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									A Cable Europe
 Press Briefing

Wednesday, 7 March 2012
 Meeting Room 201A/B
     The SQUARE

Your Hosts

     Manuel Kohnstamm, President, Cable Europe
      Managing Director, Communications & Public Policy,
      Liberty Global Europe

     Manuel Cubero, Vice-President, Cable Europe
      Chief Operating Officer, Kabel Deutschland

     Caroline van Weede, Managing Director, Cable Europe

     Peter Percosan, Managing Director, Cable Europe Labs

     Gregg Svingen, Director of Communications, Cable Europe

    Cable Congress 2012
    Key figures: Continued Digital-driven Growth
    European Regulatory & Policy Outlook
    Q&A
    Cable Congress 2012

        Annual general assembly & annual congress of Cable Europe
        Flagship event bringing together cable, content, technology & new media
        Brussels venue naturally lends itself to policy discussions: EU Policy Sessions
        Extensive cooperation with cable & content associations

   Up in Lights: Cable in spotlight bringing together technology &
    entertainment like no others in the market
        Digital TV growth and ultra-high speed broadband are staring down OTT
        “Next-generation” 100 Mbps broadband roll-out driving Digital Agenda

   Cable Congress 2013 venue unveiled: London!
Continued Digital Growth:
  A Data-driven Narrative

  Year End 2011 Data for EU27

  A Very Special thanks to IHS Screen Digest
European Investments Yielding Results

     Overall positive growth for 2011 shows cable on track (%)

  Source: IHS Screen Digest: YE 2011 – EU 27
     Connectivity helping to drive growth

   Three Cheers for Two Growth Drivers as Internet & Telephony additions

   Net additions in broadband and telephony are higher in 2011 than 2010 !

   Broadband subscribers UP 9.7% - 25.4 million (23.1 million - 2010)
   Telephony subscribers UP 9.9% – 19.6 million (17.9 million – 2010
Digital TV Customers Gaining Ground

   Digital TV subscribers UP 12.9% - 27.6 million (24.4 million -

   Over 46% of cable TV customers are now digital

   27.6 million digital TV vs 31.9 million analogue TV homes
TV subscribers, millions
    New customers - RGUs

   3.4% RGU growth to 104.5 million compared with 3.3 % RGU
    growth to 101 million for 2010

   4 million subscribers added from broadband & telephony to 45
    million RGUs
Revenue Generating Units, millions
    A Fit Survivor in Today’s Climate

   Broadband revenues UP 9.25% - €5.4 bn (€4.9bn - 2010)

   Telephony revenues UP 7.35% - €3.6bn (€3.3bn - 2010)

   TV revenue up 5.4% - €10.9bn (10.4bn – 2010)
    Revenue Growth up 6.8% to €20bn

    Total Cable Revenue YE 2011: €19.9bn

    Source: IHS Screen Digest: YE 2011 – EU 27
Digital Switchover Driving Evolution for Cable

•     The figures here tell the story

•     Digital TV revenues UP 18% to €6.6bn (€5.6bn - 2010)

•     VOD revenue UP 20.4% to €493mn (€409 mn – 2010)

•     Digitally driven TV revenues 65% of revenues are now digital
      (includes Video on Demand services) compared to last year’s 58%

    Source: IHS Screen Digest: YE 2011 – EU 27
Analogue vs. Digital Customers

                                             Analogue vs. Digital Revenues

Source: IHS Screen Digest: YE 2011 – EU 27
Digital Switchover Driving Evolution for Cable – the figures here
tell the story

       Analogue vs. Digital Revenues in € 000s
       (65.2 % from digital; €7.1bn for Digital compared to €3.8 bn for Analogue)
 Cable Up in Lights!

Stable & assured cable performance keeps cable Up in Lights and at the
nexus of innovation, technology and entertainment:

      Triple play strength
      RGUs from TV, Internet & Telephony at 104 million
      RGUs growth driven by Tel/Broadband
      Great growth in Digitization of TV

      18 major multi-screen deployments in 2011 in the world –
       exceeding the number of launches from satellite and IPTV - at the
       forefront of implementing advanced applications on mobile devices

                 Telenet, YouSee, UPC NL, Ziggo, Virgin Media
Where do we stand, where will we stand?
Homes upgraded to
…30 Mbps plus
…100 Mbps plus
Cable BB subs.
with >100 Mbps:
Best Case

Base Case
But Relatively Small Compared to other Giants !
   Cable growing thanks to healthy investments that challenge
    competitors with our modern, hybrid fibre cable networks

   2011 an important year where cable capitalizes upon investments and
    consumers reap the rewards of our investments

   Our well being is important to helping achieve the Digital Agenda
    aimed at increasing connectivity

   Data show wide uptake in new, innovative & interactive services

   Europe relies on what we provide & we rely on the right policy
    context to continue growing our role as healthy alternative provider
European Regulatory & Policy Outlook
Policy Outlook Europe

   On the Digital Agenda let us be clear: WE MEAN BUSINESS

   We share common goals with EU policy makers – Digital Agenda,
    competition and open & transparent internet

   We are delivering on the competitiveness that EU decision makers
    are promoting throughout Europe

   Our investments are not just important to us; they show our
    competitors that it’s not necessary to ask for government aid
Policy Outlook Europe

   Constant innovation drives our growth as the figures demonstrate

   Cable can achieve further progress by supporting progressive EU
    policies that will:

       Seek to reap the best benefits for consumers out of the Digital Dividend
       Get Net Neutrality right
       Promote meaningful copyright reform
       Support further NGN competition
       Place the CONSUMER at the center of spectrum management policy

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