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									BEHIND THE CAMERA (2nd episode), translated

(main show intro)

(voice of Marina Jurisic, show editor)

Welcome to the 2nd BEHIND THE CAMERA radioshow. This time you can hear something about new
movies, new releases, past film festivals and also about a survey we conducted with high school
students. As a special surprise for you, we have an interview with Mr. Peter Vesterbacka, one of the
founders of the Wreckamovie movement. Wreckamovie takes an important part even in this

(FIRST NEWS jingle)

Just before recording and finalization of this show, we received the sad news that after a short and
serious illness, on October 23rd early in the morning, died Vedran Šamanović, our well-known
cinematographer, photographer and director. Born 1968. in Split where he made his first steps in
dealing with amateur movies and photos in the Cinema Club Split, and later in Zagreb Cinema Club,
whose president he was for 10 years. He graduated on the Department of Film and TV recording of
the Zagreb Academy of Drama Art. He made 7 full-lenght feature films and 7 short films and a
number of documentaries and experimental films, also more than a hundred advertisements and
music videos. For his work he received numerous awards, both in Croatia and abroad. He was a
"Photography basis" lecturer on the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Commemoration for Vedran
Šamanović was held in Zagreb at Cinema Theater Tuškanac on Wednesday, October 25th, high noon.

(music break)

From October 27th to 29th in the organization of Cinema Club Split and the Croatian Film
Association, the 41st Croatian film and video Review will be held in Split. There is no crisis in the
world of amateur film, as proved by the number of applicants this year's films at the show. Review is
held in Split for the second time, a number of films registered rises from year to year. Because we do
not doubt that this year the jury will have their hands full of dealing with difficult tasks: selection of
films which will be shown at the end of November in Split. The selection will have something for
everyone, there will be films of all genres and duration, divided into four categories: documentary,
feature film, animated film and in the open category, which includes commercials, spots and
experimental films.

(music break)

From October 20th to 22th, an UNICEF children's rights film festival was held in Zagreb's Europa
Cinema theater. There were many films which autors are students of primary, middle and high
schools. We congratulate to all participants of the festival and especially to Mr. Josip Krunić, the
leader of SKIG studio from Gunja who got the special recognition for his contribution to festival and
for his long-years work with students.


As expected, the movie Twilight Saga - New Moon is filled the world's and Croatian's cinemas. The
film is Part 2 of Twilight saga, which originated from the same name book, delighted the audience,
mostly women. This time, complaining they were not intended only jubilant vampiric Edward, but
Jacob. Bella's friend Jacob, who is also a werewolf, is an essential feature in this section. Regardless
of whether you belong to Jacob or Edward clan, we believe you will like the movie if you liked its

(music break)

In the desert of Western Herzegovina, on the NATO military training area, the 9y girl Alica with his
uncle Valentin are collecting empty ammo-shells for sale on the black market. Due to depleted
uranium metal, Valentin died of cancer. Alice is also not well, and there is no money for treatment.
Alice begins to travel the country around. If you are interested in this story, then the film Alice in the
Wonderland by director Dejan Šorak is the right choice for you. Be sure to see it.

(music break)

As there soon will be Christmas, so came Niko. Niko is one little reindeer who dreams to learn to fly
and to meet his father who is a member of the legendary Santa Claus flying forces. However, the real
truth is that he never met his father and, in fact, no one believes in his story about the so-called
famous father. And than ... all must be his attempt to fly all the time because he just fall (although it
works great). Nobody has to prove to everyone that they are right. Only BRAVE are flying. Niko-
Christmas quest has been dubbed into Croatian, and voices are provided by Croatian actors Olga
Pakalović, Francis Cook, Hana Hegedušić, Goran Malus, Robert Ugrina, Jacques Houdek and
Alexander Cvjetković.

(music break)

We also recommend that you look some new movies: Sisterhood, 2012th, and Time passenger's wife
which is already a candidate for a new blockbuster.

(Stef - Make of Mondo Bobo, from the movie "Mondo Bobo" soundtrack)


We examined randomly gathered 20 high school students for their movie-art habits. Here are the
results of the survey.

(music break)

14 of them likes to watch movies at home rather than in Cinema. 11 of them are going to the movies
only a few times a year, and 2 of them almost never. 4 of them goes monthly 1x and 3 of them 2-3
times a month. 12 high school students watching whatever is offered in theaters, and only 8 of them
overlooks the latest Hollywood hits. 18 students plans to go to the movies soon and all participants
responded that they will go see "New Moon". Most of them watching movies on TV at home and the
best Croatian films for all of them are Sing something about love, Metastasis, Lika Cinema, Sorry for
Kung-fu and Long Dark Night. Information on new movies are mainly learned from the internet, TV
commercials and friends rumours. From 20 respondents, 17 are regularly downloading movies from
the internet, 16 are not satisfied with movies offer that their city offers. We thank to Osijek's 2nd
Gymnasium students for participation in the survey.

(music break)

And here's what journalism students do at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb. Some of them
are dealing with very successful production of short documentaries. We talked with Sasa Dugonjić,
one of the creators of "Waiting for the tram,"documentary which can be viewed on YouTube.
Depending on how the film developed, Sasa said:

(voice of Saša Dugonjić)

Well, the movie „Waiting for the tram“ was created in prof. Louis Bianci's workshop, who is a teacher
from Queens College in New York. During that workshop we were working on documentaries
production where we had teams made of 3 people where I was with my colleagues Grgur Žućko and
Paula Klaić. We had 3 people teams where we had to present our concept. Every team had 3-4
concepts and the teacher would pick the best concepts she thought we could screen.
After that we went into the faze of researching for our project, but we didn't have to research too
much because we made pure documentaries. We took our cameras and went right away to the tram
stations where we could record those authentic situations we would find there.
We had a list of the questios we would ask the people: Where they were going; What were they
waiting for; How long were they waiting; What else were they waiting for in their lives. Actually, we
made something like the philosophy of waiting. Well, people always wait for something during their
lives. We wait, wait and wait... Later we had gone to interview the people what they were waiting for
in their lives, how long would we have to wait for certain stuff, how we could better spend the time
waiting etc. What can happen after the thing we were waiting for arrives...
Well, we don't know yet the next project. We signed up for, which we
recommend to all independent TV and movie producers. I hope we will work together with some
other people who are registered at Wreckamovie.

(WAM jingle)

(voice of Marina Jurišić)

In the past month a lot of things happened on the Wreckamovie site. Iron Sky is still the far most
powerful production that will probably stay until the very end, the premiere of the film. However, in
recent weeks appeared nearly 20 new projects that you definitely should see. Some of them will be
mentioned in this show, but before this it follows what we promised at the outset of this series.
Many people in Croatia, and I believe there are many around the world, do not know what is actually
Wreckamovie, what can be done on it and what features it offer. About all of that, we have extensive
and interesting story told by Mr. Peter Vesterbacka, one of the founders of the portal Wreckamovie.

(voice of Peter Vesterbacka, spoken in English with music breaks in-between)


(voice of Marina Jurišić)

According to the wishes of several members of the Wreckamovie, we have changed the concept of
sections and follows the choice of 5 most interesting projects on the site by our selection. How is it
relevant, you may evaluate for yourself and of course all of you can do your suggestions and
proposals and continue to participate in the selection for the 5 best Wreck projects for the next
show. Let's go on.

(music break)

Timo Vuorensola and Essi Suomela designed a project GRIFFIN, TV-series in 6 episodes dealing with
the international cyber crime, hacking of web pages, computer viruses and stolen Credit cards codes.
Today this is a very interesting topic which, as we see on the site, aroused great interest. The first
episode filming is expected in the beginning of 2010th in 6 different countries. I do not promise, but
we will try for the next show to get an interview with the authors of the project. In the meantime,
join this project if you are interested in the development of the World's cyber crime story.

(music break)

LINUX FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE is a series of short video films about the use of the operating system,
which is a free alternative to Windows and which was originally developed in Finland. The author of
the project, Kris S. has make a project interest almost exclusively for Scandinavian portal members,
while very huge Croatian Linux community is at absolute silence. Will this be changed after this show,
we will see, but you can certainly join the project because it is gold-worth. I have to point out that
this show is experimentally recorded and edited by using Ardour system that runs under Linux. And it
sounds good, as you can hear.

(music break)

Parallel to the feature-film IRON SKY, the same name 3D computer adventure is created and
subtitled OPERATION HIGHJUMP. Matti Delahay, the author of this game, inspired by the Johanna
Sinnisalo movie script, today gathered a large number of associates who are currently working on
the design of graphical details and give general ideas for the game. As an action game set in an
alternate history of World War II and how will the game revolves around a secret Nazi base in
Antarctica, I believe that everybody involved in creating computer games and 3D adventure lovers in
found a lot of fun in this project.

(music break)

Although a little reminiscent of the famous X-Files, a project THE HOLE: Aliens under Helsinki started
very well. It has to be a the true story of a hole with very regular shape for which it is believed that it
was made by an alien race and what was largely written in newspapers around the world, in TV
programs and on the Internet. If this story tickles your curiosity, Kim Viljanen), author of the project,
invites you to join.

(music break)

And finally, here's a little lokalpatriotism but not too much. Project Wreckamovie TV is a bit stalled,
but not because there is no ideas, but because of Croatian presidential elections where the Croatian
part of the team has a lot of work around monitoring advertising presidential candidates. We believe
that the project quality and to the existence of TV shows on other projects Wreckamovie attracted
great attention to the wide Internet community. Therefore, you can help in developing the project.

(NEW IN STORES jingle)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince finally appeared on DVD. If you are a passionate lover of the
young wizard and his adventures, we believe you will like it and the few nice extras on the DVD are
still the bait for purchase. If you just like adventure fimove, in our opinion this is rather sketchy story
of the Potter series, although this part is professionally designed, with excellent visual and sound
effects. The choice is yours.

(music break)

Babylon AD, SF thriller about the not so distant future in which is the twisted story of the rescue of a
girl Aurora from many people who stuck around for some unknown reasons. Some of them wants
her saved and some of them wants to kill her. If you've already watched this movie, you'll love the
documentary extras on the DVD. Vin Diesel lovers will surely want to have this disc in their home

(LAST NEWS jingle)

In this latest news we have just one announcement for 27th International Short Film Festival which
will be held from November 30th to December 5th in Aix-en Provance, France. If you are nearby at
that time, or if you live there, you will have the opportunity to see world's best short film works
created in the past year.

(outro of the show)

And that was all we have prepared for this show. We'll try to prepare the 3rd one to the end of this
year and until then you have nice greetings from Zagreb from translator Luka Kevrić, sound engineer
Dario Odobašić and from Osijek, from Marina Jurisic, the show editor. Till the next time!


Behind the Camera, 3rd show (aired on November 26th, 2009)
Show translator/speaker for Croatian version: LUKA KEVRIC
Sound engineer: DARIO ODOBASIC

A Radio 5+ association & production

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