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					                                               Valley Lodge Trail Ride Association
                                                                         14180 Horseshoe Bend
                                                                             Conroe, TX 77384

                                                                        Randy Pharr, Trail Boss

                                2011 Fall Ride
                              Cliff Vacek Ranch
                              Simonton, Texas
Mark your calendars for October 29,               Team will again furnish Mexican stew
2011                                              for lunch and a fabulous steak dinner.
                                                  We will have our Halloween costume
I hope you survived the summer heat               contest for kids and adults and the Liz
and related drought. I know it has                Talley Band for our listening and
created a serious hardship for many of            dancing enjoyment.
you. It’s hard to believe that a little more
than 7 months ago we cancelled the                 Amelia and I will be there as usual on
Feb. 5, 2011 warm-up ride due to icing            Friday night and look forward to seeing
conditions on our roads and bridges.              you. If you intend to spend Sat night,
How we could have used some of that               please plan to depart by 11am to allow
ice and cool weather a month ago! The             the VLTRA team time to clean up and
year 2011 is not one we will forget soon.         help Cliff get things squared away.
Hopefully, the upcoming winter months
will bring us both rainfall and cooler            Come One Come All!
weather. And Trail Riders, let’s not               We will again have a hay trailer that will
forget the 10th anniversary of 9-11-2001,         follow the ride. Anyone who doesn’t ride a
a day of remembrance and honor.                   horse can ride on the hay wagon!
                                                  Note: The ride will not be providing
                                                  supervision for unattended children.
Once again our annual VLTRA Fall Ride
will be held on the ranch of Carole and           We are including Membership Forms in this
Cliff Vacek. The Google address is                mailing if you would like to “Renew” now for
3275 Guyler Road, Wallis TX 77485.                2012. If you wish to join for the first time,
The Vacek Ranch is located along the              you will need a current member in good
Brazos River and makes for a beautiful            standing as your sponsor.
ride. The Ranch facilities are great with
plenty of room for rigs and a nice barn to        It is not necessary to be a member of the
eat and party. There are no electrical            Valley Lodge Trail Ride Association to
hookups so make sure your generator is            participate in our Fall Ride. Take a minute
ready to go. Taking into account the              and think who you might invite that would
                                                  enjoy riding with The Champagne Trail Ride
extremely high wildfire danger, we are            and let them see why we are the BEST.
asking there be no smoking along the
trail. Designated smoking areas around            SEE YOU SOON,
the beverage and potty trailers will be           Randy Pharr
available during our stops. Our Master            Trail Boss
Chef, Kathleen Brast and VLTRA Cook

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