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									                                                                                                               A Production of
                                                                                                               The KOUNCIL, Inc.

                                              PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT & RELEASE
                                    In consideration of my participation in the internet production titled:
                                                                THE REAL

I agree to pay the $25.00 non-refundable fee and I hereby consent to the photographing, recording, and the reproduction in any
other manner of my likeness, internet, TV, voice and activities, in whole or in part, including the use of DVD, videotapes and
audiotapes. I further grant, Freeway Enterprise, THE REAL AMPS Internet TV, The Kouncil, THE REAL, its agents or assigns,
exclusively and perpetually throughout the world and elsewhere, all rights of every kind, whether known or unknown, for unlimited
use of such reproductions now and in the future.

I also agree not to sign a contracted deal of any kind with any label, company, agency, and corporation in relation to the talent I’m
showcasing on “THE REAL” once I’m live streamed onto the Internet for a time span of (6) months after the end of the complete
cycle of the competition from start to finish no matter when I enter the competition, and agree to notify “the REAL” and allow “THE
REAL” to advertise me (images, print, video, and audio) on the internet and other media outlets, world at no compensation to me if
I sign a deal after the show allotted time. I also agree to do three interviews for “THE REAL” (print, audio and film) after the live
stream within a time span of three years, regardless of the outcome of the competition.

I Will not hold; Freeway Enterprise, THE REAL AMPS Internet TV, The Kouncil, its officers, employees or agents liable in any
shape, form or fashion for any death, injuries, accidents and un-known bodily harm, while performing on stage and in building and
on properties known as _Shat’s Bar n Grill 9770 So Military Trail B2/B3 Boynton Beach Florida 33436._

I understand that I or THE REAL AMPS Internet TV, The Kouncil will receive no monetary compensation for the production of this
taping for my participation in this television production, nor may I or THE REAL AMPS Internet TV, The Kouncil, THE REAL make
any monetary claim in the future for my participation.

I hereby release and hold harmless THE REAL, Freeway Enterprise, THE REAL AMPS Internet TV, The Kouncil, its officers,
employees, agents, or assigns from any claims.

This agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between Freeway Enterprise, THE REAL AMPS Internet TV, The Kouncil, and
THE REAL and talent, and cannot be modified except by a written instrument signed by each.

THE PARTIES HERETO WARRANT that they have read and agreed to all the terms set forth herein.

________________________________________                             __________________________
 Participant Signature                                                      Date

Telephone                   Address                 City/State/Zip

The REAL, Kouncil Signature ______________________________________________________________

Representative _________________________________________________________________

Total payment $___________________________________ for (                   ) city competitions

For info on preregistration contact; or call: 317 796-4201

Start city July: Indiana August: Illinois   September: Florida   October: Texas
November: New York December: Mississippi January: Philadelphia February: Iowa March; LA
City to City tour may change due to adding of other City’s.

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