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       The Workers’ Compensation Safety Consultants offer assistance to
           all employers in their employee safety training programs.
        We encourage employers in all types of businesses to contact our

                      offices for safety related concerns.

                           Workers’ Compensation Administration
                                    Albuquerque Office
                                      PO Box 27198
                              Albuquerque, NM 87125-7198
                                  Phone: 505-841-6000
                                   Fax: 505-841-6873


WCA Safety Video Library
About the Safety Video Library
The Safety Video Library consists of a growing collection of various safety topics to assist employers in their training
programs to make their work place safer. The videos provide information to help produce a successful training
experience for employees in any organizational environment. This is a free service.

When ordering, please have alternate videos in mind so that you can be accommodated if the videos you have
chosen are not available. To order, call Lucy Romero at (505) 841-6032.



                                                  Table of Contents
                 Albuquerque WCA Field Office                                                1
                 2410 Centre Ave. SE
                 Albuquerque, NM 87125
                 (505) 841-6000
                 (800) 255-7965

                 Farmington WCA Field Office                                                 12
                 3535 East 30th Street
                 Farmington, NM 87401
                 (505) 599-9746
                 (800) 568-7310

                 Las Cruces WCA Field Office                                                 13
                 250 Cotorro Court, Suite B
                 Las Cruces, NM 88001
                 (505) 524-6246
                 (800) 870-6826

                 Las Vegas WCA Field Office                                                  15
                 2515-2 Ridge Runner Rd.
                 Las Vegas, NM 87701
                 (505) 454-9251
                 (800) 281-7889

                 Lovington WCA Field Office                                                  16
                 100 West Central, Suite A
                 Lovington, NM 88260
                 (505) 396-3437
                 (800) 934-2450
                                                  A-108                                               A-120 (Eng)

                                                  No Shortcut to Safety                               Safety Audits                      16:30 min
                                                  (PNM)                              73:00 min        Employees will understand how a safety audit
                                                                                                      is conducted and what role they play in the
                                                  A-109 (Eng)                                         process. (Definition and goals of a safety
                                                  Accident Causes                                     audit; PPE, equipment and maintenance
                                                  & Prevention                       16:00 min        programs).
                                                  Increase awareness of risk producing
                                                  behaviors; costs & consequences of                  A-120 (Sp)
                                                  accidents; five major factors involved in           Safety Audits                      16:30 min
                                                  accidents; warning signs for supervisors; &
                                                  help from employee assistance programs.             A-121
                                                                                                      What To Do About
                                                  A-110 (Eng)                                         Workplace Emergencies 17:00 min
A-101                                             Workplace Safety                                    Vital information that employees must know to
A Guide to Compliance             16:00 min       Orientation for                                     ensure safety in a workplace emergency.
                                                  Employees                          26:00 min        Focuses on establishing an Emergency Action
A-102 (2)                                         This program provides recently hired                Plan & written policies & procedures.
“Battling Workers’                                employees with an intro to OSHA and why             (Earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes,
Compensation Costs”               60:00 min       safety is so important; while it delivers an        bomb threats, chemical spills, biological
                                                  overview of key compliance topics: firs aid, fire   threats, workplace violence, & Bloodborne
A-103 NOT FOR TRAINING                            safety, PPE, forklift safety, lock-out/tag-out,     pathogens; Hazardous chemicals, MSDS &
The Workers’                                      HazCom and more.                                    labeling; Fire-PASS & types of extinguishers;
Compensation-Return                                                                                   emergency drills, planning & testing).
To Work Connection   26:30 min                    A-112
Reducing workers’ compensation costs;             Supervisor’s Role in                                A-122
enhancing employer & employee                     Injury Claim                       15:58 min        Safety Bite –
communication; implementing effective return      Reviews the process & how supervisors can           Safety Orientation/
to work; & changing the workers’                  “make or break” the injury claim process:           Housekeeping                       05:00 min
compensation system into a winning process.       reducing accident/injury claims; improve
                                                  processing; getting the employee back to            A-123 (Eng)
A-105                                             work; & proper investigation of accident/injury.    Housekeeping                       06:07 min
Violence in the
Workplace                         20:00 min       A-113                                               A-123 (Sp)
Enacts typical explosive situations & effective   Effective Safety                                    Housekeeping                       05:15 min
ways of handling them: documentation; create      Committees                         11:33 min
an emergency plan; debrief victims; & profile                                                         A-124
of typical perpetrator.                           A-116                                               Unsolved Accidents                 10:00 min
                                                  Safety Bite –                                       Emphasizes the value of investigating every
A-106                                             Human Behavior –                                    accident, and to start a serious discussion on
Safety Awareness –                                Reducing Unsafe Acts               06:00 min        safe behavior, the importance of following
A Commitment to                                                                                       rules, and group responsibility for maintaining
Yourself                          30:00 min       A-117                                               a safe workplace.
Includes candid interviews with real accident     Safety Bite – What is
victims & consequences & cost of accidents;       Carelessness?                      04:15 min        D-9023 (Eng)         DVD 15:00 min
recognition & reduction of unsafe conditions;                                                         Safety Orientation for Equipment
short-cuts can lead to long-term problems; &      A-118                                               Maintenance & Engineering
personal, emotional, physical & financial         Safety Bite – Accident                              This comprehensive video covers all required
costs.                                            Investigation                      08:06 min        training on the following topics: Basic
                                                                                                      electrical safety, machine guarding, slip & fall
A-107                                             A-119                                               prevention, lock-out/tag-out, fire safety,
Downside of Drinking                              Safety Bite – Conducting                            HazCom, power saws, and hand tools.
& Using Other Drugs               32:00 min       A Safety Audit           05:00 min


D-9023 (Sp)          DVD 15:00 min                emergency procedures, signs & labels; PPE,        A-306
Safety Orientation for Equipment                  proper waste selection/use; & HBV vaccine.        Construction and
Maintenance & Engineering                                                                           Maintenance Safety                 60:00 min

                                                                                                A-308
                                                                                                    Crane Safety                       16:30 min
                                                                                                    Covers equipment inspection & hazard
                                                                                                    assessment; boom; jib & overhead cranes;
                                                  CONSTRUCTION / INDUSTRY /
                                                                                                    general & operational safety devices; & crane
                                                                                                    operations, hand signals & more.

A-201                                                                                               A-310
Bloodborne Pathogens –                            A-301                                             Housekeeping on the
Industrial             20:00 min                  Backhoe & Loader                                  Jobsite                            09:27 min
Help industrial manufacturing employees           Safety                            07:59 min       Stresses each individual’s obligation for jobsite
apply critical techniques in accident/first aid   Encourage attention to safety & correct use of    housekeeping, why it is important & how it
situations. Specifics of the regulation (OSHA     PPE; equipment & limitations; inspection &        ensures overall safety efforts.
1910.1030); definition of bloodborne diseases;    maintenance checklists; operation rules
sanitation issues; workplace transmission &       (including startup, driving, transporting,        A-311 (Eng)
exposure reduction; safe work practices; PPE;     refueling & more); digging (positioning, noting   Landscape Maintenance
& housekeeping.                                   utilities, moving soil, loading dump trucks).     Safety                16:57 min
                                                                                                    Train Personnel to take responsibility for
A-202                                             A-302                                             safety including proper attire & PPE; use &
Bloodborne Pathogens                              Confined Space Entry              20:00 min       maintenance of mower, string trimmer, chain
(OSHA Final Rule)                 30:00 min                                                         saw & chippers; other hazards including
                                                  A-303                                             chemicals, snakes & more.
A-204 (Eng) NO LONGER                             Confined Space Entry –
AVAILABLE                                         The OSHA Standard                 28:06 min       A-311 (Sp)
Bloodborne Pathogens                              Comply with 29 CFR 1910.146.                      Landscape Maintenance
Update, Healthcare    25:45 min                   Responsibilities of employer, supervisors,        Safety                13:58 min
Fulfill 29 CFR Part 1910.1030 with phrasing,      attendants, entrants; permit space
“Body Substances” & “Standard Precautions”.       identification; hazards & appropriate             A-312 (Sp)
Exposure Control Plan & Engineering               equipment; emergencies & rescue teams.            Lock-Out/Tag-Out                   19:00 min
Controls; Recognition of exposure-signs &                                                           Explanation of standard contents (29 CFR
labels; PPE selection/use-HBV vaccine; &          A-304 (Eng) NO LONGER                             1910.147); recognize & control hazardous
needle sticks, sharps, injury log.                AVAILABLE                                         energy sources; situations, devices & proper
                                                  Confined Spaces –                                 procedures; & powered systems (electrical,
A-204 (Sp NO LONGER AVAILABLE                     Silent Killer         19:35 min                   hydraulic, pneumatic).
Bloodborne Pathogens                              Gives an excellent overview of the types of
Update, Healthcare    28:00 min                   hazards associated with confined spaces.          A-313
Fulfill 29 CFR Part 1910.1030 with phrasing,      Basic atmospheric testing requirements;           Machine Guarding &
“Body Substances” & “Standard Precautions”.       confined space terms & definitions; & roles &     Conveyor Safety                    17:05 min
Exposure Control Plan & Engineering               responsibilities of attendants.                   Ensure employees understand & respect the
Controls; Recognition of exposure-signs &                                                           principles of machine guarding & safe work
labels; PPE selection/use-HBV vaccine; &          A-305                                             rules near conveyor systems. Types &
needle sticks, sharps, injury log.                Working Safely in                                 locations of guards; proper use of guards;
                                                  Confined Spaces                   14:00 min       lock-out/tag-out; inspection & maintenance;
A-205                                             Alert workers to potential hazards of working     appropriate dress near machinery & conveyor;
Bloodborne Pathogens                              in confined spaces, including manholes,           safety procedures near conveyor systems.
Update for Heavy                                  trenches, steam tunnels, crawl spaces, attics
Industry                          24:00 min       & vaults. Describes sources & risks of
Up-to-date phrasing of “Body Substances” &        vaporized flammables, dust, poisonous gases,
Standard Precautions.” The Exposure Control       oxygen enrichment/depletion.
Plan; recognition of exposure situations;


A-314 DAMAGED                                    A-319 (Eng)                                         A-328
Machine Guarding                    18:00 min    Safety for Equipment                                Safety Bite –
Includes identifying machine guarding            Maintenance &                                       Safe Use of Compressed
hazards; developing guidelines for machine       Engineering                         15:00 min       Gas Cylinders          06:40 min
guarding; areas of guarding (point of            Covers all required training on: basic electrical
operation, power transmission apparatus,         safety, machine guarding, slip & fall               A-329
moving parts); proper guard placement; &         prevention, & lock-out/tag-out.                     Safety Bite –
equipment alteration/tampering hazards.                                                              Safe Use of Compressed
                                                                                                     Gas Cylinders          07:00 min
A-315 (Eng)                                      A-320 (Eng)
Trenching & Shoring                              Trenching & Shoring                                 A-330
Safety Update                       14:00 min    Safety Update                       14:00 min       Safety Bite –
Meet training requirements for trenching.        Meet training requirements for trenching.           Confined Space Entry             05:00 min
Avoid dangerous cave-ins & other accidents.      Avoid dangerous cave-ins & other accidents.
Definitions of trench & excavation; support      Early planning & testing; definitions of trench &   A-331
systems, angle of repose & trench boxes;         excavation; support systems, angle of repose        Safety Bite –
stress factors, including weather, soil          & trench boxes; stress factors (including           Cranes, Chains, Slings           05:03 min
conditions, vibration/shock, early planning &    weather, soil conditions, vibration/shock);
testing; & shoring installation, inspection &    shoring installation, inspection & removal; &       A-332
removal.                                         oxygen deficiency & emergency evacuation.           Safety Bite –
                                                                                                     Cutting Torch Safety             05:48 min
A-315 (Sp)                                       A-321 (2)
Trenching & Shoring                              The Machine                                         A-333
Safety Update                       14:00 min    Safeguarding People                 10:30 min       Safety Bite –
                                                 On same tape as 322 & 323.                          Hand & Power Tool
A-316                                                                                                Safety                           07:02 min
Roofing Safety                      06:00 min    A-322
Covers hot roofing application hazards;          Solid State Press Control 10:30 min                 A-334
housekeeping, guard rails, life lines, safety    On same tape as 321 & 323.                          Safety Bite –
belts; ladder safety & material/equipment                                                            Hard Hat Safety                  05:00 min
hoisting; tar kettle, asphalt piping; material   A-323
handling; proper lifting; & PPE.                 Press Brake                                         A-335
                                                 Safeguarding                        10:30 min       Safety Bite –
A-317 (Eng)                                      On same tape as 321 & 322.                          Hard Hat Safety                  05:46 min
Chain Saw Safety                    12:40 min
Increase awareness & reduce unsafe acts.         A-324                                               A-336 (Eng) DAMAGED
Injuries resulting from improper use; felling    Safety Bite –                                       Tree-Trimming Safety             19:11 min
and bucking, tips for starting & refueling; &    Backhoe Safety                      05:00 min       Chain saws: hazards, PPE, use & refueling;
proper clothing-safe undercuts.                                                                      proper use of climbing equipment, ladders;
                                                 A-325                                               aerial baskets/boom trucks: inspection & use;
A-317 (Sp)                                       Safety Bite –                                       & chippers: maintenance, use and PPE, tree
Chain Saw Safety                    12:00 min    Backhoe Safety                      05:00 min       felling/bucking: planning & safe execution.

A-318 (Eng) (2 in stock)                         A-326                                               A-336 (Sp)
Scaffold Safety                     07:00 min    Safety Bite –                                       Tree-Trimming Safety             12:15 min
                                                 Bonding & Grounding                 05:15 min
A-318 (Sp)                                                                                           A-337
Scaffold Safety                     07:16 min    A-327                                               Safety Bite –
                                                 Safety Bite –                                       Heat Stress                      06:10 min
                                                 Handling & Storing of
                                                 Compressed Gas                                      A-338
                                                 Cylinders                           06:13 min       Safety Bite –
                                                                                                     Ladder Safety in
                                                                                                     Construction                     04:30 min


Safety Bite –
Landscape Maintenance
Safety                05:00 min
                                     Safety Bite –
                                     Underground Location
                                     Safety                           05:00 min
                                                                                      DRIVING / AUTO SHOP / FLEET
A-340                                A-352                                            SAFETY
Safety Bite –                        Safety Bite –
Landscape Maintenance                Welding Safety                   05:00 min
Safety                05:00 min
                                                                                      Security on the Road
                                                                                      (Delivery Persons)
A-341                                Safety Bite –
                                                                                      (Frito-Lay)                         12:00 min
Safety Bite –                        Welding Safety                   05:44 min
Lock-Out/Tag-Out         06:52 min
                                     D-9010 NOT AVAIL DVD 31:00 min
                                                                                      #1-“It’s Your Choice”
A-342                                Trenching and Shoring
                                     An entertaining and poignant, must-see           (Seatbelts)                         10:13 min
Safety Bite –
                                     video that looks at shoring and trenching        #2-“A Better Way”
Lock-Out/Tag-Out         06:20 min
                                     operations. Your employees go on a tour of       (Driving Safety)
                                     various work sites with the “Trenching Devil”    (Frito-Lay)                         07:48 min
                                     who is responsible for all the accidents.
Safety Bite –                        Thoroughly presents safety and work
Machine Guarding         07:27 min   procedures in an entertaining and dynamic
                                     presentation.                                    CDL Off Road Testing                10:00 min

                                     D-9011 (Sp)        DVD 20:00 min                 A-405
Safety Bite –
                                     Lock-Out/Tag-Out Training for                    Vehicle Safety –
Maintenance Person
                                     Affected & Authorized Employees                  Driving on the Road                 17:00 min
Safety                   05:32 min
                                     Update                                           Covers road rules; drinking & driving;
A-345                                                                                 defensive driving (freeway driving, stopping
Safety Bite –                        D-9016 (Eng)        DVD 21:00 min                distances, pedestrians); vehicle inspection;
Safety Orientation for               Confined Space Entry                             parking rules; safety concerns; accident
                                     Train employees on the hazards associated        procedures; & emergencies.
Construction             05:00 min
                                     with confined spaces: definitions of
                                     continued spaces, hazards encountered, and       A-406 (Eng)
A-346                                duties and responsibilities of the entry team.
                                                                                      Winter Driving Safety               18:25 min
Safety Bite –
Safety Orientation –                                                                  How to drive in winter weather – procedures
                                     D-9016 (Sp)         DVD 21:00 min
Construction             06:09 min                                                    for being stuck in snow/ice; stopping distances
                                     Confined Space Entry
                                                                                      in winter weather; proper use of conventional
A-347                                                                                 vs. ABS brakes; & correcting/eliminating skids.
                                     D-9026 (Eng)         DVD 15:00 min
Small Jobsite Traffic                Safe Operation of Cranes & Hoists
                                                                                      A-406 (Sp)
Control                  06:04 min   This comprehensive training program is
                                     designed for companies that use indoor           Winter Driving Safety               18:25 min

A-348                                cranes & jib hoists. Its safety information
                                     covers inspection parameters, load ratings,      A-407
Safety Bite –
                                     and proper sling angles.                         Auto Shop Safety                    22:25 min
Tree Trimming Safety     05:40 min
                                                                                      Safe auto lifting procedures; storage & care of
                                     D-9026 (Sp)          DVD 15:00 min               tools; fire hazards (combustibles, electrical,
                                     Safe Operation of Cranes & Hoists                explosive); asphyxiation; chemical burn;
Safety Bite –
Trenching & Shoring                                                                   electrical shock; & industry-specific safety tips.
Safety                   06:14 min
                                                                                      Safety Bite –
                                                                                      Safe Driving on
Safety Bite –
                                                                                      the Freeway                         07:30 min
Trenching & Shoring
Safety                   05:00 min


A-409                                            insulation, faulty breakers, dirty casing,        A-602
Safety Bite –                                    overloaded outlets, use of power tools near       Ergonomics                        11:25 min
Safe Driving on Freeways 07:30 min               water).                                           Actual case studies of ergonomic problems;
                                                                                                   how to properly set up a workstation; & parts
A-410                                            A-504 (Sp)                                        of the body affected.
Safety Bite –                                    Electrical Safety                                 A-603
Backing Safety                   05:00 min       Overview                          09:45 min       Industrial Ergonomics             06:34 min
                                                 Comply with OSHA Electrical Safety Related        Employees can avoid unnecessary strain with
A-411                                            Work Practices 1910.332. Covers lock-             the following ergonomic education: workplace
Safety Bite –                                    out/tag-out; safety rules when working with       customizing (tools, material & equipment
Dump Truck Safety                05:00 min       electrical equipment; inspection & care of        selection, including power tools); whole body
                                                 equipment; grounding, double insulation, &        neutral positions; warm ups; stretching; &
A-412                                            GFCI; electrical hazards (water, metal, poor      proper lifting/avoiding repetition.
Safety Bite –                                    housekeeping, and flammables).
Truck Driving Safety             05:29 min                                                         A-604
                                                 A-505                                             Ergonomics                        13:00 min
A-413                                            Safety Bite –                                     Covers the major elements in developing a
Safety Bite –                                    Electrical Safety                 07:00 min       successful ergonomic program; analysis of
Fleet Shop                                                                                         workplace hazards; developing an ergonomic
Respiratory Protection           15:00 min       A-506                                             checklist; control techniques at all levels; &
                                                 Safety Bite –                                     medical management & training.
A-414                                            Basic Electrical Safety           06:30 min
Safety Bite –                                                                                      A-605
Fleet Shop                                       A-507 (Eng)                                       Employee Involvement
Chemical Safety                  05:00 min       Electrical Safety                                 In Ergonomics                     16:00 min
                                                 Illustrated                       17:00 min       Includes team effort for health maintenance;
A-415                                            Teach your employees how the currents of          typing hazards (repetitive strain injuries,
Safety Bite –                                    electricity flow through circuits & the body.     posture & body positioning, workstation
Hazard Communication –                           Electric shock & effects, resistance; & ground,   adjustment, stretching & exercises); &
Fleet                  05:00 min                 neutral & hot wires, and conductors.              industrial manipulators.

A-416                                            A-507 (Sp)                                        A-606
Safety Bite –                                    Electrical Safety                                 Safety Bite –
Motor Fleet                                      Illustrated                       15:00 min       Ergonomics Safety                 05:00 min
Maintenance Safety               05:56 min
                                                 A-508 (Eng)                                       A-607
                                                 “Dig Safely”                                      Safety Bite –

                                               Awareness Video (PNM)                             Ergonomics Safety                 06:32 min

                                                                                                                  
A-502 (Eng)
                                                 ERGONOMICS                                        EYE SAFETY
Energy Isolation
& Control                        18:00 min
                                                 A-600                                             A-702 (Eng)
A-503                                            Ergonomic Safety for                              Eye Protection
Working With Electricity 15:40 min               Computer Operators                20:00 min       (Non-Humorous)                    11:00 min
Illustrates standard procedures for working
safely with electric current & handling common   A-601                                             A-703
electrical problems. Review of regulations &     Ergonomics                        23:00 min       Eye & Face Protection             10:30 min
importance of knowing company safety                                                               Covers workplace eye/face hazards (flying
procedures; common hazards (insufficient                                                           particles, molten metal or chemical splashes,


ultraviolet/infrared light); types of eye & face   A-803 (Sp)                                        trained/authorized only; safety cage
protection; & benefits & proper use (including     Fire Extinguishers                  08:00 min     specifications; & spotting & reporting hazards.
safety goggles, glasses, face shields).            Educate employees on the classifications of
                                                   fire extinguishers & the type of fire for which   A-905 (Eng)
A-704                                              they are suited. Demonstrates proper use &        High Impact –
Safety Bite –                                      federal requirements for storage &                Forklift Safety                    21:50 min
Eye Protection                      06:45 min      maintenance.
                                                                                                     A-905 (Sp)
A-705                                              A-804                                             High Impact –
Safety Bite –                                      Safety Bite –                                     Forklift Safety                    21:50 min
Eye Protection                      06:45 min      Fire Extinguisher
                                                   Training                            06:00 min     A-907 DAMAGED
D-9019 DAMAGED DVD 13:00 min                                                                         Safety Bite –
My Precious Eyes – The Gory Story                  A-805                                             Forklift Safety                    06:05 min
70% of eye injury victims are hit with flying      Safety Bite –
objects smaller than a pinhead. Make a             Fire Extinguisher                                 A-908
lasting impression on your employees with          Training                            06:00 min     Safety Bite –
graphic pictures of specific injuries. Explains                                                      Forklift Maintenance
glaucoma, macular degeneration, and myopia         A-806 (Eng)                                       Safety                             05:27 min
and makes recommendations for emergency            Fire Prevention
preparedness.                                      Responsibility                      10:00 min     A-909
                                                   Present basic fire prevention techniques with     Safety Bite –
D-9019 (Sp)         DVD 13:00 min                  an emphasis on employee responsibility for        Battery Safety                     05:54 min
My Precious Eyes – The Gory Story                  housekeeping, prevention of blocked
                                                   emergency exits, electrical fire prevention &     **D-9020 DAMAGED DVD 14:00 min
                                                                                                     Forklift Safety: Basic Orientation

                                                   fire extinguisher use.
                                                                                                     Comply with 29 CFR 1910.178 and use this
                                                   A-806 (Sp)                                        program to help employees learn to respect
                                                   Fire Prevention                                   forklifts as machinery that can be dangerous if
                                                   Responsibility                      06:36 min     used carelessly. This video covers pre-
                                                                                                     operation procedures to ensure the equipment
                                                                                                     is in top operating condition and reviews

A-801 (Eng)                                                                                          forklift inspection, parts of a forklift and safe
Fire Prevention                                                                                      operation.
and Safety                          12:10 min

Covers causes of industrial & office fires;
firefighting tools, including extinguishers;
                                                   FORKLIFT / WAREHOUSE
prevention, including good housekeeping;
early detection; & escape plans.

                                                                                                     HEALTH / FIRST AID /
A-802                                              A-901 (Eng) DAMAGED
                                                                                                     HEALTHCARE SAFETY
Fire in the Workplace               20:00 min      Forklift OSHA Safety                27:00 min
Covers electrical fires; problem areas &           A complete breakdown of OSHA safety
inspections; arson; smoking; & survival            regulations. Fulcrum-load centers & stability     A-1001
(evacuation, extinguisher training).               triangle; safe operating procedures,              Standard First Aid
                                                   techniques & rules; refueling & battery           & CPR                              75:00 min
A-803 (Eng)                                        charging; & narrow aisle equipment, pallet
Fire Extinguishers                  05:59 min      trucks, order pickers & research trucks.          A-1002
Educate employees on the classifications of                                                          #1 Safety is No
fire extinguishers & the type of fire for which    A-902 (Eng) DAMAGED                               Accident (Falls, Carts,
they are suited. Demonstrates proper use &         Forklift & Pedestrian                             Lifting)                           25:99 min
federal requirements for storage &                 Safety Update                       08:41 min     #2 Derma-Shield
maintenance.                                       Educate both drivers & those who work in          (Skin Protection)                  12:00 min
                                                   proximity to forklifts. No riders,


A-1003                                            team lifting, moving pallets; pulling carts, squat   D-9014             DVD 21:00 min
Back Basics:                                      stocking; lifting propane tanks & more.              Back Safety Update
Back Injury Prevention            20:00 min                                                            Four out of five people will experience some
Healthcare employees: patient transfers; basic    A-2003 (Eng)                                         type of back problems during their lives.
back safety tips; identifying & reporting         Safe Lifting with Back                               Teach your employees about the back injuries
hazards; lifting & moving safety; & proper        Supports                            10:36 min        frequently caused both on and off the job.
posture while sitting or standing.                Back supports help your employees use safe           This excellent video emphasizes overall back
                                                  lifting techniques. Includes anatomy of the          care, including exercise and weight control;
A-1004                                            back (importance of disks & ligaments, injuries      back structure: components and normal “S”
Safety Bite –                                     10:1 ratio for safe lifting); & safe lifting (warm   curve, damage: weak spine, improper lifting
How to Handle                                     up, lifting, setting down, avoid twisting or         twisting; “S” curve protection: sitting, standing,
Bleeding Injuries                 06:04 min       stretching & other tips.                             and sleeping positions; stretching; taking
                                                                                                       breaks, proper lifting, carrying and setting
A-1005                                            A-2004                                               down.
Safety Bite –                                     “Lifting Chips is Easy?”
Hospital Sanitation &                             (Frito-Lay)                         08:00 min        D-9015 (Eng)       DVD 13:00 min
Disinfection                      05:15 min                                                            Back Care and Safety
                                                  A-2006 (Sp)                                          Good posture is around the clock job. This
A-1006                                            “It’s Your Back”                    33:00 min        video will tell your employees how the back
Safety Bite –                                     Designed to teach – & reinforce – basic body         works and how to take care of it including:
Safe Lifting for                                  mechanics in employees’ daily lives. Covers          protecting the “S” curve, avoiding stress, the
Healthcare Providers              05:06 min       proper sitting, standing, walking, & sleeping        importance of proper diet and exercise that
                                                  positions; proper lifting, carrying, pushing,        will strengthen the back, and proper lifting,
A-1007                                            pulling, & bending; stretching & warming up.         walking and setting down loads.
Safety Bite –                                     Includes on-screen pop quizzes.
Universal Precautions –                                                                                D-9015 (Sp)        DVD 13:00 min
Healthcare,                                       A-2008 (Sp)                                          Back Care and Safety
1st Responders                    05:00 min       Back Care and Safety                12:35 min

Age-Related Care:
Second Half of Life               13:00 min
This program is targeted for those providing
                                                  A-2009 (2)
                                                  Safety Bite –
                                                  Back Injury Prevention              05:00 min
                                                                                                       OFFICE SAFETY
direct care to geriatric patients. Improve        A-2011
patient care & staff empathy & effectiveness      Safety Bite –
by reinforcing the needs of geriatric patients.   Safe Lifting                        05:57 min        A-3002
Begins with a review of physical, psychosocial                                                         Ergonomics for the
& age related conditions. Plus: nutritional       A-2013 (Sp)                                          21st Century                        13:00 min
assessment, osteoporosis, identifying elderly     Back Safety Awareness                 7:00 min       Covers computers & workstations. Improper
abuse, dementia & more.                                                                                equipment adjustments can lead to discomfort
                                                  A-2014                                               & injury-ultimately causing lost work days.
                                                  Material Handling –

                                                                                                       Stretching, mini-breaks for comfort;
                                                  Ergonomics                          11:46 min        customizing the workspace; following the
                                                  Explains ways to safety meet the physical            ergonomic checklist.
                                                  demands of pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting &
                                                  lowering materials. Stresses the importance of       A-3003 (Eng)
                                                  planning before handling materials.                  Office Safety                       13:20 min
                                                                                                       Includes sitting properly (best position for
A-2002                                            A-2015 NO LONGER AVAILABLE                           body); electrical hazards (spot & eliminate);
Back Safety for Shipping                          Preventing and                                       computer safety (avoid eyestrain); & storage
& Receiving Employees 40:00 min                   Managing Back Pain   37:00 min                       (file cabinets & shelves).
Thorough coverage by noted back safety            You will learn specific techniques that will
specialist Dr. Stephen Grennan in site-specific   alleviate or even prevent back pain with the
environments. Opening & closing trailer doors;    investment of just a few minutes per day.


A-3003 (Sp)                                        Topics include Safe Machine Operation,        A-4011
Office Safety                     12:00 min        Handling Tools and Carrying Care.             Safety Bite –
                                                                                                 Noise and You                      20:00 min
A-3004                                             A-4001
Safety Bite –                                      Personal Protective Equipment                 D-9018 (Eng)         DVD 23:00 min
Video Display                                      - Hazardous Waste        14:00 min            Respiratory Protection & Safety
Terminal Safety                   07:00 min                                                      Comply with 1910.134. This excellent video is
                                                   A-4002 (Eng)                                  a must add to your training program. How the
A-3005                                             Personal Protective                           Respiratory System “works”, common types of
Preventing and Managing                            Equipment                        19:00 min    Respiratory Hazards, cause and potential
Computer Related Injuries 27:00 min                                                              effects of Respiratory problems, and
Pinpoints the causes and explains the cures        A-4002 (Sp)                                   cleaning/disinfecting & fit testing protocols.
for computer-related traumas. Following these      Personal Protective
ergonomic principles will minimize aches and       Equipment                        19:00 min    D-9018 (Sp)          DVD 23:00 min
strains and increase productivity.                                                               Respiratory Protection & Safety
A-3006                                             Respiratory Safety               10:40 min    D-9022 (Eng)         DVD 25:00 min
Office Ergonomics                 10:45 min                                                      Respiratory Protection & Safety
                                                   A-4004 (Eng)                                  Each year over 570,000 workers are injured at
                                                   Hand and Wrist Injuries          11:00 min    a cost to employers over $100 billion annually.
D-9012                                             Covers hand & wrist structure; injuries       Prevent those accidents and meet OSHA
Computer Workstation Safety                        (fractures, sprains, lacerations & nerve      1910.132 training requirements. Covers eye
DVD                    18:00 min                   compression); & treatments for each injury.   & face, respiratory, head, foot, electrical, hand
Today most jobs involve computers, whether                                                       & finger hazards.
it’s in the warehouse or in the accounting         A-4004 (Sp)
department. And, just like any other type of       Hand and Wrist Injuries          11:00 min    D-9022 (Sp)          DVD 25:00 min
equipment, employees need to know what                                                           Respiratory Protection & Safety
potential problems may be involved in working      A-4005
                                                   Safety Bite –

with computers as well as how to use them
safely. This program offers practical solutions    Personal Protective
to potential problems & reviews: safe use of       Equipment                        06:00 min
computers, organization of work materials,
maintaining “neutral” positions, positioning the   A-4006
                                                                                                 RESTAURANT / HOTEL /
back and torso, avoiding and relieving eye and     Safety Bite –
                                                                                                 KITCHEN SAFETY
muscle strains, and tension and stress             Respiratory Protection           06:00 min
reducing exercises.
                                                   A-4007                                        A-5001 (Eng)
                                                   (Same as 4009)                                Kitchen Safety                     13:00 min
                                                   Safety Bite –

                                                                                                 Covers slip/fall hazards; spill cleanup; cut
                                                   Hand & Wrist Injuries            07:00 min    prevention (knives, slicers & grinder safety &
                                                                                                 cardboard cutters); burn prevention (coffee
                                                   A-4008                                        machines & urns, burners, pot handles &
                                                   Safety Bite –                                 grease splatters); ice machine safety;
                                                   Fit Testing Respirators          06:36 min    electrical safety & fire prevention.

                                                   A-4009                                        A-5001 (Sp)
A-4000                                             (Same as 4007)                                Kitchen Safety                     15:33 min
Hand Aware                        17:00 min        Safety Bite –
Throughout life our hands are constantly used      Hand & Wrist Injuries            06:40 min    A-5002
for work and play. Our dexterity is accepted                                                     #1 Custodial Safety                17:00 min
as a routine part of life. Injury to hands and     A-4010                                        #2 Kitchen Sanitation              15:00 min
fingers are the most common type of work           Safety Bite –
injury. This video relates how the risk of         Personal Protective
accidents can be identified and avoided.           Equipment                        05:32 min


A-5003                                                                                                  needed to keep balance & prevent slips, trips
Employee Safety Orientation                          A-5009                                             & falls & ladder safety.
For Food Service         14:00 min                   Sanitation: Keeping
Includes personal responsibility for safety;         Microbes in Check                  14:00 min       A-5016
need for attention & alertness; fire safety; safe    Learn to educate food handlers and managers        Personal Hygiene,
lifting; slip, trip & fall prevention; cuts & burn   on basic sanitation rules. Learn to improve        Food Service                      10:00 min
prevention.                                          food quality and minimize waste.                   In just 10 minutes, establish clear,
                                                                                                        understandable ground rules for good
A-5004 (Eng)                                         A-5010                                             personal hygiene in the workplace & explain
Bus Person, Dishwasher                               Safety Bite –                                      why it’s so important. Personal cleanliness &
& Janitor Safety       13:48 min                     Maintenance Person                                 PPE; when & how to wash hands correctly;
                                                     Safety for Hotels                  05:40 min       hygiene with respect to cross contamination; &
A-5004 (Sp)                                                                                             prohibited practices & habit.
Bus Person, Dishwasher                               A-5011
& Janitor Safety       15:04 min                     Safety Bite –                                      A-5017
                                                     Sanitation for Hospital                            Sanitation Series:
A-5005 (Sp)                                          Food Service                       05:33 min       Personal Hygiene
Hotel Employee Safety                                                                                   In Food Service                   14:00 min
Orientation                         16:00 min        A-5012                                             Stresses the vital need for high standards of
Includes equipment & electrical safety; PPE;         Safety Bite –                                      personal hygiene. Demonstrates the
chemical handling; fire safety; & preventing         Slips & Falls –                                    importance of proper personal hygiene &
falls & back injuries.                               Restaurants                        05:05 min       grooming habits for ensuring cleanliness and
                                                                                                        preventing illness.
A-5006 (Sp)                                          A-5013 (Eng)
Hotel Housekeeping                                   A Recipe for Food                                  A-5018
Safety                              14:14 min        Safety Success                     20:00 min       Safety Series: Safe
Covers safe lifting techniques; pushing carts;       Make certain your food processing employees        Handling of Kitchen
chemical safety (MSDS, labels, & quantities);        have a solid understanding of both their role in   Tools and Machinery               10:00 min
safety inspections of each room; & bed               food safety & food safety practices with this      Demonstrates the importance of following
making & bathroom cleaning safety.                   video in the format of a TV magazine               basic safety procedures when handling
                                                     broadcast. USDA & FDA rules; three hazard          kitchen equipment. Develop safe conditions &
A-5007 (Eng)                                         sources-biological, chemical & physical;           prevent accidents.
Hotel –                                              HACCP; & time & temp controls.
Hazard Communication                09:00 min                                                           A-5019
Comply with OSHA regulations by instructing          A-5013 (Sp)                                        Sanitation Series: Preventing
employees n the appropriate use of chemicals         A Recipe for Food                                  Foodborne Illness         16:00 min
in the hotel environment. Includes                   Safety Success                     20:00 min       Examines the essential steps for storing,
household/industrial chemicals& the                                                                     handling, and serving food safely. Describes
associated hazards; importance of proper             A-5014                                             the three most common types of health-
labeling, following directions & use of chemical     Handling Knives,                                   threatening foodborne bacteria.
signs; MSDS (detailed list of contents &             Cuts & Burns                       10:00 min
usage).                                              This program helps your employees stay safe        A-5020
                                                     by reviewing the importance of proper knife        Safety Series: Avoiding
A-5008 (Eng)                                         selection & use, & the first aid necessary in      Kitchen Burns                     10:00 min
Safe Lifting for                                     case of a cut.                                     Identifies the causes of most common kitchen
Hotel/Motel                           8:56 min                                                          burn accidents and demonstrates correct
                                                     A-5015                                             safety procedures.
                                                     Working Safely to
A-5008 (Sp) (2)                                      Prevent Injury                     10:00 min
Safe Lifting for                                     Help to create awareness to prevent injuries
Hotel/Motel                         11:38 min        among food service workers by using
Covers back mechanics (structure & function);        comparison of how a food service worker is
lifting principles & techniques (10:1 ratio, palm    both an artist and a scientist. Covers lifting
grip, load in close, leg power); & techniques        hazards. How back injuries occur, including
for awkward lifting positions.                       back comfort; how to lift & carry; & the factors

D-9025 (Eng)               DVD 10:00 min          A-7003                                            A-7010
Kitchen Safety                                    Procedures for Packing,                           Safety Bite –
New and experienced kitchen staff will benefit    Handling & Transportation                         Chlorine Safety                    05:00 min
from watching this program as they learn the      Of Radioactive Materials –
potential hazards present in the kitchen          Dept. of Energy (49 CFR) 22:00 min                A-7011
environment and what action to take to reduce                                                       Safety Bite –
the risk of accidents or injuries. Topics         A-7004                                            Hazard Communications 05:29 min
covered: Prevention of slips, trips and falls,    Hazardous Materials Awareness,
knife use and safety, kitchen machinery, fire &   Response to Rail Incidents                        A-7012
burn prevention, and chemical & hazards           (Final DOT Version)      30:00 min                Safety Bite –
materials.                                                                                          HazMat Leaks &
                                                  A-7005 (Eng)                                      Spill Cleanup                      05:34 min
D-9025 (Sp)                DVD 10:00 min          Right to Know Update
Kitchen Safety                                    (General)                          21:15 min      A-7013
                                                  Covers MSDS, HazCom program; hazards of           Safety Bite –
                                                  workplace chemicals; accident procedures &        Treatment Plant Safety             05:00 min

                                                  first aid; & protective measures.
                                                                                                    A-7014 (Eng)
                                                  A-7006                                            Hazard Communication               26:37 min
                                                  Handling Flammable/                               Provides compliance for 1910.1200 written &
                                                  Non Flammable                                     training requirements. Definition of hazardous
                                                  Compressed Gases                   14:20 min      materials; written HazCom plan &
                                                  Show employees how to follow safety               requirements; hazard classification system,
A-6001                                            procedures when handling potentially              routes of entry; & MSDS, proper labeling &
Employee Safety                                   dangerous compressed gases. Teach proper          storage.
In Retail                         16:00 min       handling & storage methods.
                                                                                                    A-7014 (Sp)
A-6002                                            A-7007 (Sp)                                       Hazard Communication               30:00 min
Crime Check:                                      Right to Know –
Retail Employees                  25:33 min       Industrial                         33:00 min      **A-7015 (Eng)
                                                  Includes employee rights under Right-to-          HazCom – Right-to-Know 13:00 min
A-6003                                            Know; MSDS; labeling, storage & handling of       Comply with retraining requirements for
The Limited Safety Video                          hazardous chemicals; necessary protection;        1910.1200. Covers hazardous material
(Department Store)       18:50 min                spillage/leakage/accident procedures; & first     definition & OSHA Safety Standard; Labels:
Merchandise handling; ladder safety; & tools &    aid.                                              information on them, following instructions;
fixtures.                                                                                           MSDS: section-by-section information; &
                                                  A-7008 (Eng)                                      labeling containers, using labeled materials.
A-6004                                            Right-to-Know
Safety Knows No Limits 18:50 min                  Auto Service                       21:00 min      D-9024              DVD 14:00 min
                                                  Comply with OSHA 1910.1200. Covers                Hydrogen Sulfide Safety
                                                  MSDS, container labels & company                  Workers learn to recognize, respect and
                                                  hazardous communications programs;                respond to the hazards from this extremely

                                                groups/classes of hazardous materials;
                                                  technical terms & definitions; PPE & first aid.

                                                  A-7008 (Sp)
                                                                                                    toxic, colorless, flammable gas. H2S is
                                                                                                    common in many settings, including chemical
                                                                                                    and paper plants, confined spaces, excavation
                                                                                                    sites, water facilities, etc. Definitions of H2S
RIGHT TO KNOW / HAZC OM /                         Right-to-Know                                     and detection monitoring, PPE and symptoms
HAZMAT                                            Auto Service                       21:00 min      of exposure, emergency response
A-7002                                            A-7009
Right to Know                                     Safety Bite –
(Derma-Shield)                    30:00 min       Material Safety
                                                  Data Sheets                        07:00 min


                                                    A-8009 (Eng)                                        A-8015
                                                    Floor Cleaning Tips                 13:00 min       Safety Series: Preventing

                                                  Provides thorough instructions. Includes dust
                                                    & damp mopping, spray buffing, burnishing,
                                                    stripping, sealing & finishing; & removal of dirt
                                                    and bacteria-types of covering.
                                                                                                        Falls & Strains           10:00 min
                                                                                                        Teaches employees that accidents can be
                                                                                                        prevented by following basic safety
                                                                                                        procedures. Teaches correct lifting techniques
                                                                                                        to prevent back or leg injuries.
                                                    A-8009 (Sp)
                                                    Floor Cleaning Tips                 13:00 min       D-9021                 DVD 15:00 min
A-8001 DAMAGED                                                                                          Fall Protection: It’s No Game
“I’m Still Standing”                                A-8010                                              Stay safe on the construction work site with
Slips, Trips & Falls               15:00 min        Safety Bite –                                       this comprehensive program. Major danger
                                                    Preventing Slips & Falls            07:09 min       zones are identified such as open-sided
A-8002                                                                                                  platforms, leading edges, and openings in
Fall Protection                    12:00 min        A-8011                                              floors and walls. Also discusses conventional
Comply with OSHA’s 29 CFR Part 1926.503.            Fall Prevention for                                 safety systems, including guardrails and
Includes environments where falls are likely;       General Industry                    21:53 min       personal fall arrest systems. Suggestions for
fall protection plans; PPE; concentration,          Features safety experts and true-to-life            alternative safety procedures when working
housekeeping & other measures to protect            accident enactments, employees see the              with floor joists, floor sheeting, exterior walls,
against falls.                                      wrong and right ways to move on stairs,             roof trusses, roof sheeting and shingles, and
                                                    ramps, catwalks, scaffolding, mobile                foundations are covered.
A-8003                                              platforms, etc. Also covers types, and science,

Preventing Slips, Trips                             of falls; surfaces, including elevated work
& Falls: Hotels                    17:00 min        areas; ladder placement & safety; & PPE.
Create a safe environment for both employees
& customers by highlighting procedures to           A-8012
effectively identify & avoid areas where slips,     Ladder Safety, by
                                                                                                        SCHOOL SAFETY
trips & falls occur. Identifies specific danger     Video Communications                18:00 min
areas: parking lots & sidewalks. Entrances,         Choosing the correct ladder, checking for
areas with food beverage services, pools&           damage; securing, positioning, leveling a           A-9001
saunas, restrooms, vending areas & cooking          ladder, 4-to-1 rule; footwear, body position &      Safety Orientation for
areas.                                              climbing height; & avoiding power lines &           School Custodians/
                                                    doors, accident response.                           Maintenance                          17:45 min
A-8004 (Sp)                                                                                             Appeal to employees’ professionalism &
Ladder Safety                      12:00 min        A-8013 (Sp)                                         review common-sense safety rules. Covers
                                                    Ladder Safety , by                                  protective equipment; chemical use & labeling;
A-8006 (Sp)                                         MARCOM                              11:30 min       fire prevention & safety; & school-specific
Slips, Trips & Falls               05:24 min        Choosing a ladder; metal, step & platforms          hazards such as fluorescent tubes &
Perfect for factory, office, home &                 ladders-inspection; safe use tips: belt buckle &    asbestos.
construction. Includes good housekeeping;           rail use.
cleaning up spills; closing file drawers; & being                                                       A-9002
aware of obstacles.                                 A-8014 (Eng)                                        Teacher Safety
                                                    Fall Protection, by LIP             20:11 min       Orientation                          15:48 min
A-8007                                              OSHA’s 1926.503 requires fall protection for        Increase awareness of safety issues while
Avoiding                                            anyone working 6 ft. or more above ground.          introducing topics of interest to your staff.
Struck By/Hit By                   19:00 min        Includes fall protection types: guardrails,         Includes bloodborne pathogens; hazardous
                                                    safety nets, fall arrest & monitoring systems,      chemicals; emergency preparedness;
A-8008                                              control access zones; body harnesses & drop         electrical safety; drug/alcohol policies; child
Safety Bite –                                       tests; types of lanyards, snap hooks & d-rings;     abuse; & sexual harassment.
Housekeeping                                        & pre-use inspection of equipment-rescue
Responsibilities                   05:00 min        methods.                                            A-9003
                                                                                                        Safety Matters
                                                    A-8014 (Sp)                                         (For Schools)                        12:33 min
                                                    Fall Protection, by LIP             26:17 min


                                     Scaffold Safety

                                                            07:30 min
                                     Trenching & Shoring                LIFTING / BACK SAFET Y
                                     Safety                 13:31 min


                                   Safety Bite –
                                     Welding Hazards

                                                            05:00 min
                                                                        Safety Bite –
                                                                        Safe Lifting           05:00 min

AWARENESS / ORIENTATION              Safety Bite –
                                     Welding Safety         05:00 min
Safety: What Could

Go Wrong?                15:00 min                                      OFFICE SAFETY


                                   DRIVING SAFETY

                                                                        Office Ergonomics

                                                                        “Who Needs Office
                                                                                               14:00 min

CONSTRUCTION / INDUSTRY /                                               Safety” (Humorous)     17:00 min
                                     Safety Bite –
MACHINERY / TOOLS                    Dump Truck Safety      05:00 min

F-1                                  F-24
Safety: For Hands Sake               Trucking –
(Machine Guarding)       12:00 min   Seeing Hazards         20:00 min

F-2                                  F-25
Safety Bite –                        Trucking – Proper
Backhoe Safety           05:00 min   Cornering Techniques   22:00 min
                                                                        OSHA Laboratory
                                                                        Standard               16:00 min

Safety Bite –
Battery Safety           05:00 min

Safety Bite –
Chain Saw Safety         05:40 min
                                     FORKLIFT / WAREHOUSE
F-5                                                                     RIGHT TO KNOW / HAZC OM /
Confined Space Entry     29:00 min   F-9
                                     Forklift Safety –
F-12                                 OSHA Regulations       18:00 min
Machine Guarding         07:27 min                                      F-10
                                                                        Hazard Communication
F-17                                                                    In the Workplace       17:03 min
Safety Bite –
Radial Arm Saw Safety    05:00 min


                                     LC-4 (Sp)                            LC-14
                                     Employee Safety                      Handling Flammable &

                                   Orientation

                                     Plant Accident
                                                              12:25 min   Non-Flammable Compressed

                                                                                                08:00 min

                                     Investigations           08:06 min   Scaffold Safety          07:00 min

F-8                                  LC-6 (Sp)                            LC-16
Fall Protection          12:00 min   Plant Safety-What is                 Contractor Safety        20:00 min
                                     Carelessness             03:00 min
F-11                                                                      LC-17
Safety Bite –                                                             Excavation & Trenching 20:00 min

Ladder Safety            05:50 min
                                                                          Construction Safety
                                                                          & Lifting                21:03 min

                                     BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS
FIELD OFFICE                         LC-7
                                     Bloodborne Pathogens –
                                     OSHA Final Rule        30:00 min
                                                                          DRIVING SAFETY

                                                                      LC-20
                                                                          Unrestrained Motorist

                                                                                                   08:00 min

                                     CONSTRUCTION / INDUSTRY /
                                                                          Lone Driver/Car Jacks/
                                                                          Charging Batteries       05:00 min

LC-1                                 LC-8                                 LC-22
Why Accidents Happen/                Lock-Out/Tag-Out                     Flagging
Back Injury Prevention   15:00 min   Industrial               11:00 min   Highway Department       21:50 min

LC-2                                 LC-9

Battling Workers’                    Maintenance Person
Compensation Costs       60:00 min   Safety/Manufacturing     05:00 min

LC-3                                 LC-10
Emergency Evacuation     09:00 min   Treatment Plant Safety   05:00 min
                                                                          ELECTRICAL / ENERGY SAFETY
Working Safely With
Machinery                12:00 min   LC-11
Workplace ADA            25:00 min   Heat Stress              06:00 min   LC-23
                                                                          Working With Temporary
LC-4 (Eng)                           LC-12                                Electricity            17:20 min
Employee Safety                      Hand Tool Safety         05:00 min
Orientation              12:25 min                                        LC-24
                                     LC-13 DAMAGED                        Tool Box Talks/Working
                                     Backhoe Safety           05:00 min   Around High Voltage/
                                                                          Head Protection          04:00 min


Basic Electrical Safety

                          11:00 min
                                                                                      
No Shortcut/Electrical                HEALTH / FIRST AID /                  PERSONAL PROTECTIVE
Safety                    73:00 min   HEALTHCARE SAFETY                     EQUIPMENT

                                      LC-33                                 LC-41

                                    AIDS-
                                      Corrections Department 15:00 min
                                                                            Personal Protective

                                                                            LC-42 (Sp)
                                                                                                    06:00 min

                                                                            Personal Protective

                                                                            Equipment               26:00 min

Ergonomics                23:00 min
                                                                            Personal Protective
                                      LIFTING / BACK SAFET Y
                                                                            Equipment               15:00 min
LC-28 (Eng)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/
Sanitation Food Service 15:00 min

                                      Back Injury Prevention/
                                      Back Belts                10:00 min
LC-28 (Sp)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/
                                      LC-35 (Sp)
Sanitation Food Service 15:00 min
                                      Back Injury Prevention     8:22 min
                                                                            RESTAURANT / HOTEL /
LC-29                                                                       KITCHEN SAFETY
Industrial Ergonomics

For Supervisors           15:32 min
                                                                            Custodial Safety        17:00 min
Office Ergonomics         20:00 min
                                                                            LC-45 (Eng)
                                      MAINTENANCE / CUSTODIAL /
                                                                            Restaurant Kitchen
                                                                            Safety                  15:00 min

                                    LC-39
                                      Gold Course
                                      Maintenance               15:00 min
                                                                            LC-45 (Sp)
                                                                            Restaurant Kitchen
                                                                            Safety                  15:00 min
                                                                            Maintenance Person

LC-31 (Sp)
                                                                            Safety/Hotel            05:00 min
Fire Extinguisher
Training                  09:00 min
                                                                            Playground Safety Design
                                      OFFICE SAFETY                         & Maintenance            20:00 min

                                      Office Safety             15:00 min


LC-48 (Eng)                                                                LV-29
Food Establishment/                                                        Sanitation & Safety in
Sharpening Your
Safety Skills            20:00 min
                                     LAS VEGAS                             Food Service
                                                                                                     30:00 min

LC-48 (Sp)
                                     FIELD OFFICE                          LV-30
Food Establishment/                                                        NM Workers’
Sharpening Your                                                            Compensation Law/
Safety Skills            20:00 min                                         Part 2                   120:15 min

                                   AWARENESS / ORIENTATION
RIGHT TO KNOW / HAZC OM /                                                  BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS
                                     Safety Bite –
                                     Discipline and Safety                 LV-21
LC-49                                Enforcement               06:15 min   Bloodborne Pathogens:
Hazardous Materials                                                        Control                   18:15 min
Transport                17:00 min   LV-12
                                     Safety Bite –

                                     Accident Investigations   08:00 min
Highway Shipment of
Spent Fuels              14:00 min   LV-13
                                     Safety Bite –
LC-51                                The Safety Audit          05:15 min
                                                                           CONSTRUCTION / INDUSTRY /
Transportation Hazmat
                                                                           MACHINERY / TOOLS
Radio Active Materials   21:00 min   LV-15
LC-52 NO LONGER AVAILABLE            Safety                 25:00 min      LO-1 Construction/Industry
Hazmat Rail Incidents/                                                     Dig Safety                7:04 min
Final DOE Version      30:00 min     LV-16
                                     Housekeeping Safety       12:30 min   LV-6
LC-53                                                                      Safety Bite –
Safety Transportation/               LV-19                                 Lock-Out/Tag-Out          06:25 min
Radio Active Materials   10:00 min   In The Beginning:
                                     Dark Ages of Safety       11:15 min   LV-8
                                                                           Safety Bite –
                                     LV-24                                 Machine Guarding          06:30 min
                                     “Battling Workers’
                                     Compensation Costs”       60:00 min   LV-10
                                                                           Safety Bite –
                                     LV-27                                 Welding Safety            05:00 min
                                     Workplace Violence        67:30 min
                                     LV-28                                 Scaffold Safety           07:30 min
                                     “Battling Workers’
                                     Compensation Costs”       60:00 min   LV-18
                                                                           Construction Safety       11:00 min


LV-22                                  LIFTING / BACK SAFET Y                LV-25
Chain Saw Safety          15:00 min                                          #1 Right To Know          37:00 min
                                                                             #2 Hazardous Materials
LV-23                                                                        in the Workplace          23:00 min
                                       Back Care and Safety     17:00 min
“Product Handling and                                                        #3 Introduction to CO-2
Safety on the Route”                                                         Cylinder Handling &
(Coca-Cola Company)       43:00 min                                          Safety                    38:00 min

Confined Space Training 25:00 min                  
LO-54 (same as LO-1)
Dig Safety                 7:04 min
                                       OFFICE SAFETY                                      
                                       LV-4                                  SLIPS / TRIPS / FALL S
                                       Safety Bite –

                                     Office Safety Orientation 06:00 min

                                       Safety Bite –
                                                                             Fall Protection           12:00 min

FIRE PREVENTION / SAFETY               VDT (Video Display
                                       Terminal) Safety         07:00 min

Fire Extinguisher Training
                                                                             FIELD OFFICE
And Use                    15:00 min

                                     PERSONAL PROTECTIVE


FORKLIFT / WAREHOUSE                   LV-3
SAFETY                                 Safety Bite –
                                       PPE/Personal Protective               AWARENESS / ORIENTATION
                                       Equipment               05:00 min
Forklift Safety           15:00 min                                          LO-2
                                                                             Battling Workers’

                                                                         Compensation Costs

                                                                                 1.   OSHA Hazard
                                                                                                       60:00 min

                                       RIGHT TO KNOW / HAZC OM /                      Communication 10:05 min
                                       HAZMAT                                    2.   Understanding hazardous
                                                                                      materials       15:00 min
                                                                                 3.   MSDS & Warning Labels
LV-1                                                                                                 12:00 min
                                       Safety Bite –
Respiratory Protection    06:00 min
                                       MSDS (Material Safety
                                       Data Sheets)             06:45 min
                                                                             Violence in the
                                                                             Workplace                 15:00 min


Safety Housekeeping

                         18:00 min
                                     LO-1 Construction/Industry
                                     Dig Safely

                                                             7:04 min
Accident Causes and                  Associated General Contractors       DRIVING SAFETY
Prevention               12:00 min   #1 Scissor & Aerial
                                     Platform Scaffolds      14:15 min
LO-21                                #2 Working Safety
                                                                          Speed and Space
Chemicals In The Workplace           on Scaffolds            05:35 min
                                                                          Management                15:00 min
                        15:00 min
LO-28                                Lock-Out/Tag-Out         19:43 min
                                                                          Trucking –
Safety Bite –
                                                                          Driving Tankers           20:00 min
Safety Committees        05:23 min   LO-19
                                     Confined Space Entry –
LO-33                                Final Regulation         19:31 min
Safety Bite –

Accident Investigation   08:06 min   LO-20
                                     Scaffold Safety          07:30 min
Safety Bite –                        LO-27
Drug Testing             05:38 min   Safety Bite –
                                                                          ELECTRICAL / ENERGY SAFETY
                                     Heat Stress              06:10 min
Safety Bite –                        LO-32                                LO-7
OSHA Record Keeping      05:10 min   Safety Bite –                        Basic Electrical Safety
                                     Hand Tool Safety         05:32 min   In the Workplace          10:14 min
Safety Bite –                        LO-37                                LO-8
Safety Audit             05:18 min   Cranes & Chains           5:00 min   Electrical Safety         21:15 min

                                     LO-43                                LO-44
                                     Safety Bite –                        Safety Bite –
                                     Cutting Torch Safety     05:48 min   Bonding & Grounding       05:15 min

                                   LO-46

                                     Safety Bite –
                                     Arc Welding Safety       05:50 min
                                     Safety Bite –
LO-24                                Maintenance Person
Bloodborne Pathogens –               Safety (Manufacturing)   05:32 min
Industrial             20:00 min                                          LO-15
                                     LO-51                                Ergonomics                07:00 min
                                     Noise and You
                                     (With quiz)              20:00 min   LO-45

                                   LO-53
                                     Hydrogen Sulfide
                                     (With quiz and CD)
                                                              14:00 min
                                                                          Safety Bite –
                                                                          Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 05:44 min

MACHINERY / TOOLS                    LO-54 (same as LO-1)
                                     Dig Safely               7:04 min


                                                                       SLIPS / TRIPS / FALL S

                                                                           Ladder Safety
FORKLIFT / WAREHOUSE                  OFFICE SAFETY                        (Humorous Version)        18:27 min

                                      LO-18                                LO-16
LO-26                                 Office Safety            20:00 min   How to Prevent Slips,
Forklift Safety           18:00 min                                        Trips and Falls
                                                                           (Not Humorous)            12:00 min

                                                                       LO-42
                                                                           Safety Bite –
                                                                           Slips & Falls             07:09 min

                                      PERSONAL PROTECTIVE
HEALTH / FIRST AID                    EQUIPMENT

Safety Bite –
                                      LO-4 Personal Protective Equip.
                                      Last Defense             26:00 min
Foot Protection           05:30 min
                                                                           WELL SAFETY

LO-34                                 LO-25
Safety Bite –                         Personal Protective                  LO-48
CPR Providers             07:00 min   Equipment                22:00 min   A.E.S.C. – Introduction
                                                                           To Well Safety            15:00 min
Safety Bite –
How to Handle Bleeding

                       06:04 min                    
                                      RESTAURANT / HOTEL /
Safety Bite –
                                      KITCHEN SAFETY
Fit Testing Respirators   06:36 min

LO-52                                 LO-29
Hand Aware                17:00 min   Safety Bite –
(With quiz)                           Slips & Falls for
                                      Restaurants              05:05 min

                                      Safety Bite –
                                      Cafeteria Sanitation     06:40 min

                                      Safety Bite –
                                      Maintenance Person Safety
LO-6                                                         05:40 min
Back Injury Prevention/
Lifting Safety            20:00 min


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