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English Graduate Student Organization (EGSO)

Agenda, 11 June 2004 (2pm)

   1. Present: Joy Burnett, Justin Prystash, Jen Roderique, Vicki Abboud.
   2. What a GSO MUST do—Student Council paperwork and constitution.
   3. Next steps—complete document draft, submit to officers for review.
      *Email to grad list before submitting to Rick Earnest, associate dean?
   4. What a GSO WANTS to do—brainstorm, review ideas sheet.
   5. Set next meeting time, summer plans?
   6. Eat, drink, and be merry.


Attendees:    Joy Burnett, President
              Justin Prystash, Vice-President
              Jen Roderique, Treasurer
              Vicki Abboud, Secretary

Discussed “New Student Organization Application for Recognition” (available at
www.studentcouncil.wayne.edu)—Vicki will compile the notes and submit the
document to the officers. Joy will contact Rick Earnest to clear up questions about
“New Student Organization Recognition Application.”

Discussed potential EGSO constitution; good example is University of Kentucky—make
changes and create our own. Vicki will compile the notes and submit the document to
other officers.

Briefly discussed the goals and purpose of EGSO. Determine to create a name by which
we can be known (not just “EGSO”).

“What GSOs do”:      Hold regular membership meetings
                     Raise funds for conference travel, social events
                     Write their own constitutions
                     Sponsor book fairs
                     Hiking/Recreational/Outdoor trips

                                                                       Wayne State University
                                                                                 EGSO, 2

                     Develop and maintain a website (photos, announcements, info, etc.)
                     Sell mugs, t-shirts, posters, etc. with the EGSO logo
                     Hold holiday parties and other celebrations
                     Host public reading/guest lecturers
                     Orient new GTAs
                     Develop mentoring system for graduate students
                     Work to recruit new students/officers for our department
                     Work with faculty, department, college, and university

Plans of Action:     Jen and Justin will contact Ken Jackson (placement officer) to help
                     us in developing a mentoring system. They will also work on
                     having a book fair of some kind before the big departmental move
                     to 5057 Woodward Ave. in August.

                     Jen will work on a new student welcome party.

                     Joy will work on the direct mentoring program via email and she
                     will set-up the website until such time as Vicki can do so.

Faculty Contacts:    Royanne Smith for undergraduate student connections.

                     Richard Marback for EGSO presentation time at the GTA
                     Orientation held in August each year.

                     Kathy Zamora for permission to speak during the first
                     departmental meeting of Fall 2004.

Next meeting will be held in July. Vicki will be away at SCT so Joy, Justin, and Jen will
handle secretarial duties for that meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

                                                                    Wayne State University

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