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					Save music from iPod to computer
Save Music from iPod to computer I’m gonna dd the 2.1 upgrade onto my iPod Touch. Problem is, my old computer broke and 90% of my music is there. Is there any way to save the music currently on my iPod to my computer and then put it back in after the update? You can use iPod Music Backup software to save music in your iPod. Recover lost or missing music, backup and restore all of your iPod music, including your favorite songs, videos, photo files and Play Lists, and that’s not all. Download Now Learn more about iPod Music to Computer transfer Related question: Hi, can anyone recommend any software that will allow me to convert music already on an IPod to the computer. The iPod’s screen has broken and needs to be replaced and I don’t want to lose the tunes already on there. It seems apple don’t allow you to do this through iTunes?

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Description: Save music from iPod to computer.