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									                             David A. Wolf, SOC
                                    3929 Peoples Street
                                Metairie, Louisiana 70002
                                    (504) 957-3393 cell
                                   (504) 887-1590 home
                                         IATSE 600
                             Steadicam Operators Association
Big Bad                  Feature- Red Camera              Big Bad Productions, 10          Steadicam
Chasing The Hawk         Feature-35mm                     WWE NOLA Productions, 10         Steadicam
Love Wedding Marriage    Feature- 35mm                    First Wedding Productions, 10    B Camera/Steadicam
Killing Karma            Feature- 35mm                    WWE NOLA Productions, 10         Steadicam
Brothers Keeper          Feature- 35mm                    WWE NOLA Productions, 10         Steadicam
The Expendables          Feature- 35mm                    Alta Vista Productions, 09       C Camera
Chameleon                Feature-35mm                     Chameleon Films, 09              Steadicam
Drones                   Feature-Red Camera               Drones Productions, 08           Steadicam
Way of War               Feature-35mm                     Way of War Productions, 07       Steadicam
A Good Man Is Hard       Feature-HD                       AGM Productions, 07              Steadicam
 To Find
Tony Bravo               Independent Film-35mm            Perception Films, 99             Steadicam
Dr. Hyde, Mr. Jekyl      Documentary-16mm                 Basecamp Entertainment, 99       Steadicam
Baller Blockin           Independent Film-35mm            Cash Money Films, 99             Jimmy Jib
Jalopy Hour              Independent Film-16mm            Hush Money Films, 98             B Camera/Steadicam
Paper Roses              Student Film-16mm                Florida State Film School, 97    Steadicam

Focus Rally              Reality Show- HD                 Profiles Television, 11          Steadicam
Treme                    TV Series- 35mm/HD               Blown Deadline Prods., 10-11     B/C/HD/Steadicam
Memphis Beat             TV Series-HD                     Delta Blues Productions, 10      B Camera
Freakiest Vacations      TV Series-HD                     Fine Living Network, 10          B Camera
Freakiest Foods          TV Series-HD                     Fine Living Network, 10          B Camera
Cribs (MTV/CMT/Teen)     TV Series-HD                     MTV Networks,00-10               DP, Steadicam
Sunday!Sunday!Sunday!    TV Pilot-HD                      Zydeco Productions/Disney, 08    B Camera
Be The Change            TV Special-HD                    MTV Networks, 08                 DP/Steadicam
Imagination Movers       TV Series-HD                     Crescent City Pictures, 07       B Camera
Culture Shock            Reality Show Pilot/CBS-Beta SP   Rocket Science Productions, 02   Steadicam
Health Cops              Series/DiscoveryDigiBeta         Wall To Wall Television, 02      Steadicam
The Real World: New      TV Series-Beta SP                Bunim-Murray Productions, 00     Camera
The Howard Stern Show    Television Show-Beta SP          E! Entertainment, 99           Jimmy Jib
Black Jaq                Network Pilot-35mm               CBS/Belleville Productions, 98 B Camera/Steadicam
The Big Easy             TV Series-16mm                   USA Network, 96-97             B Camera/Steadicam

Ultimate Fighting        Sports Special-Live /HD          ConCom Productions, 01-11        Steadicam
Championship (UFC)
2008 Kentucky Derby      Sports Special- Live/HD          NBC Sports, 08                Steadicam
New Years: No Limits     Live TV-HD                       ESPN, 08                      Steadicam
St. Michaels Feature     Sports Special-HD                PGA Productions, 06           Steadicam
LSU Final Four feature   Sports Special-HD                CBS Sports, 06                Steadicam, DP
City Slam                Sports Series-Live to tape       ESPN/Intersport, 06           Steadicam
Real Training Camp       Reality Show Series-HD           NBA Entertainment, 04         Steadicam, DP
Fox 8 Sports Sunday      Weekly Sports Show-Live          WVUE Fox 8,99-02              Steadicam
Americas Most Wanted     Television Series-Beta SP        Fox Network, 99               Jimmy Jib
Crescent City Classic    Sports Special-Live              WVUE TV-Fox 8, 99 &00         Steadicam
IFBA:Womens Boxing       Sports Special-Live              IFBA/Pay Per View,99          Jimmy Jib
Toughman Contest         Weekly Sports Broadcast-Live     FX/Fox Sports, 99-02          Steadicam
Champions Day Racing     Sports Broadcast-Live to air     YES Productions/Fox Sports, 98Jimmy Jib

                              David A. Wolf, SOC
Stihl Power Tools        Commercial- HD                 Red Letter Communications, 11 DP/Steadicam/Jib
Adidas                   Commercial-35mm                Kamp Grizzly, 10               Steadicam
JEDCO                    Commercial-16mm                Robert Berning Productions, 09 Steadicam
Ursaline Academy         Marketing Video-HD             Robert Berning Productions, 08 Steadicam
Lamarque Ford            Commercial-16mm                Robert Berning Productions, 07 Steadicam
 “Good Morning”
Metro Disposal           Commercial-16mm                Robert Berning Productions, 07 Steadicam
 “Friday Night Lights”
Lamarque Ford            Commercial-16mm                Robert Berning Productions, 07 Steadicam/Jib
 “Customer Trust”
Steps To A Healthier     PSA-HD                         Fishbowl Entertainment, 07       Steadicam
New Orleans Tourism      Tourism Commercial-HD          Fishbowl Entertainment, 07    Steadicam
Imaginaya                Commercial-DigiBeta            Beau Rivage Casino 07         Steadicam
The Insider              Commercial/Promo-Digi Beta     WWL Television, 05            Steadicam
Marathon Oil, Houston    Corporate Meeting-Live         NMT Productions, 02           Steadicam
Monica Monica            Commercial-Digital Beta        WBRZ Productions, 99          Jimmy Jib
Assurenet 65             Commercial-35mm                Morrison Productions, 99      Jimmy Jib
Anchor Campaign          Commercial-Digital Beta        WBRZ TV,99                    Jimmy Jib
“Buckle Up For Tony”     PSA-Digital Beta               WBRZ TV,99                    Jimmy Jib
Bishop Morton Sings      Commercial-Beta SP             Pinnacle Productions, 99      Steadicam
Glenn Armentor Law       Commercial-16mm                Channel One Video and Film, 99Jimmy Jib
Partnership for a Drug   PSA-35mm                       Fourfortyfour Productions,98 Jimmy Jib
 Free America
Kentucky Lottery         Commercial-35mm                Morrison Productions, 98         Jimmy Jib
Kirschmans Furniture     Commercial-35mm                Robert Berning Productions, 98   Jimmy Jib
New Orleans Fairground   Commercial-35mm                Pelican Pictures, 98             Jimmy Jib
NFL Films                Monday Night Football-35mm     NFL Films, 98                    Jimmy Jib
Liquid Graphix           Corporate Video-Beta SP        Omega Productions, 98            A Camera/Steadicam
Mississippi Power        Corporate Video-Beta SP        MP&L Productions, 98             Steadicam
 & Light
Jordans Furniture        Commercial-Beta S3P            Michael Murphy Productions, 98Steadicam

Imagination Movers       Concert/DVD recording-HD       Disney/Zydeco Productions, 10    Hand Held
Gulf Aid                 Concert/DVD recording-HD       Gulf Aid Foundation, 10          Hand Held
Robert Cray Band         Concert/DVD recording-HD       HDNet, 10                        Hand Held
Third Eye Blind          Concert/DVD recording-HD       HDNet, 07                        Steadicam
 10th Anniv. Concert
JVC Newport Jazz         Concert- Live to tape          Michael Murphy Productions, 06Steadicam
Big Tymers               Music Video-35mm               Universal Records, 05         Steadicam
 “We Got That”
Jessica Simpson          Concert Video Open-Beta SP     MTV Productions, 04              DP/Steadicam
“Rising From The Ruins   News Documentary- Beta SP      MSNBC Network, 06                Steadicam
  with Lester Holt
Mayoral Electio          News Special-Live to air       WWL Television, 06               Steadicam
Chris Isaaks Guide to    Television Special-Digi Beta   Fine Living Network, 05          DP/Steadicam
  Jazz Fest

                           David A. Wolf, SOC
“Make It Funky”            Music Documentary-HD             Michael Murphy Productions, 04Steadicam
Superjoint Ritual          Music Video- Panasonic 24P       Doom, Inc, 03                 B Camera/Jimmy Jib
  “Dress Like A Target”
Louisiana Jukebox          Weekly Music Show-Beta SP        Cox Metro 10, 01-02             Jimmy Jib
Big Tymers “Still Fly”     Music Video-35mm                 Clever Films/Universal, 02      Steadicam
Christian Artist           Televised Talent Show-Taped      Inspiration Network (ISP), 02   Steadicam
 Talent Search (CATS)
Endymion Parade            Mardi Gras Special-Beta SP       WYES TV, 99                     Jimmy Jib
Bacchus Ball               Mardi Gras Special-Live to air   Krewe of Bacchus, 99            Jimmy Jib
Orpheus Ball               Mardi Gras Special-Live to air   Krewe of Orpheus, 99            Jimmy Jib
Juvenile      “Back That   Music Video-35mm                 F. M. Rocks/Universal, 99       Steadicam
 Thing Up”
Hot Boyz “Bling, Bling”    Music Video-35mm                 F. M. Rocks/Universal, 99       Steadicam
BG “Hot Boyz”              Music Video-35mm                 F. M. Rocks/Universal, 99       Steadicam
Kane & Abel “Straight      Music Video-35mm                 Rogue Films,99                  Steadicam / Jimmy Jib
Denise LaSalle             Concert Video-Beta SP            Omega Productions, 98           Steadicam
Jermaine Basil             Music Video-Digital Beta         Pelican Pictures, 98            Jimmy Jib
Tipitinas Holiday          Music Special-Beta SP            WLAE TV, 98                     Jimmy Jib
The Bolton Brothers        Concert Video-Beta SP            Omega Productions, 98           Steadicam
Shernette May              Music Video-16mm                 The End, U.K., 98               Steadicam
BZs “Liar, Liar”           Music Video-16mm                 ZaZou Productions, 97           A Camera/Steadicam

“Frank Davis Christmas     News Special-Beta SP             WWL TV, 98                      Jimmy Jib


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