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“Access to
 •Digital Libraries
      for Schools

                What we Do
 Bring access to digital content for education
  in rural and remote areas
 Sat-Ed Digital Library for Schools
   • Launched Friday 2nd November 2007
   – 10 schools,
   – 9 in “Red Zones” Southern Thailand
 Sat-Ed Learning Cafe's
   • Launched Songkran April 2007
      - 2 Sites – 500 planned
 First IPTV Video on Demand in rural and
  regional schools
 Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam and Cambodia
              E-Learning fails - why
 Access to Broadband Infrastructure
  – Costly and prone to failure in remote areas –
    we love iPSTAR
        $80 a site – sustainable
        $800 a site - unsustainable
 The nature of the Internet - Never enough!
  – Bottlenecks every where –
      Leaving the school
      Across the network – schools run 8 – 4 HOT
      At the servers of education web sites
  – you wouldn't hire a teacher who stopped . . . start . .
    stop . . .
  – but we accept that from e-learning
 Sat-Ed has developed a technical
  solution that allows Universal
  Access to Digital Content by PC's
  and TV's, called the

  Sat-Ed Digital Library
        Sat-Ed Digital Library Concept
   The Digital Library
    • Content repository ON SITE
    • A site exactly like a normal library, except
      all content is digital - AVAILABLE
    • Like a normal library, INSTANT access to
      content regardless of Internet connection
    • A school with minimal Internet access can
      have ultra high speed access to content
   Digital Library Management Control
    • Pushing, pulling, and security of content
    • The Librarian, removes old content,
    • Sends new content to all sites
   Sat-Ed – Not just technology
 Content is King
   – Over 2000 hours of VoD content for
     Thai schools
   – Thai content in Thai
   – VoD in Classrooms is radically
     changing how lessons are conducted
   – Caching important web sites locally
 There is no ONE solution, TV's and PC's
  both will play important rolls in the
  future to access digital content, as will
  other devices
   The power of
 Video on Demand
 Teachers are scared
  technology will replace
  them. The Sat-Ed Digital
  Library makes them
  BETTER teachers
 The graph shows how VOD
  – 4 x 1 minute sessions in
  a class, greatly improved
  the students ability to
  understand and use maths
 Video used as a Teachers
  tool in the USA, showed
  remarkable improvement in
  students ability and
  DESIRE to learn.

  Introducing a new dynamic in
teaching – students and teachers
working together rather than 1 way
             Sat-Ed Learning Cafe
           Income generation from:
   Internet Access
   PC Sales,
   PC Training and Support
   TV Based Training
   VOIP (Local calls to Bangkok – 40
   E-Cinema
   Local Pay TV
   Legal and Health services
   Provides e-government
    – A luxury in the City,
    – A necessity in the rural ar
Sat-Ed Learning Cafes - serving Farmers, Children, young
   adults, everyone in the community with ICT services
How we do it!

The Digital Librarian
                  Sat-Ed's Central Library

   The Central Digital Library contains
    • Over 2000 of hours of video material
    • Ever changing web sites to upload to all
    • managed by the “librarian” at the
      central library (Head End)
Content Distribution from
International Datacasting

                 Many Other
               Applications and
example application: NPR’s ContentDepot

                             Streaming Audio
                     Audio                 Meta Data

                 Audio Encoder          EventManager


                 Audio Encoder          EventManager
                                                          MX2001                  DVB
                                                           (IPE)                Modulator

                ContentDepot            File Transfer      DVB Transport Stream

                                           XD Host

                                         XD Backlink      Confirm Delivery via Internet

                                       Stream Recording                          Receive Site
                                           Recorder                                              SFX2100R
                                                                                  2-Audio CH
                                        Control System                                           SR2000pro
                                                                              Relays Meta Data

              NPR affiliates request file based audio content
              over the Internet and Datacast XD delivers to
              stations over satellite via XD File Server Client on
              SFX2100 appliances
 example application: Vyvx video distribution

• Datacast XD is used for distribution of broadcast
  quality video files (25 Mb/s MPEG-2 TV ads)
• XD Client integrated on Vyvx Catch Server
• Large files (100 MB to 6 GB) transferred to Catch
  Server, for remote distribution and playback

• ADS service delivers 3 million ads per year
              example application: Best Buy

• large High Definition file and PC software
  upgrade distribution to 1400+ stores across
  North America
• integration with existing authoring/playback
• satellite overlay to existing network for content
  distribution and congestion offloading – curse
  of the internet again
• integrated web reporting & administration
  using Datacast XD .Net/XML interface
 The Pendulum
Swings to Warning

            Two uplinks for redundancy
               and 1700 locations
                of warning towers

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