Escape from Kraznir

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					                                                                                                             Escape from Kraznir
very dangerous to all living creatures, except hobbits. They are too small for it to see
easily. It can only be killed by chopping off one of its heads.
The balrog’s body is made of fire. It can glow dully or flame brilliantly. The only
weapon you can use against it is water. The only water you have is your small supply of     There are two countries separated by a river, Kraznir and Slinsil. The people of Kraznir
drinking water, and you are in the middle of a desert. There is one chink of hope: The      are fierce and little will grow there. The king is called Krill and lives in a castle in the
balrog moves quite slowly.                                                                  mountains. To the south of Kraznir is Slinsil. It is a rich and beautiful country, whose
Instructions                                                                                people love peace.
    1. Decide which of the creatures is attacking you.                                          Rumours have reached Slinsil that Krill is planning to send an army to attack them.
    2. Decide how you and your companions can defend yourselves against it.                 They hurriedly prepare to defend themselves. They send a team of spies to Kraznir to find
    3. Decide what happens in the end.                                                      out Krill’s plans. They want to know when and where he intends to attack.
                                                                                                The spies are successful. Deep in the cellars of Castle Krill they find the complete
Writing                                                                                     battle plan. This, and many other valuable documents, is stored in a large wooden chest.
Tell the story of what happens when the creature attacks.                                   Now the spies have got to get the chest and its contents safely back to Slinsil.
                                                                                            You are the leader of the spies. You have four companions: a wizard, a warrior, a hobbit
                                     Day Five                                               and a dwarf.
                                                                                            Touchfire the wizard can make himself invisible. He can turn evil creatures to stone, but
At last you have reached the forest of Haag. You have to find your way through this thick   this spell only lasts for five minutes and does not work near water.
and dangerous forest. On the other side is the River Slinn and freedom. The forest is the
home of an evil magician, Nehemath. If anyone tries to pass through the forest he           Doughty the warrior wears armour and carries a large sword. She is brave and strong.
becomes very angry and tries to stop them. In addition you have a number of problems:       Littlejohn the hobbit is small, only about a metre tall. He is quick and lightfooted, but
     1. You have lost all your food and are becoming weaker.                                not very strong. He carries a small dagger. Because he is so nimble he can usually escape
     2. The hobbit is now so weak he has to be carried.                                     from danger, provided he is not too tired.
     3. You may also have lost all your water on day four if you fought the balrog.
                                                                                            Athor the dwarf is short too, but she is broad and strong. She is accustomed to living
     4. Nehemath’s enchantments mean the wizard’s spells do not work in the forest.
                                                                                            underground so can see in the dark and make herself almost invisible. She is very brave
Instructions                                                                                and carries a battle axe.
    1. Decide what nasty scheme Nehemath has to stop you passing through the wood.

                                                                                                                                Day One
    2. Decide how your party tries to survive.
    3. Decide what happens in the end.

Writing                                                                                     The five of you have to escape from Castle Krill and begin the journey home to Slinsil.
Tell the story of what happens. Include all these points in your story:                     You need to do these three things:
     1. Entering the wood and discovering what Nehemath is up to.                               1. Steal food for your journey home.
     2. Trying to escape.                                                                       2. Work out the safest route out of the dungeons.
     3. Escaping from the wood and crossing the River Slinn.                                    3. Escape with the chest and the food you have stolen.
     4. Being welcomed to Slinsil.
                                                                                                1. Study the map on the next page carefully.
Finally…                                                                                        2. Decide how to get to the food without a general alarm being raised.
                                                                                                3. Decide how to get to the start of the tunnel without being stopped.
Make a cover for your work and put your name on it.                                             4. Decide how to get past the guard on the cliff top.
If you have time, you could make a map of the action from Castle Krill, the mountains of        5. Decide how the chest and the food are going to be carried.
Kraznir, across the River Glinn, the stony desert, through the forest of Haag, across the   Writing
River Slinn and home to Slinsil.                                                            Write the story of how you and your companions escape. Draw a map to show your route.
                                                                                               1. Decide whether it is spiders, wargs or orcs that are attacking.
                                                                                               2. Decide how your party can defend yourselves against them.
                                                                                               3. Decide whether anyone is likely to get injured.
                                                                                           Tell the story of what happens when the enemy attacks.

                                                                                                                                Day Three
                                                                                           At last you have left the mountains. Now you have reached the River Glinn. Krill’s
                                                                                           soldiers are still following you and are not far behind you. You must cross the river
                                                                                           quickly. It is very deep and fast flowing, so you cannot swim it. Luckily, you have found
                                                                                           a small boat.
                                                                                               1. The boat will only carry four people (or the same weight as four people).
                                                                                               2. It needs one person to row and one person to steer it.
                                                                                               3. There are five of you.
                                                                                               4. There are also two bags of food. Each bag weighs the same as one person.
                                                                                               5. There is also the chest. It weighs the same as one person.
                                                                                               6. The wizard’s magic does not work on this river.
                                                                                           Work out the shortest number of trips in which you can ferry the whole party and its
                                                                                           luggage across the river. Do not forget that each time you have to send two people back
                                                                                           across the river – the boat cannot row and steer itself!
                                                                                           Write the story of how you and your companions escape. Draw a map to show your route.

                                   Day Two
                                                                                                                                 Day Four
You have escaped from the castle and are now high up in the mountains. It is very cold.
You have spent the night on a narrow ledge. It is getting light. There is a sheer drop     You have crossed the river and reached the stony desert. You are all very tired. You have
below you and steep cliffs above. Suddenly you hear noises. They get louder. It is the     not eaten for nearly six hours. It is beginning to get dark. You have decided to make
followers of Krill. He may have sent spiders or wargs or orcs.                             camp in a rocky place.
Giant spiders are two metres across. They have legs that are three metres long. Their          Just at that moment there is a fearful noise. You look around and find yourself face to
bite is poisonous to anyone except dwarves.                                                face with a terrible creature. It is nearly dark and at first you cannot see if it is a dragon, a
                                                                                           margatroth or a balrog.
Wargs are man-eating wolves, who also enjoy a meal of hobbit or dwarf. They are twice
as big as the biggest dog you have ever seen. They do not touch wizards, because wizards   Dragons are 15 metres long and breathe flame. It can kill by burning or crushing its
throw fireballs at them. Wargs are terrified of any fire.                                  enemies with its jaws. The wizard is sometimes able to speak to it and soothe its anger,
                                                                                           but this does not always work, so it is unwise to rely on it. The warrior can kill it with her
Orcs are vicious, mean monsters which eat absolutely any living creature. They carry       sword – if she can get close enough.
sharp spears and have cruel teeth, but they wear no armour. Therefore they can be easily
injured – if you can get close enough.                                                     A margatroth is a huge creature with two heads. It has fierce teeth and six legs. It is

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