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					Cosy Cosy
Game Show
Event Description
The Cosy Cosy Game Show is a daytime TV-style show all
about insulation and saving energy in the home. Warmly
presented by your hosts Toasty Tim and Thermal Thelma, the
show educates and entertains, turning the issue of domestic
energy use into an exciting challenge.

Six mini houses are positioned around the games-table,
each individually heated but losing energy fast! Teams are
challenged to insulate their houses by spending their budget of
cosy pounds on different types of wall insulation and energy
saving initiatives.

Double glazing, mini woolly jumpers, draft proofing and thick
curtains are just some of the available accessories. Infra-red
cameras are used to ‘look’ at the heat coming off the houses
and compare the different types of insulation. The cameras are
then used to decide which house is the cosiest and determine
the winners.

Event Information
Age Range: 7 – 70 (Adult friendly)
Minimum hire period: 2 days
Number of participants per session: 18 max participants +
Number of sessions per day: Maximum 7
Number of communicators, staff or performers: 2-3 dependent
on number of sessions
Duration: 45 minutes
Accessibility: Space for 1 wheelchair around table
Language: Translated script available at an additional cost
Hire options: Full or half show. – Half show is same length with
1 presenter and 10 people max per show.

Technical Information
Area required: Minimum 24 square metres, height: 3 metres
Staff required, installation and take down time: 2 staff.
Installation: one day. Take down: half a day.
Lighting: n/a
Power requirements: 1 x 13 amp socket
Consumables: Insulation material samples
Size of vehicle: Large transit van
Shipping: Dimensions: 2.5m x 2.5m x 2m; weight: tbc
Insured value: £16,000
Approximate Costs
- First 2 days to be charged at £2,200, subsequent days at
- At certain times of year, trained contract staff may be
available leading to a reduction in rehearsal costs
- There may be additional charges for fuel subsistence,
accommodation and consumables.
- These are indicative prices, we can prepare tailored quotes on

Hire costs are approximate only - for detailed costs contact:
Fiona Logue
Business Director
+44 (0)131 553 0320