Academic Session: 2005/06
Course Title: FdA Specialist Make-up Design (FdA SMUD)                                               School /College: Foundation Degree & FE Portfolio, London College of Fashion

 External Examiner: Paul Jeff/ Sue Nash
 Specialism (if relevant)

 Issues raised:                                                                                          Response:

 1.   Students who may have underachieved need greater individual attention                              1.   Dissemination of good practice from the ‘studio’ areas into the cultural studies/
                                                                                                              contextual areas. Continue to promote the use of Study Support and monitor
                                                                                                              attendance (with letters as necessary). At a mid-term point, course team may
                                                                                                              provide an illustration that demonstrates the implications of an overall profile
                                                                                                              where cultural studies marks may lower an overall aggregate, for example.

 2.   Perhaps a bigger and better photography studio may help                                            2.   A bigger and better photography studio space would always be helpful. The
                                                                                                              Davies Street provision can only be extended by an evening provision – the
                                                                                                              physical space is not expandable. Alternative sites are being considered and
                                                                                                              developed (Lime Grove, Mares Street).

 3.   It may help in terms of parity of experience for the students if a list of external industry       3.   The sharing of industry contacts could be considered in a review of the content of
      contacts was drawn up to level out the experience of those who have good family                         the Business and Professional Practice Unit in year 1. The compilation and
      business contacts and those who do not have such ebullient networking or social skills                  administration of local database of industry contacts would duplicate the work of
      but are good practitioners.                                                                             the Fashion Business Resource Studio (FRBRS). It would be more appropriate to
                                                                                                              better promote and utilise the provision of the FBRS.


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