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Contest Rules by waterwolltoremilion


									                                                   -Contest Rules-

Article 1: Participants                                         Article 5: Sending in Your Work
This contest is free and open to all students                   The comic strips should be sent (postmarked) no later
enrolled in French classes at the following levels:             than October 28th, 2009 to:
        -Elementary School                                             Emilie Renouvin
        -Middle School                                                 Attaché Culturelle Adjointe
        -High School                                                   Consulat Général de France
        -Universities                                                  Prominence in Buckhead
And in the following states: Alabama, North                            Suite 1840
Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi,                        3475 Piedmont Road, NE
and Tennessee.                                                         Atlanta, GA 30305

                                                                The comic strips should not be folded and should be
Article 2: Terms of Participation
                                                                sufficiently protected for mailing.
Each participating student creates a comic strip
                                                                On the back of each entry please include:
according to the format detailed in Article 3.
                                                                        - name of the student
                                                                        - age of the student
Article 3: Format                                                       - class of the student
                                                                        - native or non-native French speaker
The comic strip will be submitted on one or                             - name of the teacher
more sheets of paper (Letter size).                                     - name of the school
                                                                        - address of the school
Only the originals should be submitted (no                              - email address of the teacher
                                                                Article 6: Jury
Article 4: Presentation and
Content                                                         The winning comic strips will be selected by a jury
                                                                composed of Education and Comics professionals.
-The theme is open
-Text, written in French, must be present in each               Article 7: Selection Criteria
panel (box).
-The comic strip may consist of 3 panels
                                                                The prizes will be given based on the following
(boxes), 6 panels or more...
                                                                          -Text/quality of French
                                                                          -Originality of theme
                                                                          -Quality of drawing/color (storyboard)

                                                         Consulat General de France à Atlanta | Emilie Renouvin

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