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									Tri-City Dog Parks Society
Meeting minutes for August 20, 2009
7pm at Hastings Bookstore in Richland Wa.
In attendance:
Audrey Ulrich, President
Alan White, Vice President
Dave Cazier, Secretary
Laura Banna,
John & Priscilla Butterfield (& Annie),
Laurie Ness & Husband,
Jan Davis

Audrey brought the meeting to order and distributed the agendas.
1. Memberships: going well, gaining 2-3 per month, mostly due to word of mouth.
2. Website: hits are up since last Richland Parks meeting.
3. VP position: Alan feels the need to step down due to several time conflicts & obligations.
about changing meeting day to Wednesday, no verdict reached or change made. Audrey
described general V.P. jobs. Discussion followed.
Jan Davis was nominated and voted in as new acting V.P.
Alan said he would gladly continue to be available to meet various organization needs as they
4. Media update: has been good.
o KEPR tv publicity from park opening.
o Herald did two articles prior about vote on new Badger Mt. park approval.
5. Lawless Park: John brought up Lawless option seeking our opinion in case it comes up at any
Park or Council meetings so he’d represent our recommendations well.
• Discussion followed regarding open/no fence parks.
Big concerns about traffic at that location and neighborhood homes/pets.
Location would appeal to a very limited owner.
Not recommended w/o fencing or some way to create safety barriers.
• Discussion turned to small-dog park locations & need.
Have been noticeably fearful small-dog owners at Badger according to Priscilla & Laurie.
Is it viable or just in owners minds?...may not matter.
Small dogs there are forced to be more defensive, can't interact fully due to this heightened
fearful state. We have seen small dogs presenting in harsh behavior, a safety risk to big dogs &
owners or park visitors alike.
Audrey is aware of numerous SDO (small dog owners) not coming & trainers not recommending
Badger park due to these “size” concerns.
We should continue to work toward a Small dog specific area or park.
6. Outreach to other Parks Depts. We discussed more outreach to Kennewick & Pasco Park &
Depts. John described a generally positive attitude form members of other parks depts toward
dog parks.
They are looking & open to the possibility. Perhaps another event at Pasco Chiawana park might
Pasco re-involved and its residents more aware of need and benefits.
7. Upcoming events, Audrey:
• Fundraising: Tentative ok from Phil Pinnard of Richland P.R. for dog pool party at end of
swimming season. Perhaps Howard Amon wading pool w/ additional temp park as part of event.
Charge hourly fee for pool use, then free use of dry park.
Business tables available to merchants for a fee.
Waggin’ Tails Yard Sale! Collect pet products for possible yard sale table at Pool Party event.
More brainstorming of $ ideas.
Advertise event on Richland electric marquee.
• Badger Mt. Water Fountain: Phil P. has suggested the need for a water fountain at Badger park
for dogs to drink.
We still will not see the new park for at least 2 years.
A Fountain can be expensive, but can be moved to new park later.
Can we help fund it?
Discussion: Consensus is Yes, we’d like to help. Perhaps w/ pool party proceeds.
8. PAWS in the Park Oct 3. They've asked for a demo dog park.
9. A member has offered to do a yard sale. Audrey mentioned Barking Lot parking lot is available
any weekend for such activity. Has a Gazebo and register to use for sales.
10. Donor brick program. Audrey drought up this option. Pet lovers or businesses purchase a
brick to be engraved with message and placed in a walkway in the current and/ future park.
Catch, bricks need to be ordered in batches of 40 so pre-orders may be needed. Honor a passed
loved pet with a brick. Get other organizations involved for a cut, i.e. vets, kennels, etc.?
11. Park sponsorships. Buy permission to hang your business banner on dog park fence. What is
the reasonable fee for big business or local small business or even an individual?
Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:15pm.
Minutes taken by Dave Cazier
“Know dog, know joy! No dog, no joy!”

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