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									 Sexual Orientation
and Gender Identity
   Recommended Fiction and
       Nonfiction Resources
           for K-12 Schools
Table of Contents
Introduction   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

Primary (Grades K-3) .      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Upper Elementary (Grades 4 to 6)              . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Junior High (Grades 6 to 9)         . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Senior High (Grades 9 to 12)          . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Nonfiction Resources for Students and Teachers .                     . . . . . . . . . .   19

Documentary and Nonfiction DVDs                  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   24

Feature Films .   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   29

Materials in this resource list              journals (such as School Library
support Edmonton Public Schools’             Journal, Booklist, Kirkus, and
commitment to providing safe,                Canadian Review of Materials
welcoming, inclusive, and                    Magazine) and/or recognition by
equitable environments, which                awards for youth literature (such
are free of discrimination and               as the Governor General Award),
harassment for all students, staff,          and those administered by the
and families who identify or                 Canadian Children’s Book Centre,
are perceived as being lesbian,              the American Library Association,
gay, bisexual, transgendered,                and others. A concerted effort
transsexual, two-spirited, queer,            has been made to include high
and/or questioning. These                    quality age-appropriate materials
resources meet the District’s and            for a wide variety of students and
Alberta Education’s criteria of              learning styles. We have also placed
presenting diverse points of view            emphasis on newer releases,
to meet the programming and                  landmark resources, and as much
curricular needs of all students             Canadian content as possible. Many
by recognizing diversity and                 of the following resources can be
promoting respect in the K-12                borrowed for preview purposes
program of studies. The materials            from the Edmonton Public Library
selected for this list have received         and/or ordered from the Teachers’
positive reviews in critical review          Book Depository.


                            HI / LO                      S

   Canadian title          High Interest / Low          Stonewall Award
                           Vocabulary series            American Library
                           (aimed at students reading   Association Stonewall
                           below grade level)           Children’s and Young Adult
                                                        Literature Award

Primary (Grades K-3)

Bedford, David                             Bunnell, Jacinta and Nat Kusinitz
It’s a George Thing! (2008)                Sometimes the Spoon Runs
ISBN: 978-1405228053                       Away with Another Spoon
K-Grade 1                                  Coloring Book (2010)
                                           ISBN: 978-1604863291
George the zebra spends most of
his time playing basketball and            K-Grade 4
lifting weights with his two best          Fun activity book plays with
friends, even though he really isn’t       classic fairytales and depicts those
fond of either of those boy-type           who don’t fit into neat gender
activities. Eventually, he discovers       categorizations, like tough girls and
an activity he loves and learns to         sensitive boys.
believe in himself and his friends.
                                           De Haan, Linda & Stern Nijland
   Bertouille, Ariane                      King and King (2002)
Ulysse et Alice (2006)                     ISBN: 978-1582460611
ISBN: 978-2890912373                       K-Grade 2
K-Grade 3                                  A queen declares that her son,
A French-language picture book             the prince, must be married by
from Quebec that addresses the             summer’s end. Although princesses
realities of same-sex parented             come from far and wide, the prince
families with humour and                   finds his match when he first lays
tenderness. Ulysse, a 7-year-old boy       his eyes on another prince. They
living with his two mothers, wants         marry and live happily ever after.
to adopt a pet mouse named Alice.          One of the most frequently banned
                                           or challenged books in North
Brannen, Sarah                             America.
Uncle Bobby’s Wedding (2008)
ISBN: 978-0399247125                       De Haan, Linda & Stern Nijland
K-Grade 2                                  King and King and Family (2004)
                                           ISBN: 978-1582461137
Chloe’s Uncle Bobby is getting
married to his male partner. She’s         K-Grade 3
worried that this will change their        In the further adventures of King
special relationship until she is          & King, the newlywed couple takes
invited to be a flower girl, and finds       a honeymoon trip to a jungle and
that she now has two special uncles.       see all kinds of different families.
                                           Upon their return home, their wish
                                           for a family of their own is fulfilled.


dePaola, Tomie                               Fierstein, Harvey
Oliver Button is a Sissy (1999; 2001)        The Sissy Duckling (2005)
ISBN: 978-0156681407                         ISBN: 978-1416903130
K-Grade 3                                    K-Grade 3
Oliver pursues his love of dancing,          Elmer is a sissy boy duckling who
in spite of being bullied by the other       likes to bake cakes, build forts
boys at school and being called a            and put on puppet shows. This
sissy by his own father.                     book teaches us to embrace our
                                             differences and celebrate special
   Elwin, Rosamund                           identities and talents.
   & Michele Paulse
Asha’s Mums (1990)                           Freeman, Martha
ISBN: 978-0889611436                         The Trouble with Babies (2002)
K-Grade 3                                    ISBN: 978-0823416981
                                             Grade 2-4
Asha’s main concern is going on
a school field trip. She is almost left       After nine-year-old Holly and
behind, however, when her teacher            her family move to a different
demands that only her biological             neighborhood in San Francisco, she
mom sign her permission slip.                makes new friends, meets a new
                                             baby, and helps keep track of her
Ewert, Marcus                                stepfather’s four cats. One of her
10,000 Dresses (2008)                        new friends has two dads.
ISBN: 978-1583228500
K-Grade 2                                    Gravett, Emily
                                             The Odd Egg (2009)
Every night, Bailey dreams about
                                             ISBN: 978-0230531352
magical dresses, but no one wants
                                             K-Grade 1
to hear about his beautiful dreams.
“You’re a BOY!” Mother and Father            When Duck finds an egg of his
tell Bailey. “You shouldn’t be               own he’s delighted: it’s the most
thinking about dresses at all. Then          beautiful egg in the world! But all
Bailey meets an older girl who is            the other birds think it’s a very odd
touched and inspired by Bailey’s             egg indeed and everyone is in for a
imagination. In friendship, the two          BIG surprise when the egg hatches.
begin making dresses together.               A subtle approach to discussing
Uplifting and trans-positive.                alternative families.

                                                          PRIMARY (GRADES K-3)

                                             Kuklin, Susan
   Jiménez, Karleen P
                                             Families (2006)
Are You a Boy or a Girl? (2000)
                                             ISBN: 978-0786808229
ISBN: 978-1896781143
                                             K-Grade 4
K-Grade 2
                                             Children from diverse families
A book to open the conversation
                                             — including gay, lesbian, single,
about what it means to be a boy or
                                             adoptive, multiracial and divorced —
a girl and the many possibilities of
                                             share their thoughts about families.
expressing oneself.
                                             Newman, Leslea
Kay, Verla
                                             The Boy Who Cried Fabulous (2007)
Rough, Tough Charley (2007)
                                             ISBN: 978-1582462240
ISBN: 978-1582461847
                                             K-Grade 3
K-Grade 4
                                             A boy named Rodger uses the word
Picture book biography of a fearless
                                             “fabulous” to describe everything
stagecoach driver from the Old West
                                             he sees. Despite his enthusiasm,
whom everyone believed to be
                                             Rodger’s parents attempt to ban
male until after his/her death.
                                             his use of the word. Rodger uses
Kilodavis, Cheryl                            his creativity to find another way
My Princess Boy (2010)                       to express the wonder that he sees
ISBN: 978-1442429888                         around him and in the end his
K-Grade 3                                    parents come to see the fabulous
                                             nature of his ways. An impressive
Dyson is a 4-year-old boy who has            rhyming book that subtly addresses
a passion for dresses and all things         issues related to gender expression.
sparkly. His family poignantly
discusses their work to address and          Parr, Todd
overcome the negative reactions              The Family Book (2010)
of others as Dyson explores his              ISBN: 978-0316070409
identity. Whimsical illustrations help       K-Grade 2
to tell the story of a boy who can
                                             Represents a variety of families,
grow up to be, and fully express,
                                             some big and some small, some
himself with the support of his
                                             with only one parent and some
friends, family, and school.
                                             with two moms or dads, some quiet
                                             and some noisy, but all alike in
                                             some ways and special no matter
                                             what. See Todd Parr’s It’s Ok to Be
                                             Different and Otto Goes to Camp for
                                             more examples of the importance of
                                             diversity and difference.


Polacco, Patricia
                                              Setterington, Ken
In Our Mothers’ House (2009)
                                           Mom and Mum Are
ISBN: 978-0399250767
                                           Getting Married (2004)
K-Grade 4
                                           ISBN: 978-1896764849
Three children experience the joys         K-Grade 3
and challenges of being raised from
                                           Rosie and her brother Jack help
babyhood into adulthood by two
                                           Mom and Mum get married at their
                                           cottage. One of the first picture
Richardson, Justin & Peter Parnell         books to recognize and celebrate
And Tango Makes Three (2005)               the realities of same-sex marriages
ISBN: 978-0689878459
                                           in Canada.
K-Grade 3
                                           U’Ren, Andrea
The true story of Roy and Silo,            Pugdog (2001)
two male penguins in the Central           ISBN: 978-0374361495
Park Zoo, who make a family by             K-Grade 2
sitting on an abandoned egg until it
                                           A tough, spiked-collar-wearing dog
hatches. One of the most frequently
                                           is unhappily forced to conform
challenged and banned books in
                                           to her owner’s idea of gender
North America.
                                           expression when a vet reveals that
Rickards, Lynne                            Pugdog is female. When a prissy
Pink! (2009)                               white poodle turns out to be male,
ISBN: 978-0545086080
                                           Pugdog’s owner realizes he must
K-Grade 3                                  change his attitude, not his dog.

What’s a penguin to think when he
wakes up pink? Poor Patrick hates
the idea of being different from all
his friends and sets off to Africa
in search of flamingos who might
accept a pink penguin. He returns
home and learns to accept himself.

Upper Elementary (Grades 4-6)

Appelt, Kathi                              Howe, James
Keeper (2010)                              The Misfits (2003)
ISBN: 978-1416950608                       ISBN: 978-0689839566
Grade 4-7                                  Grade 4-8
Ten-year-old Keeper searches for her                                  ”
                                           Four best friend “misfits, one of
mermaid mother who abandoned                                        ”
                                           whom is called a “fairy, decide
her when she was three. This story         to change life at their school by
about chosen families, including           starting a campaign against name-
a male couple, is set on the Gulf          calling. An excellent book to explore
Coast of Texas and has the timeless        gender stereotypes and non-
feel of a fable.                           conformity.

Harper, Charise Mericle                    Howe, James
Flashcards of My Life (2007)               Totally Joe (2007)
ISBN: 978-0316166768                       ISBN: 978-0689839580
Grade 5-8                                  Grade 5-8
Emily’s life in junior high school         In 13-year-old Joe’s alphabiography
and at home is revealed as she             assignment – the story of his life
uses the journaling flashcards her          from A to Z – he bares his soul and
Aunt Chester sent as a birthday            comes out to his parents, teachers,
gift to help sort through changing         friends and family. This sequel
friendships, possible boyfriends,          to The Misfits is a thoroughly
and her mother’s obsession                 engaging and heart-felt read. An
with nutty desserts. Lesbianism            excellent novel that can be used
is discussed by Emily and her              to open up classroom discussions
classmates in reference to one of          surrounding sexual identity in upper
their teachers, and Emily’s mother         elementary and junior high schools.
appears to have had a relationship
with a woman in the past.                  Ignatow, Amy
                                           The Popularity Papers (2010)
                                           ISBN: 978-0810984219
                                           Grade 4-6
                                           Best friends Lydia and Julia embark
                                           on a scrapbook project to study the
                                           behaviour of the popular girls at
                                           their elementary school so that they
                                           too will be able to fit in with the right
                                           crowd. Julie’s parents are both male.


Walliams, David                              Woodson, Jacqueline
The Boy in a Dress (2010)                    After Tupac and D Foster (2010)
ISBN: 978-0007279043                         ISBN: 978-0142413999
Grade 5-8                                    Grade 6-8
Twelve-year-old Dennis lives with            Three girls bond over their shared
his dad and his older brother. He            love of Tupac Shakur’s music in
really misses his mom. Dennis                New York City in 1996, as together
loves soccer and he also loves               they try to make sense of the
Vogue magazine (which he keeps               unpredictable world in which they
hidden under his mattress). He               live. One of the girls has an older
becomes friends with an older girl           brother, Tash, who is flamboyantly
at school, Lisa, who shares his              gay and is in prison for a crime
love of fashion. Lisa encourages             he didn’t commit. Themes of
Dennis to fulfill his desire to wear          intolerance and injustice are central
dresses... which brings enormous             to the story.
consequences. There is never any
indication that Dennis is gay; he
just enjoys gender fluidity.

Winter, Jonah
Gertrude Is Gertrude Is
Gertrude Is Gertrude (2009)
ISBN: 978-1416940883
K-Grade 6
Written in Stein’s playful, repetitive
style, this brief biography shows
famous authors Gertrude Stein and
Alice B. Toklas entertaining famous
artists in their home in Paris,
driving in the country, enjoying
picnics and writing (Gertrude) and
typing (Alice). Use as a possible
introduction to modern art as well
as to spark creative student writing.

Junior High (Grades 6-9)

    Carter, Timothy                              Juby, Susan
Evil? (2009)                                  Another Kind of Cowboy (2009)
ISBN: 978-0738715391                          ISBN: 978-1554682607
Grade 7-9                                     Grade 7-10
Stuart Bradley, a gay teenager                When a gay teenager living on
living in a conservative Christian            Vancouver Island is finally able to
town in Ontario, dabbles in several           ditch Western-style riding and take
forbidden activities, and when word           up dressage, it’s a dream come true
gets out, he and some other teens             for him. Getting paired with the
face grave danger from the fallen             supremely self-absorbed Cleo is part
angels that are inciting hatred and           of the deal, however, and brings a
extremism in the community.                   whole new set of challenges for Alex.

Hartinger, Brent                              Levithan, David
Geography Club (2004)                         Boy Meets Boy (2005)
ISBN: 978-0060012236                          ISBN: 978-0375832994
Grade 7-12                                    Grade 8-12
A group of gay and lesbian                    High school sophomore Paul says,
teenagers find mutual support                  “There isn’t really a gay scene or
when they form a clandestine                  a straight scene in our town. They
Gay-Straight Alliance school club             got all mixed up a while back, which
by calling it the “Geography Club. ”                                 ”
                                              I think is for the best. And, as he
The novel offers possibilities for            observes at the end of the sweet,
discussion on changing social                 romantic story, “It’s a wonderful
attitudes towards queer youth as                     ”
                                              world. Paul has both gay and
well as the issue of integrity vs.            straight friends and they all hang
popularity.                                   out together.

   Huser, Glen                                   Lieberman, Leanne
Stitches (2003)                               Gravity (2008)
ISBN: 978-0888995780                          ISBN: 978-1554690497
Grade 6-9                                     Grade 8-10
This dramatic novel, set in an                Ellisheva “Ellie” Gold is an
Alberta town, tells the story of Travis       Orthodox Jewish teen growing
and his best friend Chantelle, who            up in Toronto. When she falls for
find refuge from being different               daring, sexy, non-Jewish Lindsay,
and bullied through their friendship          Ellie must come to terms with her
and love of creating puppet theatre.          sexuality and her faith.
Governor General Award Winner.


Lo, Malinda
                                              Shraya, Vivek
Ash (2010)
                                           God Loves Hair (2010)
ISBN: 978-0316040105
                                           ISBN: 978-0986551208
Grade 7-12
                                           Grade 7-12
Torn between her emerging love
                                           A delightful collection of brief,
for the King’s mysterious huntress
                                           autobiographical stories by a
and the ethereal draw of a fairy
                                           gender-confused boy growing up
prince, Ash discovers the strength
                                           in a South Asian Hindu family in
of her own identity in this bisexual
retelling of Cinderella.
                                               Sobat, Gail Sidonie
Peters, Julie Anne
                                           Chance to Dance for You (2011)
Between Mom and Jo (2008)
                                           ISBN: 978-1926531113
ISBN: 978-0316067102
                                           Grade 7-12
Grade 7-10
                                           Ian lives in a suburb where
Fourteen-year-old Nick has a great
                                           everything’s the same. But Ian is
life with his two moms until they
                                           different. Openly gay in his bigoted
split up and he’s caught in the
                                           high school, Ian doesn’t fit in.
middle with no support.
                                           But he’s been training in dance.
Peters, Julie Anne                         Soon he’ll be able to leave town
Luna (2006)                                to become a professional. Then
ISBN: 978-0316011273
                                           he falls in love with Jess, the star
Grade 8-12                                 quarterback…

Regan is fiercely protective of her         Weatherford, Carole
brother Liam and his secret desire         Becoming Billie Holiday (2008)
to be Luna. She fears their family’s       ISBN: 978-1590785072
reaction, and she fears that her           Grade 7-12
brother may someday give in to
                                           Verse format is used to narrate
despair. While Regan wonders if
                                           the life of Eleanora Fagan, an
she will ever be able to have a life
                                           unwanted child who grew up to
separate from the needs of her
                                           become a Harlem jazz legend. The
sibling, Liam seriously considers a
                                           poems draw their titles from Billie
permanent change.
                                           Holiday’s songs.

                                           JUNIOR HIGH (GRADES 6-9)

Wilkinson, Lili
Pink (2011)
ISBN: 978-0061926532
Grade 8-11
Ava, a bisexual Australian teen,
attempts to re-invent herself by
switching to a new school, but the
results are both tragic and funny.

Wittlinger, Ellen
Parrotfish (2011)
ISBN: 978-1442406216
Grade 7-10
In the days between American
Thanksgiving and Christmas,
Grady comes out as female-to-
male transsexual, facing issues of
acceptance and rejection at school
and at home. Grady deals with his
vexing issues of self-identity with
courage and grace. An excellent
resource for building awareness
about, and serving the increasing
number of transgender and
trassexual teens

Senior High (Grades 9-12)

Beam, Cris                                  Cameron, Peter
I Am J (2011)                               Someday This Pain Will
ISBN: 978-0316053617                        Be Useful to You (2009)
Grade 9-12                                  ISBN: 978-0312428167

J was born Jenifer but has never            Grade 10-12
felt female. At 17, J is sure of his        A funny and painful account of
masculinity, but he is confused             James, a gay eighteen-year-old who
about what to do next. Readers will         lives in New York City with his older
learn a lot about transgender teens         sister and divorced mother and
as J does research online, attends a        struggles to find a direction for his
support group and gets advice from          life the year following 9/11.
friends who have transitioned.
                                            Cart, Michael (ed.)
Block, Francesca Lia                        How Beautiful the Ordinary (2009)
Baby Be-Bop (1995)                          ISBN: 978-0061154980
ISBN: 978-0064471763                        Grade 9-12
Grade 8-12                                  The tales in this collection
Dirk McDonald, a 16-year-old boy in         present not only the wide variety
Los Angeles, comes to terms with            of identities in the LGBTQ
being gay after he receives surreal         community – lesbian, gay, bisexual,
storytelling visitations from his           transgender, transsexual, and
dead father and great-grandmother.          questioning – but also the variety of
                                            experiences of being human – love,
Burd, Nick                                  regret, betrayal, and discovery.
The Vast Fields of Ordinary (2011)
ISBN: 978-0142418208                        Cruse, Howard
Grade 9-12                                  Stuck Rubber Baby (1995; 2011)
                                            ISBN: 978-1401227036
The summer after graduating from
an Iowa high school, eighteen-              Grade 10-12
year-old Dade ends his long-term,           A lyrical tale of a young man caught
secret relationship, comes out              in the turbulence of the civil rights
of the closet, and finds first love.          movement and the systematic
Dade’s new boyfriend is the local           homophobia of the American South
drug dealer, Alex. Neither Dade nor         of the 1960s. The title refers to a
Alex can predict the future of their        pregnancy that follows a condom
relationship, since they both know          malfunction. Graphic Novel
that Dade plans to leave town for
college in September. S

                                                     SENIOR HIGH (GRADES 9-12)

    Diersch, Sandra                               Fullerton, Alma
Out (2009)                                    In the Garage (2006)
ISBN: 978-1552774212                          ISBN: 978-0889953710
Grade 9-12                                    Grade 9-12
Alex struggles with his faith when            BJ, who is bullied at school, betrays
he witnesses a church member                  her best friend Alex by stealing the
cheating on his wife and learns that          journal where he’s recorded his
his brother is gay. When his brother          thoughts about being gay. Calgary
is brutally attacked, Alex is forced          author Fullerton uses verse format
to decide where his loyalties lie and         to tell this tragic tale.
what he really believes in. Set in
Maple Ridge, B.C. HI / LO                        Francis, Brian
                                              Fruit (2004)
Doyle, Mayra Lazara                           ISBN: 978-1550226201
Down to the Bone (2008)                       Grade 10-12
ISBN: 978-0060843106
                                              Peter Paddington is 13, overweight,
Grade 9-11                                    and the subject of his classmates’
16-year-old Laura is a Latina lesbian         ridicule. When his nipples begin
living in Miami. After she is outed at        speaking to him one day and
school, kicked out of her home, and           inform him of their diabolical
rejected by her girlfriend, she finds          plan to expose his secret desires
herself and her community.                    to the world, Peter finds himself
                                              cornered in a world that seems to
    Dunnion, Kristyn                          have no tolerance for difference.
Big Big Sky (2008)                            This hilarious former Canada Reads
ISBN: 978-0889954045                          contender is set in Sarnia, Ontario.
Grade 8-12
A tightly-knit female warrior group           Garden, Nancy
are trained to be aggressive, quick           Annie on My Mind (1982; 2007)
                                              ISBN: 978-0374400118
thinking, and obedient, but when it
becomes clear that they face being            Grade 9-12
deplugged (finished, dead) they                After a disaster at school, Liza puts
make a run for it. Eventually they            aside her feelings for Annie, but
make it to the outside of the great           eventually allows love to triumph
mountain where they’ve been raised            over the ignorance of other people.
and programmed – and here for the             School Library Journal: “No single
first time they behold the big, big sky        work has done more for young adult
of the real world. Science fiction with        LGBT fiction than this classic about
effective use of invented language.           two teenage girls who fall in love. ”


Garsee, Jeannine                               Harmon, Michael
Say the Word (2011)                            Last Exit to Normal (2009)
ISBN: 978-1599906133                           ISBN: 978-0440239949
Grade 9-12                                     Grade 9-12
The word that Shawna refuses                   Ben and his two dads move to rural
to say is “lesbian. Her mother                 Montana where Ben absolutely
abandoned her and her father in                does not fit in and finds it harder to
order to be with her new love, Fran.           deal with having two dads than he
In the years since, Shawna has                 did in their previous urban home.
barely seen her mother, who has
made a life with Fran and two sons.            Horner, Emily
When her mother dies, Shawna                   A Love Story Starring My
learns that her father has not been            Dead Best Friend (2010)
truthful with her, and suddenly                ISBN: 978-0803734203
making moral decisions becomes                 Grade 8-12
much more difficult.                            16-year-old Cass mourns the death
                                               of her best friend, Julia, and helps a
   Goobie, Beth                                group to mount a musical Julia had
Hello, Groin (2006)                            written. In alternating then and now
ISBN: 978-1551434599
                                               chapters, Cass also describes a solo
Grade 9-12                                     bicycle journey she undertook in
A realistic look at a lesbian                  Julia’s memory. Cass learns not to
teen coming to terms with her                  denigrate the value of friendship by
sexuality at the same time as she is           saying “we were just friends” and
embroiled in a censorship issue at             she kisses a girl for the first time.
her school in Saskatoon.
                                               Hurwin, Davida
Green, John & David Levithan                   Freaks and Revelations (2009)
Will Grayson, Will Grayson (2011)              ISBN: 978-0316049962
ISBN: 978-0142418475                           Grade 9-12
Grade 9-12                                     Tells, in alternating fictional voices,
When two teens, one gay and one                of events leading up to a true 1980s
straight, meet accidentally and                incident in Los Angeles in which
discover that they share the same              a fourteen-year-old homeless gay
name, their lives become intertwined           youth was beaten and left for dead
as one begins dating the other’s               by a seventeen-year-old skinhead.
best friend, who produces a musical            The two met again, years later,
revealing his relationship with them           and now give talks together about
both. Told in alternating voices of the        overcoming hatred. Pair this with
two Will Graysons.                             The Laramie Project play or film.

                                                   SENIOR HIGH (GRADES 9-12)

Katcher, Brian
                                               Mac, Carrie
Almost Perfect (2010)
                                            The Beckoners (2007)
ISBN: 978-0385736657
                                            ISBN: 978-1551437293
Grade 8-12
                                            Grade 8-12
With his mother working long
                                            15-year-old Zoe is not pleased to be
hours and in pain from a romantic
                                            moving yet again, this time from
break-up, eighteen-year-old Logan
                                            Prince George to Abbotsford, BC.
feels alone and unloved until a zany
                                            Unsure of herself and merely trying
new student named Sage arrives
                                            to fit in, Zoe is initiated, painfully,
at his small-town Missouri high
                                            into the Beckoners, a twisted group
school, keeping a big secret. By
                                            of girls whose main purpose is to
the time Logan learns that Sage is
                                            stay on top by whatever means
transgender, he is already in love
                                            necessary. A chilling portrait of
with her. S
                                            bullying and violence and the
Kaufman, Moises                             terrible price that can be exacted for
The Laramie Project (2001)                  standing up for what is right. Two of
ISBN: 978-0375727191
                                            the protagonists are gay teens and
Grade 10-12                                 Zoe is sorting out her own sexual
A stunning, internationally-
acclaimed play that attempts to                Mac, Carrie
find meaning in the 1998 murder              Crush (2006)
of Matthew Shepard, a gay                   ISBN: 978-1551435268
college student. The tragedy was            Grade 9-12
a watershed event and stimulated
                                            During a summer in New York,
debates on anti-gay prejudice and
                                            Hope falls in love with another girl
violence. Members of Kaufman’s
                                            and must decide whether or not she
theater group travelled to Laramie,
                                            is a lesbian. HI / LO
Wyoming, and interviewed
townspeople, which gives the play’s
dialogue a raw authenticity. Many
different voices are heard:
a policewoman, Matthew’s father,
a Catholic priest, a lesbian college
professor, Matthew’s killers,
a Unitarian minister, a viciously
anti-gay protestor, etc.


                                               St. James, James
   McDonald, S
                                               Freak Show (2008)
Confessions of an
                                               ISBN: 978-0142412312
Empty Purse (2010)
                                               Grade 9-12
ISBN: 978-1897181331
Grade 10-12                                    Outrageously over-the-top teen drag
                                               queen Billy Bloom, a new student
Autobiography in verse format of
                                               at the very conservative Dwight
a Toronto teenager aching for role
                                               D. Eisenhower Academy, finds
models and giddy with the excitement
                                               that life is not easy for him among
of spotting real, live transsexuals
                                               the rich students with their brutal
on Parliament Street. The inherent
tragedy of being fat, pimply, and
male while longing to be glamorous,            Sanchez, Alex
willowy and female is balanced with
campy humour. Suicide is considered             Rainbow Boys (2003)
and averted, with the courage it takes          ISBN: 978-0689857706;
to accept that some dreams will never           Rainbow High (2005)
come true.                                      ISBN: 978-0689854781;

Peters, Julie Anne                              Rainbow Road (2007)
                                                ISBN: 978-1416911913;
grl2grl (2007)
ISBN: 978-0316013437                           Grade 9-12
Grade 9-12
                                               A trilogy told in multiple points of
The young queer women in this                  view that follows the overlapping
collection of ten short stories are            lives of several gay and questioning
at different levels of self-discovery,         high school seniors as they come
searching for satisfying relationships.        of age.

    Rainfield, Cheryl                           Schrag, Ariel
Scars (2010)                                   Awkward and Definition (2008)
ISBN: 978-1934813324                           ISBN: 978-1416552314
Grade 9-12                                     Grade 10-12
Fifteen-year-old Kendra, a lesbian             Pen-and ink comics drawn during
and budding artist, has not felt               Schrag’s early high-school years in
safe since she began to recall                 San Francisco illuminate her journey
devastating memories of childhood              toward a sexual identity, amid
sexual abuse, especially since she             concerns about school, sex, drugs
cannot remember her abuser’s                   and rock ‘n’ roll. Graphic Novel
identity, and she copes with the
pressure by cutting herself.

                                                       SENIOR HIGH (GRADES 9-12)

   Scofield, Gregory                              Stevenson, Robin
Kipocihkân: Poems New                        Big Guy (2008)
and Selected (2009)                          ISBN: 978-1551439105
ISBN: 978-0889712287                         Grade 9-12
Grade 11-12                                  Derek thinks he might be falling
Award-winning poet Scofield                   in love for the first time ever. The
features work from five earlier               problem is, he hasn’t been entirely
collections. Some, like “Divided,            honest with his online boyfriend.
address the issue of ethnic                  HI / LO
identity for a blue-eyed Métis,
while poems from Love Medicine                   Stevenson, Robin
and One Song reflect tenderness               Inferno (2009)
toward a male lover.                         ISBN: 978-1554690770
                                             Grade 8-12
   Scofield, Gregory                          Grade 10 at a new school was
Thunder Through My Veins (2000)              bearable because Dante was
ISBN: 978-0006385431
                                             wrapped up in romance with Beth…
Grade 10-12                                  but now Beth has moved away. It
Scofield’s autobiography describes            was a secret affair; nobody is out
how he survived a childhood                  at Dante’s school and she hasn’t
marked by loss, poverty and                  said anything about her sexuality to
violence and did not learn to accept         her parents, either. Somebody new
himself and his gay identity until he        has caught Dante’s eye, however.
accepted his Métis heritage.                 Parker has sled-dog blue eyes and
                                             no eyebrows. She quit school but
   Selvadurai, Shyam                         comes by to pass out flyers. “WOOF      ,
Swimming In the                                    .
                                             WOOF YOU ARE NOT A DOG. WHY
Monsoon Sea (2007)                           ARE YOU GOING TO OBEDIENCE
ISBN: 978-0887768347                         SCHOOL?” When Dante joins
Grade 8-12                                   Parker’s small circle of activists, she
14-year-old Amrith finds his life             was hoping to escape from the hell
in Sri Lanka turned upside down              of school. But is she jumping into
when his Canadian cousin visits and          the flames instead?
Amrith falls in love with him.


   Tamaki, Mariko &                              Whatling, Michael
    Jillian Tamaki                            A Vigil for Joe Rose (2009)
Skim (2010)                                   ISBN: 978-1440178559
ISBN: 978-0888999641                          Grade 9-12
Grade 9-12                                    A collection of eight short stories
Would-be Wiccan and goth Skim,                and a novella about the experience
aka Kimberly Keiko Cameron, is                of being out in high school in
revealed as a sometimes target for            Montreal. They chart the journey
the popular students at her all-girls         of the main characters from first
private school in Toronto, where she          coming out to their growth into
falls in love with her English teacher        confident young gay men, and the
Ms. Archer. Graphic Novel                     challenges, triumphs, and losses
                                              along the way.
Weir, Johnny
Welcome to My World (2011)                       Winter, Kathleen
ISBN: 978-1451610284                          Annabel (2011)
[NOTE: new paperback ed.                      ISBN: 978-0887842900
due out Sept. 2011]                           Grade 10-12
Grade 9-12
                                              In a small Labrador community in
Autobiography of Olympic athlete              1968, an unusual baby is born at
Johnny Weir, who received his                 home with a very small penis, a
first pair of new skates when he               testicle on one side and a vagina
was eleven. After only two hours              on the other - a hermaphrodite. This
of lessons, he astonished his                 is the story of his life; his, because
instructor by taking off on his own           his father decides that he will have
and landing an axel jump. Weir                a son called Wayne. Thomasina, a
went on to win the US National                friend who was there to assist at
Championship three years in a                 his birth, calls him Annabel, after
row. At the Olympics in Vancouver             her dead daughter. Wayne’s mother
in 2010, he was at the centre of a            always regrets that surgery was
media storm after two Quebecois               imposed upon her child, wishing it
broadcasters said that he needed              was possible to raise the child as
a gender test because they didn’t             neither male nor female, or both.
know if he was a man or a woman.
Proud of his individuality, Weir
spoke out confidently in support of
all the “weirdos” of the world.

                                              SENIOR HIGH (GRADES 9-12)

Wittlinger, Ellen
Hard Love (2001)
ISBN: 978-0689841545
Grade 8-12
16-year-old John deals with his
broken family life by writing a zine
and falls in love with another writer,
Marisol, who is a lesbian.

Wittlinger, Ellen
Love & Lies (2009)
ISBN: 978-1416979142
Grade 10-12
Marisol’s story picks up four months
after Hard Love ended, but it can
be enjoyed independently of the
first book. Her roommate Birdie
is a gay guy who brings home
strays of all sorts, including a new
boyfriend, Damon. Marisol plans to
find herself a girlfriend – easier said
than done, especially when the one
Marisol wants is not the girl who
falls in love with her.

Nonfiction Resources
for Students and Teachers
Alsenas, Linus                                Bornstein, Kate &
Gay America:                                  S. Bear Bergman. Editors
Struggle for Equality (2008)                  Gender Outlaws:
ISBN: 978-0810994874                          The Next Generation (2010)
Grade 7-12                                    ISBN: 978-1580053082

A well-illustrated and engaging               Grade 10-12
history of gay and lesbian life in the        This collection of stories and
United States, with a focus on the            dialogues provides a new way of
twentieth century.                            thinking about gender, politics, and
                                              transgender identities.
Beam, Cris
Transparent: Love, Family,                    Brill, Stephanie & Rachel Pepper
and Living the T with                         The Transgender Child: A Handbook
Transgender Teenagers (2007)                  for Families and Professionals (2008)
ISBN: 978-0151011964                          ISBN: 978-1573443180
Grade 10-12                                   Professional
A compelling memoir describing                A first-of-its-kind guidebook that
how a volunteer stint at an                   explores the experiences of families
alternative school for queer youth in         raising transgender and gender
Los Angeles resulted in the author            non-conforming children. The
forming meaningful relationships              authors, who are experts in the
with several of the transgendered             field, cover a wide variety of topics
students.                                     ranging from birth to university,
                                              including “what is gender?” and
Bornstein, Kate                               how to advocate for gender-variant
Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives           children in elementary school.
to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and
Other Outlaws (2006)
ISBN: 978-1583227206
Grade 7-12
A self-help book that remains
fiercely positive and supportive
while acknowledging the difficulties
marginalized youth face.


   Canadian Teachers’ Federation
Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Trans-Indentified, and Two-Spirited (BGLTT)
(series; 2002-2007)

This series is designed to assist teachers, school administrators, and
counsellors in understanding the educational, health and safety needs of
those students and staff who are or are perceived as being BGLTT. All books
are available in French and English:

Canadian Teachers’ Federation               Wells, Kristopher
and Elementary Teachers’                    Gay-Straight Student Alliance
Federation of Ontario                       Handbook: A Comprehensive
Seeing the Rainbow: Teachers                Resource for Canadian K-12
Talk About Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian,          Teachers, Administrators, and
Transgender, and Two-Spirited               School Counsellors (2006)
Realities (2002)                            ISBN: 0-88989355-1
ISBN: 0-88989338-1
                                            Schrader, Alvin and
Canadian Teachers’ Federation               Kristopher Wells
Lessons Learned: A Collection of            Challenging Silence, Challenging
Stories and Articles About Bisexual,        Censorship: Inclusive Resources,
Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender               Strategies, and Policy Directives for
Issues (2005)                               Addressing Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian,
ISBN: 0-88989348-9                          Trans-Identified, and Two-Spirited
                                            Realities in School and Public
                                            Libraries (2007)
                                            ISBN: 0-8898360-8

Fakhrid-Deen, Tina, with COLAGE
Let’s Get This Straight: The
Ultimate Handbook for Youth
with LGBTQ Parents (2010)
ISBN: 978-1580053334
Grade 5-12
A guide to help children and teens learn to combat
homophobia, develop a sense of belonging and heal the
shame that can result when your family is “different.


The Gallup’s Guide to Modern Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Lifestyle
(series; 2009-2011) Grade 7-12

While today’s teens see homosexuality as a fact of their everyday lives,
discrimination, bullying and rejection are still very real. This series presents a
look at positive role models and supportive communities. It confronts the issues
without bias, offering young adults the necessary facts to build understanding.

Palmer, Bill                                 Seba, Jaime A
A New Generation of                          Gay People of Color: Facing
Homosexuality: Modern Trends in              Prejudices, Forging Identities
Gay & Lesbian Communities                    ISBN: 978-1422218778
ISBN: 978-1422218730
                                             Seba, Jaime A
Seba, Jaime A                                Gays and Mental Health: Fighting
Being Gay, Staying Healthy                   Depression, Saying No to Suicide
ISBN: 978-1422218648                         ISBN: 978-1422218709

Seba, Jaime A                                Hunt, Jaime
Coming Out: Telling Family                   Homophobia: From Social Stigma to
and Friends                                  Hate Crimes
ISBN: 978-1422218655                         ISBN: 978-1422218716

Seba, Jaime A                                Seba, Jaime A
Feeling Wrong in Your Own Body:              Homosexuality Around the World:
Understanding What It Means to Be            Safe Havens, Cultural Challenges
Transgender                                  ISBN: 978-1422218723
ISBN: 978-1422218662
                                             Seba, Jaime A
Seba, Jaime A                                Smashing the Stereotypes: What
Gay and Lesbian Role Models                  Does It Mean to Be Gay, Lesbian,
ISBN: 978-1422218679                         Bisexual, or Transgender?
                                             ISBN: 978-1422218747
Sanna, Emily
Gay Believers: Homosexuality and             Chastain, Zachary
Religion                                     Statistical Timeline and Overview of
ISBN: 978-1422218686                         Gay Life
                                             ISBN: 978-142221875
Seba, Jaime A
Gay Characters in Theater, Movies,           Palmer, Bill
and Television: New Roles, New               What Causes Sexual Orientation?
Attitudes                                    Genetics, Biology, Psychology
ISBN: 978-1422220139                         ISBN: 978-1422218761


                                           Jennings, Kevin. Editor
   Haskell, Rebecca
                                           One Teacher in 10 2nd ed. (2005)
& Brian Burtch
                                           ISBN: 978-0739452738
Get that Freak: Homophobia and
Transphobia in High Schools (2010)
ISBN: 978-1552663783                       Forty LGBTQ educators describe what
Professional                               it is like to teach in today’s classrooms.
                                           The stories of hope, struggle, and
The authors explore the experiences
                                           emergence shared in this collection
of 16 youth from British Columbia
                                           are profoundly inspiring.
as they negotiate the homophobic
and transphobic terrain of high                Killoran, Isabel & Karleen
school. This book examines the             Pendleton Jiménez. Editors
motivations of bullying, taunting,         “Unleashing the Unpopular”: Talking
and homophobic language and                About Sexual Orientation and
provides ways in which teachers            Gender Diversity in Education (2007)
and administrators can create safer        ISBN: 978-0871731715 Professional
schools for sexual and gender
                                           A unique teacher education
minority youth and their allies.
                                           resource that strives to improve
Huegel, Kelly                              understanding of issues related to
GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for              sexual orientation, gender diversity,
Queer & Questioning Teens                  and education, and how they
2nd ed. (2011)                             impact students, teachers, schools,
ISBN: 978-1575423630                       and the community. A powerful and
Grade 7-12                                 poignant collection of personal and
                                           professional narratives.
Addresses the concerns and
questions LGBTQ youth face every           Marcus, Eric
day, including coming out, dating          What If Someone I
and religion. Each chapter contains        Know Is Gay? (2007)
sidebar quotes from queer teens            ISBN: 978-1416949701
and descriptions of appropriate            Grade 7-10
resources such as books,
                                           Updated edition of a candid
organizations and Web sites.
                                           resource that answers real questions
                                           from teens on all aspects of
                                           homosexuality. Myths and negative
                                           stereotypes are pushed aside and
                                           students are helped to understand
                                           what being gay is really all about.


                                            Available for free download in
   McNinch, James &
                                            French and English.
   Mary Cronin. Editors
I Could Not Speak My Heart:                    Public Health Agency
Education and Social Justice for               of Canada
Gay and Lesbian Youth (2004)                Questions & Answers: Sexual
ISBN: 978-0889771789 Professional           Orientation in Schools (2010)
                                            ISBN: 978-1100151229
A western Canadian anthology
documenting the struggle for equity
and social justice for LGBTQ youth,         This easy-to-read Q&A format
teachers, and families in public            provides the latest scientific
schools. A diverse collection of            research to help inform and
authors, identities, and issues. An         support teachers, administrators,
excellent resource for pre-service          parents, and policy makers to take
and professional development.               positive action on issues related to
                                            sexual orientation in K-12 schools.
   Meyer, Elizabeth                         Available for free download in
Gender and Sexual Diversity in              French and English.
Schools: An Introduction (2010)
ISBN: 978-9400704879                        Sears, James. Editor
Professional                                Journal of LGBT Youth:
                                            An International Quarterly
An easy-to-read introduction
                                            Devoted to Research, Policy,
to gender and sexual diversity
                                            Theory, and Practice
in schools. This text provides
definitions, background history,             www.tandf.co.uk/journals/
research evidence, and concrete             titles/19361653.asp
strategies to identify and address
homophobia, heterosexism, and               An interdisciplinary forum
transphobia in schools.                     dedicated to improving the quality
                                            of life for lesbian, gay, bisexual,
   Public Health Agency                     transgender, and questioning
   of Canada                                youth. This quarterly journal
Questions & Answers: Gender                 presents peer-reviewed scholarly
Identity in Schools (2010)                  articles, practitioner-based essays,
ISBN: 978-1100151205 Professional           policy analyses, and revealing
Written in an informative Q&A               narratives from young people.
style, this guide provides evidence-        The wide-ranging topics include
informed information for teachers,          formal and non-formal education;
administrators, school trustees,            family; peer culture; the media,
and sexual health educators to              arts, and entertainment industry;
help them understand and support            religious institutions and youth
transgender and gender non-                 organizations; health care; and the
conforming youth in K-12 schools.           workplace.

Documentary and Nonfiction DVDs

                                             Breaking the Silence: LGBQT Youth
   Apples and Oranges (2003)
                                             Tell Their Stories (2006) National
National Film Board; 17 min.
                                             Center for Lesbian Rights;
Grade 4-8
                                             Grade 9-12
Two animated short films addressing
                                             Ten former foster youth tell of their
homophobia are paired with an
                                             experiences as queer youth in the
elementary school classroom
                                             American foster care system. They
discussion of bullying and
                                             describe their experiences – some
stereotyping. The film challenges
                                             positive, some heartbreakingly
negative stereotypes about gays
                                             negative – and offer suggestions for
and lesbians and shows the children
                                             change. Free to order. Comes with
coming up with more positive views.
                                             discussion guide.
PDF teaching guide also available.
                                             …But Words DO Hurt: Stories from
Beyond Hatred
                                             GLBTT Youth (2005). Alberta Civil
(French with subtitles) (2005)
                                             Liberties Research Centre; 30 min.
First Run Features; 85 min.
                                             Grade 10-12
Grade 10-12
                                             GLBTT youth from Alberta talk
François Chenu was murdered by
                                             about their identities, coming
skinheads in a violent hate crime in
                                             out, family, the media, and their
Rheims, France. The film explores the
                                             experiences in school and their
aftermath of his murder and the roots
                                             dreams and hopes for the future.
of hate and homophobia. Chenu’s
                                             Professionals from a wide-variety of
family speaks openly about their
                                             backgrounds (police officers, social
struggle to make sense of the loss.
                                             workers, lawyers, and teachers)
Brandon Teena Story (1998)                   also discuss why it is important to
New Video Group; 88 min.                     address GLBTT issues in schools.
Grade 10-12                                  Comes with study guide.

An award-winning documentary                 Fagbug (2010)
exploring the life of Brandon Teena,         Garden Thieves Pictures; 83 min.
a young woman who wanted to                  Grade 7-12
desperately be a man. This riveting
                                             When Erin Davies’ car is spray-painted
and, at times, horrifying narrative,
                                             with homophobic slurs, she takes it
utilizes news footage and interviews
                                             on a cross-country awareness-raising
with Brandon’s friends, family,
                                             tour. The film documents the journey
and former girlfriends to explore
                                             with footage of the drive, interviews
Brandon’s life and tragic death.
                                             with the families of hate crimes
Academy Award-winning Boys
                                             victims, and interviews with people
Don’t Cry was based on this.
                                             both supportive and unsupportive of
                                             Erin’s project.

For the Bible Tells Me So (2007)
                                                 Girl Inside (2007)
First Run Features; 98 min.
                                              Women Make Movies; 70 min.
Grade 9-12
                                              Grade 10-12
A multiple-award winning
documentary, which follows the                A documentary that follows
lives of five “very normal, very               Madison, a 26-year-old trans woman
Christian, very American” families            during her three-year transition
who positively address the                    process. Strong focus on family and
revelation of having a gay child.             relationships.

Further Off the Straight                      In My Shoes: Youth with
and Narrow (2006)                             LGBT Parents (2005)
Media Ed. Foundation; 61 min.                 Frameline; 31 min.
Grade 9-12                                    Grade 7-12
Reviewing the presence of LGBTQ               Though not the first film to
characters and personas, this film             showcase the voices of children,
explores the development and expan-           In My Shoes is a youth-produced
sion of representations of queerness          documentary about LGBT
on television. The impact of com-             parents. Five youth speak about
mercial interests is discussed, as are        their experiences, as well as gay
the possibilities LGBTQ characters on         marriage, social change, and family.
television create for queer youth.
                                                 In Other Words (2001)
Gay Youth (2006)                              National Film Board; 27 min.
New Day Films; 30 min.                        Grade 6-12
Grade 7-12                                    Looking at how language sculpts
The stories of LGBTQ youth are                attitude, the film collects accounts
presented in the context of how               from LGBTQ teens. It explores
schools, families, and community              various facets of language, formal
groups can support and accept                 and informal, and the prevalence
them. Looking at both tragic and              of homophobic language across
inspirational examples of gay                 media. Includes ideas about how to
youth navigating the tumultuous               move beyond negative language.
teen years, the film is both frank
and informative. PDF study guide

                                       DOCUMENTARY AND NONFICTION DVDS

Is It a Boy or a Girl? (2001)                 Laramie Inside Out (2005)
VSB Consultant; 53 min.                       New Day Films; 56 min.
Grade 10-12                                   Grade 10-12
A Discovery Channel production,               The filmmaker Bev Seckinger returns
this short film explores gender from           to her hometown, Laramie, to
the perspective of intersexuals.              investigate the impact of Matthew
Individuals whose sex at birth is             Shepard’s murder on the community.
neither traditionally understood              She speaks to a cross-section of
as male nor female, or may have               community members as well as
mixed sexual characteristics.                 the fanatical Rev. Fred Phelps of
Through interviews with parents,              Westboro Baptist Church. Can be
intersexed people, and medical                used in conjunction with The Laramie
professionals the film outlines                Project to stimulate discussion on
the daily realities and struggles             homophobia and hate crimes.
intersexuals experience.
                                              Let’s Get Real (2003)
It’s Still Elementary: Talking About          Groundspark; 35 min.
Gay Issues in Schools (2007)                  Grade 6-9
Groundspark; 47 min.                          An exploration of the various
K-Grade 8                                     differences that are targeted with
Examines the powerful impact of               bullying behaviour. Simultaneously
the original film “It’s Elementary” ,          heartbreaking and heartwarming,
ensuing backlash and protests, and            the film effectively presents multiple
explores the possibilities of igniting        perspectives: those of the bullies,
positive social change through                the bullied, and the students who
grassroots community organizing.              try to help.
This collection also includes the
original “It’s Elementary” training              Little Sister’s vs. Big Brother
video (37 min) and full-length                (2002) National Film Board; 71 min.
feature (78 min), along with a 136-           Grade 10-12
page curriculum/resource guide.               This documentary covers the details
This collection presents an honest            of the case of Little Sister’s bookshop
and critical reflection on challenging         in Vancouver being censored by
the censorship of dialogue about              Canada Customs. LGBTQ materials
homosexuality as teachers open                destined for the shop were
their classrooms to cameras. In               seized at the border, described as
doing so, teachers model age-                 pornographic. A historical fifteen-
appropriate ways of discussing                year struggle in the Canadian LGBTQ
family diversity, name-calling,               community’s quest for equal rights
stereotyping, and challenging                 and freedom of speech.

No Dumb Questions (2001).                    Out in the Silence: Love, Hate,
Epiphany Productions; 24 min.                and a Quest for Change in Small
Grades 7-12.                                 Town America (2009)
                                             Garden Thieves Pictures; 56 min.
A poignant and award-winning
                                             Grade 9-12
documentary, which profiles three
sisters, ages 6, 9 and 11, struggling        A filmmaker returns to his roots
to understand why and how their              when, after announcing his
Uncle Bill is becoming a woman. A            upcoming marriage to a man, he is
unique and powerful tool for                 contacted by the mother of a gay
opening minds and sparking dialog            teen being agonizingly bullied in the
in schools, colleges, workplaces,            town where he grew up. Joe Wilson
faith communities, and families.             and his partner, Dean Hamer,
Also includes a discussion guide             return to the town and document
and best practice examples to use            conversations with religious,
the film to inspire change.                   political, and educational leaders all
                                             in effort to increase tolerance and
   One of Them (2000)                        respect for diversity.
National Film Board; 25 min.
Grade 7-12                                   Pursuit of Equality (2007)
                                             Prerogatives; 80 min.
In a dramatization that focuses
                                             Grade 10-12
on homophobia, Jamie realizes
that her friend Carla is the victim          On the steps of San Francisco City
of homophobic bullying. The film              Hall, Callan and Shaw capture the
examines social responses to                 first same-sex marriage in the United
both Carla and Jamie. NFB offers             States. They follow the story through
a teacher guide for classroom                courtrooms and on the streets as
discussion of the film.                       the historic fight for equal marriage
                                             rights unfolds across the nation.

                                   DOCUMENTARY AND NONFICTION DVDS

Red Without Blue (2007)
                                                Sticks and Stones (2001)
Cinema Libre Studio; 77 min.
                                             National Film Board; 17 min.
Grade 10-12
                                             K-Grade 6
Mark and Alex are identical twins
                                             Young children describe the
who come out in their teens. Alex
                                             experience of being teased or
then comes out as trans. The film
                                             bullied about their same-sex
follows their relationship with each
                                             parents. The children articulate
other and with their parents through
                                             what they think should be done
Alex’s transitioning. Gender,
                                             to prevent bullying and to foster
identity, and the bonds of twinship
                                             respect for family diversity.
are all re-imagined in this beautiful
film about family, love, and self.            Straightlaced: How Gender’s
                                             Got Us All Tied Up (2008)
   Rough Cuts:
                                             New Day Films; 67 min.
Class Queers (2003)
                                             Grade 10-12
Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation; 39 min.                         Interviews with more than fifty
Grade 10-12                                  teens are woven together in this
                                             examination of how gender and
The Triangle Program, Canada’s
                                             sexual orientation play out in the
only high school program for gay,
                                             social lives of high school students.
lesbian, bisexual, and trans youth,
                                             The teens provide candid accounts
is what connects the three queer
                                             of how they work with and against
students followed in this short
                                             media, stereotypes, and social
film. Their daily lives and struggles
                                             pressures to establish their own
are documented, from family life
to school and their intersections.
Includes a discussion guide.                 That’s a Family (2000)
                                             Groundspark; 35 min.
   She’s a Boy I Knew (2007)
                                             K-Grade 6
Media Education Foundation;
70 min.                                      Children take viewers through their
Grade 10-12                                  family lives, illustrating the diversity
                                             in their families: parents of different
Filmmaker Gwen Haworth
                                             race, religion, sexual orientation,
documents her own biological
                                             marital status. With grace and
transition from male to female. Her
                                             sincerity as well as humour, the
family relationships take centre
                                             children narrate their individual
stage as she presents us with her
                                             experiences. A great starting point
very personal account of coming
                                             for discussing the different faces
out. Elements of humour about
                                             and shapes of families.
gender roles punctuate a very raw,
emotional narrative.
Feature Films

   Breakfast with Scot (2007)                  C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005)
Mongrel Media; 95 min.                      TVA Films; 129 min.
Grade 10-12                                 Grade 10-12
A delightful Canadian comedy                Zachery, who was born on
about Eric, a gay retired hockey            Christmas day, always knew there
player who lives with his partner           was something different about
Sam, a sports lawyer. When Sam              himself. As he grows up in a family
unexpectedly becomes the guardian           of four brothers, he undertakes a
of his brother’s son, Scot, the             journey of self-discovery, which
couple’s lives are turned up side           leads him to finally accept his true
down. Breakfast with Scot was               identity. Sharp humour, with a
the first LGBTQ-themed film to                new take on a classic coming-to-
ever receive endorsement from a             terms narrative and complex family
professional sports team.                   dynamics.

Brokeback Mountain (2006)                      The Hanging Garden (1997)
Universal Studios Home                      MGM Home Entertainment; 91 min.
Entertainment; 135 min.                     Grade 10-12
Grade 9-12
                                            A sensitive and wry take on
A multiple Academy Award-                   dysfunction and family in which the
winning movie that tells the tale of        overweight, lonely, awkward teenage
two men in love over the course             hero returns home after 10 years, as a
of their lifelong relationship.             slim, self-possessed gay man.
An emotionally complex and
beautiful film, which explores               The Laramie Project (2002)
critical concepts of homophobia,            HBO Home Video; 96 min.
heterosexism, and the devastating           Grade 10-12
impacts of societal prejudice.              Based on the play by Moises
                                            Kaufman, The Laramie Project
                                            dramatizes the events surrounding
                                            and leading up to Matthew
                                            Shepard’s murder. Winner of
                                            multiple prestigious awards, the film
                                            pairs well with Laramie Inside Out
                                            as a starting point for discussion of
                                            homophobia and hate crimes.

                                                                  FEATURE FILMS

Ma Vie en Rose (1997)                         TransAmerica (2006)
Columbia TriStar Home Video;                  Genius Products; 104 min.
88 min.                                       Grade 10-12
Grade 10-12                                   A funny and heartbreaking story
A fictional, inspirational account of          of Bree, born as Stanley, a genetic
a 7-year-old boy who is convinced             male, who embarks on a gender
she was meant to be a girl.                   transition process as she reunites
                                              with her long-lost 17-year-old son.
Milk (2008)                                   Their physical and emotional
Universal Studios Home                        journey together across America
Entertainment; 129 min.                       gives them both the courage
Grade 8-12                                    to challenge and change their
An Academy Award-winning                      individual lives and relationship.
biopic dedicated to the memory
                                              Were the World Mine: A Musical
of San Francisco activist and City
                                              Dream Come True (2008)
Supervisor Harvey Milk, who was
                                              Wolfe Video; 95 min.
an early champion of gay rights in
                                              Grade 9-12
the United States.
                                              With a high school production
...Prayers for Bobby (2009)                   of A Midsumer’s Night Dream
New Video; 91 min.                            as a backdrop, Timothy concocts
Grade 9-12                                    a magical potion to force
Based on a true story, Prayers for            his conservative hometown
Bobby follows Mary, mother of gay             to experience love from his
son Bobby, as she contends with               perspective. A musical fantasy full
his coming out and subsequent                 of fun and delight ensues.
suicide. She rejects him in life after
failing to “heal” him with religion.
Following his death, Mary moves
beyond fundamentalist religious
doctrine, eventually joining the
LGBTQ community in the fight for
human rights.

This list has been compiled by Dr. Kristopher Wells (Edmonton Public Schools),
Lindy Pratch (Edmonton Public Library), and Kim Bewick (Edmonton Public Library).
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