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					School Consolidation Law

   Implementation Update
       November 2007

     Dr. Henry R. Scipione
   Public Law: Objectives
• Equitable educational opportunities
• Rigorous academic programs
• Uniformity on tax rates for education
• More efficient and effective use of
  limited resources
• Preservation of school choice
• Maximum opportunity to deliver
  services in an efficient manner
• New Regional School Units (RSU)
   Target of no more than 80 units
   2500 student population
   1200 stand-alone
     “Doughnut Hole”
      High Performing and High Efficient
  All units must submit a plan
• July-August 2007: Partners determined
• August 31: Notice of Intent
• September - November: RPC established and
  work begun
• December 1: RPC submits plan to DoE
• December 15: DoE acts on plan submission
• June 10, 2008: Town Referendum
• July 1, 2009: Penalties incurred for units not
  reorganized as RSU

• York eligible for 50% of minimum State
   – Current amount: $2,256,340

• Summer 2007 School Committee explored options
• Completed financial, program and curriculum
• Determined best match was Wells/Ogunquit
• Created Wells/Ogunquit-York RPC
                 RPC Plan
• Process mandated by DoE

• Sub-committee organization:
  –   Finance
  –   Policy/Contracts
  –   Property/Debt
  –   Governance

• Due Diligence and Good Faith Effort
     Continuing Process

• RPC to continue its work
• Complete plan late winter
• Seek approval from DoE
• Voter Referendum: June 10, 2008
     What Does It Mean?
• One School Department for York,
  Wells and Ogunquit
• One School Committee with town
• One Central Office Administration
   Superintendent   Special Education
   Finance          Curriculum
          What is the Impact?
•   Local control
•   Schools no longer part of municipality
•   System-level leadership
•   Merge two systems: curriculum, finance,
       special education, administration
•   Curriculum and Instructional changes
•   Transfer facilities ownership to RSU - $50mil
•   Retain local debt - $20mil
•   Cost (undetermined)
•   York Identity
       Budget Validation
• Requires that all Maine school budgets be
  approved by voters through a validation
• Calls for an open school budget meeting of
  all voters to approve budget (Town
• Within 10 days must be a public
  referendum to validate the decision of the
  public meeting
• Will change York’s Charter requirements
• Repeat process until budget is approved
  and validated
          The Question
• Do you favor approving a school
  administrative reorganization plan
  prepared by the Wells-Ogunquit/York
  Planning Committee to reorganize the
  Wells-Ogunquit CSD #18 and York School
  Department into a regional school unit,
  with an effective date of July 1, 2009?
                The Question
• A “Yes” vote means that you approve York joining the
  proposed RSU with more favorable consideration in
  approval and funding of school construction projects;
  and eligibility for additional financial support for
  reorganization costs.

• A “No” vote means that you do not approve York
  joining a regional school unit which will result in the
  following penalties: less favorable consideration in
  approval and funding of school construction projects;
  and a reduction in state funding of education in an
  amount estimated to be $1,128,170 with the possibility
  of ongoing penalties for failure to join an RSU.
   Important Decision

The decision regarding School
Consolidation will be the most
significant educational decision our
community will make. Your vote will
determine the future for students and
our schools.