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					The third and the most important
quality principle of ISO
 If you follow the first two quality
  principles of ISO then you are
  bound to improve continually .
 Continual is not an English word
  , however it is generated by the
  ISO 9001 standard.
 It means that you achieve the
  improvement step by step.
 An interesting example to prove
  this point is , if one has to climb
  a 15 story building and the stair
  case is straight up then no one
  will try to climb. Therefore the
  staircase is always climb ½ floor
  and then relax again climb ½
  floor and relax.
 This is something like Plan-Do-
  Check & Act cycle of ISO 9001
  Standard                              We need to aim at this improvement
                                        by having internal audits and follow
                                        up on the points suggested by the
                                        internal auditors to improve upon.

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